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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 19 Recap

Yang Yi confidently stood on the host’s stage, grabbed the host’s microphone, and was about to expose the contracted marriage between Lu Fangning and Ling Rui in public. Just as the public relations crisis was about to happen, Lu Wenbin rushed to the stage to regain the microphone, and announced to the crowd that Lu Fangning and Ling Rui would soon become Infinite’s brand spokespersons.

On the one hand, he responded to everyone’s doubts with a decent face, and on the other hand, he used the consequences of the stock plunge to explain the impropriety of the move. Yang Yi listened to Lu Wenbin’s words, although he was full of acidity, but there was nothing to say, Yang Yi shook Lu Wenbin’s hand and returned to his seat.

As the brand spokesperson came up to speak, Fang Ning’s nervousness became stronger after listening to Ling Rui’s generous response, but he felt the encouragement from Ling Rui in the palm of his hand. Fang Ning finally took the microphone and confessed to everyone that their marriage is indeed different. Ordinary, but finally on the right track. Fang Ning’s resolute speech clearly fell in the lobby, and the spectators who originally had other intentions finally gave blessings and applause. This time bomb was finally dismantled.

Lu Yiyao, who was sitting silently in the audience, was still dissatisfied. He grasped Fang Ning’s “trick” to prevent him from investing in Ling Rui. Fang Ning wondered why Lu Yiyao was so excited, but Ling Rui was calm and calm. Fang Ning put his arms in his arms and calmly explained: Time will prove all this.

When the press conference was over, Lu Wenbin was furious over Yang Yi’s brainless behavior. Yang Yi knew that Cai’s behavior was inappropriate, so he framed Lu Fangning for bullying Lu Fangyu, causing him to go abroad and suffer. Hearing this unreasonable trouble, Lu Wen Bin looked at Yang Yi crying and grabbing the ground, and was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

Unable to persuade Fang Ning to turn around, Lu Yiyao held back his thoughts, and then remembered Tang Ping, who had collected Ling Rui’s badge. Tang Ping was obsessed with Ling Rui and Lu Yiyao affirmed Ling Rui’s love and love the truth. In order to find out Ling Rui’s “true face”, Lu Yiyao approached Tang Ping and even suggested that she could help Tang Ping get Ling Rui. Tang Ping, who was originally a “perfect”, reincarnated after hearing Lu Yiyao’s words But sober, understanding Lu Yiyao’s “unconscious” and strange words, Tang Ping did not fall into Lu Yiyao’s temptation conditions, but strongly rejected Lu Yiyao.

Cai Siyu returned to the company, saw Lu Yiyao’s figure, resisted the impulse in her heart, pretending to be reserved, waited for Lu Yiyao to rush up to apologize for the recorder. When Lu Yiyao really found Cai Siyu, Cai Siyu listened to Lu Yiyao’s explanation and found out that Lu Yiyao did not repent for what he had done. His words and words surrounded Fang Ning and looked at the deer in front of him. Yiyao’s confused expression, Cai Siyu’s anger increased instead of decreasing…

The advertising department’s endorsement plan for Lu Fangning and Ling Rui was completely rejected by Fang Ning. Cai Siyu, who was really unable to survive, called Ling Rui for help. Ling Rui was optimistic about all the plans, but the conflict of time caused the location of the advertisement to be adapted to Ling Rui’s itinerary and came to Ling Rui’s hometown…

Ling Rui took the initiative to call Lu Yiyao, and the two met for an appointment. Ling Rui exposed the secret of Lu Yiyao’s secret love for Fang Ning for ten years, and accused Lu Yiyao of losing his mind, and even wanted to hurt Fang Ning at the brand launch event that Fang Ning cared most about. Seeing Ling Rui’s decisive departure, Lu Yiyao felt unwilling and blamed himself, and was full of anger. Lu Yiyao was drunk and unconscious in the tavern in the alley.

Cai Siyu and others discovered that Ling Rui’s hometown was a natural and pollution-free shooting location. Lu Fangning, who had been unimpressed when he heard Cai Siyu’s “honeymoon shooting advertising” plan, also began to flood in spring and began to shoot the next. The plan is full of fantasy.

Cai Siyu received a call from the tavern owner and hurried there, and saw the tall and magnificent Lu Yiyao’s drunken face on the wine table. Cai Siyu was about to pick up Lu Yiyao’s wallet to pay the bill, but found that the wallet was tightly packed.

Attached to Lu Fangning’s photo, recalling Lu Yiyao’s various unnatural and untimely actions in the past, Cai Siyu discovered that the two people’s love did not match. Cai Siyu has always been the active partner in love, stubbornly dragging Move forward with the relationship between the two. Cai Siyu, who has seen the truth, has mixed feelings…

The next day, Lu Yiyao, who finally woke up, received a call from the tavern owner and learned that Cai Siyu left Lu Yiyao’s wallet in the tavern last night. Returning to the company, he found that Cai Siyu, who was in high spirits in the past, looked frustrated at this moment, and Lu Yiyao knew that his greatest secret had been discovered. The two met with the cat cafe who had been dating together. Cai Siyu humbledly suggested to Lu Yiyao that he would continue to associate with Lu Yiyao and cultivate relationships without hesitation.

But Lu Yiyao knew that Cai Siyu was a good girl he was not worthy of. Lu Yiyao, who had resolutely proposed to refuse, seemed indifferent at this moment. His sharp words stimulated Cai Siyu’s tear glands, but Cai Siyu, who had already fallen deep in it, just wanted to continue. Stay with Lu Yiyao…

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