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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 5 Recap

Prince Kang and Suo Etu greeted Wei Xiaobao back to the palace from left to right, and kept flattering him. The emperor saw that Wei Xiaobao came back safe and sound. He was so happy that he was kicked. Wei Xiaobao made up the process of his escape and promised to take someone to destroy the Ao. Thanks to the remnant party, the emperor asked Suo Etu to lead three thousand elite soldiers to follow him.

Wei Xiaobao took them to a house with some serious information, and found that people had already gone to the building to enshrine Obai’s tablet. Obey’s body was dug up from the backyard, and Suoetu returned to the emperor. The emperor worried that Yu Dang would come to Prince Kang. Wei Xiaobao took the initiative to ask Ying to investigate.

Wei Xiaobao was drinking tea in a teahouse and listening to a book. Suddenly a brother from Qing Mutang came to him for help. People from the Bai family of Muwangfu in Yunnan injured Xu Tianchuan. The Taoist chief asked Wei Xiaobao to preside over the overall situation and avenge Xu Tianchuan. Wei Xiaobao worried that his identity would be revealed. Let Dao Chang make suggestions. The Taoist suggested that they go to the Bai Family Theory and ask them to apologize to Xu Tianchuan. Wei Xiaobao and others came to Muwangfu and saw that the mansion was built high above the house. Only then did they know that Boss Bai was dead. The second white boy insisted that Xu Tianchuan had killed Boss Bai and wanted Xu Tianchuan to avenge his hatred. He did not expect the people from Qingmutang. Bring it to your door.

Bai Er gave an order, and the family members gathered around Wei Xiaobao and others. After hearing the news, Su Gang, a sacred hand layman in the Palace of Mu Mansion, rushed to tell the story of his brother’s death in detail. The Taoist leader demonstrated it on the spot. Su Gang felt that they The brothers started too ruthlessly. Xu Tianchuan made a defensive mistake and murdered. Wei Xiaobao was worried that Ye Chang had more dreams, so he hurriedly found an excuse to lead the leader and the others to leave.

Wei Xiaobao returned to his residence very late, but she did not expect Princess Jianning to hide in the room and attack him. She wanted to be knocked to the ground. She was so scared that she begged for mercy. Princess Jianning lit a candle and burned Wei Xiaobao’s braids. He was frightened and fled. Finally extinguished the fire on the braids in the water tank, Wei Xiaobao became angry, raised her hand and pushed Princess Jianning to the ground. Not only was she not angry, but also struggled with Wei Xiaobao, begging Wei Xiaobao to take her out of the palace.

Princess Jianning tried her best to please Wei Xiaobao. Not only did she massage him, she also fed him snacks. Wei Xiaobao learned that it was the Queen Mother, so she vomited all of them. Wei Xiaobao inquired that the Queen Mother was sick recently and asked Princess Jianning to report to the Queen Mother every day. Whereabouts, she agreed to take her out of the palace, and Princess Jianning agreed. Dao Chief and the others returned to the residence and found that the room was in a mess. Xu Tianchuan had long been gone. They wanted to report to Wei Xiaobao, but he had already returned to the palace.

Qian Laoben sent a pig to the palace and specially selected a Poria flower carved pig to Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao found his face twitching constantly, so he humbled and asked him warmly. Qian Laoben took out a sum of silver, and Wei Xiaobao distributed it to the eunuchs on the spot. Happily rushed away. Qian Laoben took the opportunity to report to Wei Xiaobao about Xu Tianchuan’s being robbed, and Wei Xiaobao concluded that it was from the Mu Palace. Qian Laoben insisted on sending the Poria Flower Carved Pig to Wei Xiaobao’s residence, but he was bumped into by Princess Jianning. Princess Jianning desperately chased him. They could only go round the palace and finally returned to the residence.

Princess Jianning came after him. Qian Laoben hid behind the door and knocked Princess Jianning unconscious, and then opened the pig’s belly. Inside, Mu Jianping, the little princess of the Mu Palace was hidden as a hostage. Qian Laoben felt that she was hiding in the palace. It was the safest place, and also taught Wei Xiaobao how to unlock her acupuncture points. Wei Xiaobao asked them to put Mu Jianping on their bed.

Wei Xiaobao was roasting pork in the palace. Princess Jianning was attracted by the smell and soon woke up. When she saw a big pig in the room, Wei Xiaobao was worried that she would find Mu Jianping, so she chopped a pig’s thigh and went to her residence to roast it. , Seeing the palace lady being beaten on the way, Princess Jianning ran away in fright. Wei Xiaobao returned to his residence and clicked on Mu Jianping’s acupoint. Mu Jianping deliberately did not open his eyes, and Wei Xiaobao scribbled on her face.

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