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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 33 Recap

The King of Taiping arrested the maid beside Hu Nian, and he asked Hu Nian to stay with him in the mansion. Even if Hu Nian hated him for a lifetime, he would never let Hu Nian leave. Hu Nian was extremely disappointed with King Taiping. Before he left, King Taiping told Hu Nian that there must be a death between him and Ye Luxian today. He wanted to know who Hu Nian hopes to survive. Hu Nian couldn’t answer the topic of King Taiping. King Taiping left the room desolately and ordered people to seal the doors and windows.

A family banquet was held in the palace. Brother Xi, as Nvli ordered, she added medicine to the guard’s snack so that Nvli could bring soldiers into the palace. The sound of silk and bamboo at the family banquet was endless, filled with joy. Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan were very pleased with the recovery of the little prince.

Ye Luxian asked why the Taiping King hadn’t been there, and the minister took leave on behalf of the Taiping King, saying that it was inconvenient for the Taiping King to attend. Ye Luxian didn’t care about King Taiping, he toasted and drank with all his officials. An Zhi has long been embarrassed with the Taiping King. She knows that Yelvxian has no defensive heart against Zimou, so she presented the wine she brought in the name of Zimou.

Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan drank fine wine, but their abdominal pain was unbearable. They knew that the wine was poisonous. This is the end of the matter, and An Zhi no longer hides it. She has already joined the Taiping King’s family. She hates that she has not been in the palace all day to chant sutras behind closed doors. She has lost a great opportunity for promotion and fortune.

As long as the Taiping King wins the Liao Dynasty, When the time comes, the King Taiping will be appointed as the prime minister, and she is the wife of the prime minister with power in the hands of the opposition. No one dares to look down on her. He just didn’t listen to Anzhi’s wolf ambition. He never thought that the person sharing the bed with him would be a woman of this kind. He angrily stabbed Anzhi, and Ann mocked that it was nothing but one. It was just a castr, but he didn’t lose control and killed Anzhi again.

This good show at the banquet made everyone afraid to take a breath, and the palace was not peaceful. Nu Li and Gao Xun led troops into the palace, but were stopped by Da Lin and Huo Ge. They had already taken precautions. , The situation in the palace is not as simple as Nv Li and Gao Xun thought. The King of Taiping broke through the palace gate, riding a war horse, and stepping directly into the Kaihuang Hall, looking down at everyone in the palace without his eyes. In the heart of King Taiping, the throne belonged to the two brothers. Yelvxian robbed him of the throne.

Today they are about to die in the palace. Just as the voice of King Taiping fell, Han De let the soldiers show up, and all the soldiers hidden in the dark of the palace also showed up, encircling Gao Xun and Nu Li. It turned out that all of this was a strategy set up by Ye Luxian, and Han Deran did not go to Youzhou at all. The reason for going to Youzhou was just to induce King Taiping to conspire as soon as possible, and Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan were not poisoned at all. It just cooperated with King Taiping to act, so that King Taiping revealed his ambition.

King Taiping knew that he had been calculated by Yelvxian and his party, so he simply didn’t stop doing it and wanted to step forward and kill Yelvxian. Han De let alone, how could he make the Taiping King do what he wanted, he desperately stopped the Taiping King and met with the Taiping King’s sword soldiers. The palace was filled with killing and blood for a while, Huo Ge and Da Lin eradicated the two of Nv Li and Gao Xun, they used the fire attack to trap a group of people inside the city wall, and Nv Li was killed by Huo Ge’s rocket. Under the circumstances, Gao Xun also died under Darin’s spear, and the two of them calculated their whole lives and finally lost in a treason.

Wuguli led troops to assist Yelvxian. When she rushed to the temple, she saw Xiao Yanyan personally shot King Taiping with an arrow. King Taiping was seriously injured. Nian Mugun tried her best to take King Taiping out and let Taiping escape. Wang fled from Shangjing as soon as possible, but King Taiping was still worried about Hu Nian and insisted on returning to the mansion to pick up Hu Nian. Nian Mu Gun wanted to take King Taiping with him, but the situation was urgent, so Nian Mu Gun had to let King Taiping leave as soon as possible. He stopped Handerang, but died by Handerang’s sword.

King Taiping tried his last breath to see Hu Nian. Hu Nian said that he cared about his sister, but when she saw King Taiping vomiting blood, she knew that King Taiping was seriously injured. King Taiping was defeated, but he insisted on coming back to pick up Hu Nian. Hu Nian knew the affection of King Taiping. She wanted to go with King Taiping. They didn’t want any throne or military power. She just wanted to travel around the world with King Taiping. King Taiping didn’t want to be like this with Hu Nian, but his injury was destined to fail.

Before his death, King Taiping gave all the military power to Hu Nian and told Hu Nian that there was no family affection in front of the imperial power. Hu Nian treated Yan Yan wholeheartedly, but Yan Yan was not necessarily so. He asked Hu Nian to take the soldiers and horses in his own hands. In this way, Hu Nian has his own sovereignty. Hu Nian knew that King Taiping was saying goodbye to her. She cried and wanted to keep King Taiping. King Taiping only hoped that Hu Nian could forgive him. He could not protect him for life.

The King of Taiping has been removed, all the dust has settled, and Daliao has finally gained some stability. Handerang returned a token to Yelvxian. It turned out that this was Yelvxian’s last soldier. He gave all his hopes to Handeran, and Handerang did not disappoint him. The two stood on the city wall overlooking the entire capital. Yelvxian felt guilty for the dead soldiers, but Han Dejang believed that those people sacrificed to protect the Jiangshan community and they died well.

Ye Luxian asked about Handejang’s future plans. He hoped that Handejang could stay in Beijing and join him to create the great peace of the Liao Dynasty, but if Handejang insisted on leaving, he also respected Handejang’s choice.

Xiao Yanyan was upset about Ye Luxian’s fact that Han Deran didn’t leave. Ye Luxian explained to Yanyan that he just didn’t want Yanyan to be overworked. Handejang went home after handling the matter. Li Sier was helping Handejang to clean his armor. Li Sier mentioned the promise of Handejang. If Handejang finished the last thing in Beijing, he would return to Youzhou with her. Hande Rang couldn’t help but remember that Yanyan asked him if he would leave in the past. He hesitated, but facing Li Sier, he still chose to keep his promise and return to Youzhou with Li Sier.

Wuguli led troops to assist Yelvxian, Xiao Yanyan also returned to Beijing according to the promised Xiyin, and reinstated the hidden official of Xiyin, while Hu Nian was named the emperor’s concubine, who was in charge of the country Aran Oruduo. In today’s dynasty, Hu Nian did not attend. Xiao Yanyan knew Hu Nian’s sadness in her heart. She ordered the burial of the Taiping King with the ritual of the emperor and uncle, and the ministers called for the Lord to be kind to the Queen Shengming.

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