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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 20 Recap

Cheng Xu and Ning Xin carried Ning Fang into the car and went to bury Ning Fang under the big tree. After they left, the real Ning Xin crawled out of the soil.

Ning Fang recalled that she gave her sister a necklace that was exactly the same. Cheng Xu was afraid every time she saw this necklace, because Cheng Xu would think of Ning Fang when she saw the necklace. Every time she saw it, she was scared to death. Tan Jingtian appeared when he wanted to throw Cheng Xu down into the valley, so under the buffer of Tan Jingtian, neither of them was in danger of life. Tan Jingtian’s plan to murder Cheng Xu was ruined.

Later, Ning Xin and Ning Fang said that she had experienced Tan Jingtian’s greatness, so Ning Xin designed Cheng Xu to burn her sister’s body to make it a hundred. Tan Jingtian appeared when Cheng Xu burned the body. After Wen Bai appeared, Ning Xin was afraid that things would be too great. He pretended that Ning Fang scared Cheng Xu away. When Captain Chen concluded the case, he decided to release Ning Fang, and Ning Xin did everything.

Wen Bai recalled that his father had to leave when he saw his mother. His father said he could not stay outside for the night. At this time, Wen Bai said that there was a power outage in the community and he and his mother were afraid, but his father still did not stay.

Jin Ling invited Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian to eat together, saying that their experiences are too similar and their personalities are in harmony. It is better for them to befriend brothers. At this time, Wen Bai said that Jin Ling and Tan Jingtian would also like to thank him for the matchup. Some Jin Ling heard this sentence I was embarrassed to leave, Wen Bai asked Tan Jingtian to chase him, so Tan Jingtian caught up with Jin Ling and said that he thought that Jin Ling and him had a close relationship, and showed Jin Ling the name of Jin Ling in his mobile phone address book.

Jin Ling took it and saw that it was Dung-eaters, now Jin Ling was so angry. Tan Jingtian actually called herself dung-eaters, but Tan Jingtian said that dung-eaters are the most happy insects in the family. Since childhood, he hoped that he would have a happy family like dung-eaters. .

In the middle of the night, he watched Tan Jingtian worship his father and went to Jing Changnian’s house. He saw a person who looked like Jing Changnian opening the door and asked. It turned out that it was not Jing Changnian. This person pretended to be someone He gave him money and asked him to go. After letting him go, he went into the room and searched, but found nothing. At this time, Master Li was observing everything not far from the house, watching this person leave the room. .

That person called Uncle Xu to say that he was found and found nothing. Uncle Xu told him not to contact him until he did not find anyone.

Cheng Xu saw Ning Fang on the side of the road while driving. After the two met, Cheng Xu asked her if she was really okay? Ning Fang told him that he had told the police according to Ning Xin’s intentions. The two of them can now be together at ease. Cheng Xu said that the first time he saw Ning Fang, he fell in love with Ning Fang. After Ning Fang took a sip of water After kissing Cheng Xu, Cheng Xu hallucinated and crashed into the truck when the two were driving away.

Cheng Xu died and Ning Fang was sent to the hospital for rescue. Ning Fang recorded a video for Ning Xin. Ning Fang said that she found Ning Xin to retaliate against her and the parents who abandoned her, and that Wang Jiachang deliberately guided the family. For many years, she has not felt the warmth of the family, but after seeing Ning Xin, her sister gave her the happiest day in her life, so she regretted it and killed Wang Jiachang and the person who bullied her sister. Ning Xin knew that Ning Fang was using herself to treat her so nicely, but the time was over. Ning Fang was going to another world, and Ning Xin was the angel who saved her, and Ning Fang wanted her sister to live well for her.

Ning Xin was released, still wearing the necklace around her neck. Tan Jingtian went to Ning Xin’s bed and breakfast again and said sorry to her, but Ning Xin said that Tan Jingtian should continue to be a justice messenger. After Tan Jingtian left, Ning Xin couldn’t help but shed tears. .

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