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The Best of Times 最好的时代 Episode 1 Recap

In the spring of 1899, the Qing government allocated funds for the construction of the Pingli Railway, which has been extended to Zhuzhou since then, which lasted for 6 years and finally completed the first railway in Hunan. Audiences on both sides of the railroad track “stand like a wall”, thus witnessing its rise and fall in the years, the baptism of artillery fire, until the founding of New China, reform and opening up, the train has experienced the steam engine, internal combustion engine, electric power and high-speed rail and other eras, feeling the development of science and technology An explosive leap.

In the past 30 years, major enterprises and factories have been established one after another. In order to catch up with the world’s rail transit leader, China Jiangxi Motor Group has conducted two-year joint venture negotiations with the rail technology leader Menzel Group. During this period, engineers raced against the clock to carry out the test before the delivery of the vehicle, trying to increase the bargaining chip as much as possible. However, the Menzel Group step by step, even put forward harsh conditions to Jiang Che, so that the negotiations fell into a deadlock.

For a time, this world-renowned transnational cooperation became erratic, and Menzel unilaterally announced the end on behalf of Henry, and he did not forget to tease when he left. Even so, technical director Tan Jingzhou still refused to make concessions. His insistence made the other party helpless, and Jiang Che Group ended in negotiation failure.

Even though Tan Jingzhou thinks he has the trust of Li Jianye, chairman of the board of directors, the industry assessment is by no means the only one. They have a team of top domestic engineers, including the old and solid Wang Jiansen, and his apprentice Lin Zhenyi, who is also Jiangche Group The youngest mid-level engineer.

Lin Zhenyi and Tan Jingzhou belong to the second generation of iron, both of their parents are working in the group, and they contribute their youth and life to the railway. Just because Lin Anhui failed to stop the Tan family from taking risks in time, they died accidentally. Tan Jingzhou, who was only ten years old, became an orphan.

Time flies, and things are different. The two little Wu Guais ​​at the beginning have gradually grown up. When each of them achieves their wishes, they will also fade away and become mature. Don’t look at Lin Zhenyi’s seemingly young, but because of her outstanding ability, she can face all kinds of accidents without chaos. For example, at the moment when the rain is pouring, she succeeded in obtaining locomotive operating data in extreme weather with resolute decision-making and excellent technology.

At the high-level meeting of Jiangdong Automobile Group, Li Jianye requested that the locomotive be delivered as soon as possible, which can be displayed at the transportation track seminar held in Lane West, and it can also make Jiangdong Group attract the attention of the world. After Wang Jiansen learned of Li Jianye’s ideas, he was surprised. If the work is completed three months ahead of schedule, it means that the workers are working overtime and the quality of the finished product is difficult to guarantee.

Lane West City, located in a Southeast Asian country, is now dormant in the dusk of the afternoon, cars on the moat are like running water, and tall buildings stand beside the streets. Ono Lizi, the regional manager of Menzel headquarters, received the information from the secretary. A pile of information about Jiangche Group gradually came into view. Apart from the insignificant series of nonsense, there are only a few places that indicate Li Jianye’s private life and his Li Yanfeng, his son who is still studying at Lane West University.

As an institution of higher learning in Lane West, only the best graduates have the opportunity to enter Menzel for an internship every year. Although Li Yanfeng is not extremely good, he is admitted to graduate school and will graduate soon, so Menzel KBC Guo The doctor paid much attention to it, including his father’s enterprise.

Li Yanfeng and his friend Foo attended the Lanesea Fluid Dynamics Conference. Thomas, who is also a graduate student, called on everyone to join Menzel and work hard for the cause of rail transit. However, he himself was arrogant and arrogant. He not only humiliated Chinese students in public, but even smashed the other party’s work with a hammer. Such rude behavior caused Li Yanfeng’s anger, and he simply stepped forward to an irony, causing Thomas to become angry, and the scene became a movie.

Wang Jiansen was able to deliver the car before the seminar. As a result, the heavy working hours caused him to be in physical condition and he can only be hospitalized for recuperation. Since Wang Jiansen has fallen ill, the position of the main person in charge of the Linxi order is vacant. Li Jianye’s master, Li Jiashu, was an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Reinforcement” story.

Because of Li Jiashu’s advice, Li Jianye and Wang Jiansen believe that the group is full of talents. However, technology alone can only ensure the production of finished products, and will not open up creativity and improve quality. Therefore, only love is precious. It happened that Lin Zhenyi was very qualified. Just as the two of them were discussing how to let her take on this important task, they didn’t expect Lin Safety to visit suddenly.

As for the so-called acquaintance of her parents, Lin Anhui suggested that Tan Jingzhou should persuade her daughter Lin Zhenyi. Sure enough, Tan Jingzhou personally cooks and cooks. Lin Zhenyi’s passion has been touched by a few words. With everyone’s trust and support, he finally decided to take over Linxi The person in charge of the order.

Three months later, the 21st World Orbit Technology Symposium was officially held in Lane West, where the world’s top rail experts gathered here. Lin Zhenyi and Jiangche Group arrived at the venue with the new results. Under great pressure, they accepted interviews with foreign media and welcomed them to watch the test drive tomorrow. Only facts can eliminate prejudice.

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