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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 25 Recap

Xiao Siwen hit the arrow, but a group of people suddenly rushed out and rushed to Yelvxian, but the girl couldn’t restrain herself, and quickly stepped forward to protect her. The killer stepped back, but Xiao Siwen was in danger. Ye Luxian came to Xiao Siwen and looked at Xiao Siwen’s gaze. He assured Xiao Siwen that he would take care of the Xiao family and take care of Yanyan. Xiao Siwen closed his eyes relievedly. When the house king passed away, Xiao Siwen was also killed, Yelvxian’s heart was grief, and Wuguli couldn’t even cry when he learned of his father’s death.

For fear of Yanyan’s accident, and also for those who are willing to take advantage of it, Yelvjin ordered the entire city to block news and not to inform Xiao Yanyan of the matter.

At the time of the assassination, a group of men and horses were designed by Gao Xun and Nvli using the Xiao brothers, but another group of men and horses had no background and went straight to Yelvxian. At first, Gao Xun thought it was sent by Nvli. Nv Li called out injustice, and after discussing for a while, the two decided to respond unchanged.

Ye Luxian returned to the palace, and Hu Nian was accompanying Yan Yan in the palace. He needed Hu Nian to accompany him on the grounds that Xiao Siwen was choosing gifts on his birthday. He took advantage of this to avoid Yan Yan’s grief and tell Hu Nian about Xiao Siwen’s murder. Hu Yan could hardly believe the facts.

She went home and saw Xiao Simwen’s body crying. Ye Luxian was also sad but had to cheer up. He told the two of them to keep the matter secret, so Yanyan would be kept secret for the time being. One day Xiao Yanyan will resent him for this, and he will also protect Yanyan.

Nv Li and Gao Xun have been fidgeting. They analyzed the current situation and thought it was most likely that Xi Yin did it. As everyone knows, this incident was not the work of Xi Yin, and Xi Yin has been inferring the murderer. He guessed that this incident should be the work of Gao Xun Nu Li. He wanted to secretly grasp the evidence that the two were acting and control the two in his own hands. .

People in the entire palace knew about Xiao Siwen’s murder, but Xiao Yanyan didn’t know. When she learned from the imperial concubine that Xiao Siwen was killed in Lushan, her heart trembled and she fainted. After waking up, Xiao Yanyan’s eyes were grieved. She did not accept Yelvxian’s kindness. She believed that the power given by Yelvxian was too high and killed Xiao Siwen. She wanted to go home for the funeral.

Yeluxian wanted to accompany Xiao Yanyan, but Xiao Yanyan refused. Let Yelvxian accompany him. The reason why Xiao Yanyan knew it was because of the intentional actions of the concubine and Xi Ge. Ye Luxian was furious in the palace and ordered Xi Ge to be sent to the cold palace, and the two concubines moved to the side hall to live.

Han Dejang learned the news of Xiao Siwen’s murder. After many days, Han Derang and Xiao Yanyan met again, but the two of them have long been unable to return to the beginning. Now that things are different, Han Derang can only salute Xiao Yanyan respectfully, frankly saying that his return was for the death of Prime Minister Siwen. He Will do everything possible to investigate the person who killed Prime Minister Simwin. Hande only left a word of cherishment on his lips with the caring words in his heart. After that, Yelvxian summoned Han Derang into the palace to meet him, and Han Derang asked the decree to thoroughly investigate the truth about the murder of Xiao Siwen. He came back to Beijing this time for this purpose.

There is nothing else. He and Yelvxian have long been unable to return to the beginning. Looking at the back of Handerang, Ye Luxian told Handerang that the assassin came to him. If Handerang is not there, who can protect Yanyan’s mother and daughter if he is killed. After listening to Yelvxian’s words, Han De let his figure stop, and his heart was mixed.

Handeang set out to investigate the truth. He examined the assassin’s body and found that the tattoo on the assassin came from the Costin organization, and the footwear worn on an assassin’s feet was of very special material, almost only found in the south. He ordered people to follow this clue. And investigate the clues as to what kind of weapon caused the fatal wound on Xiao Siwen’s body. The matter was complicated and complicated. Handejan had to ask Yelvxian again, and let Yelvxian recall the details of the murder that day. Yelvxian told Handjean that although the group of assassins went to Xiao Simwen at the time, he could feel that a group of assassins wanted to kill. The man is him.

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