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Love In The Kitchen (2020)

Love In The Kitchen (2020)
Also known as: รักเกิดที่ก้นครัว, 青簪锁三千, Qing Zan Suo San Qian

Genre: Drama, Chinese Movie, food
Release Date:
Nov 1, 2020
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  • Xie Bin Bin as Bai San Qian
  • Niu Ze Meng as Qing Zan
  • Xiong Su Yi as Wang Jia Yu

Set in the time of the Republic of China is an interesting and sugary sweet story. Bai Sanqian is the male protagonist said to have ancestors who raised 3000 pigs. The female protagonist is a young lady who can cook very well and by coincidence works for the male lead in his house. They fall in love with one another, but both are unwilling to admit it. The movie explores the story of their relationship and all the funny and sweet moments it entails.

This is an interesting story of high sugar sweet pet and tears. The male protagonist of the Republic of China is said to have raised 3,000 pigs in his ancestors, so his name is Bai Sanqian. The hostess is a long-legged young lady who can cook very well. The meals she cooks are mouth-watering and very seductive. The male protagonist is rich in the enemy’s country, and the female protagonist works in the male protagonist’s house. One day she quarreled with the male protagonist and was bitten by the male protagonist. She told the male protagonist that she was leaving the White House to pursue her.

Dream in the Mood for Love. The male lead warned her, absolutely not, if he leaves, he will punish her in various ways. But the heroine just didn’t listen, she was about to leave the White House. After several contests between the two, the male lead found that he had already been attracted to this little woman, but he, like many introverted men, did not want to admit it. In fact, this little woman loves the male protagonist deeply, and she does not want to admit it. This drama is full of jokes, and the plot of two people being together is abusive and sweet. Find sugar in the glass slag.

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