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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 20 Recap

Xiao Yanyan married Yelvxian, and the emperor was speechless in the night of the bridal chamber of Dahongxizhu. Yanyan’s marriage into the palace was forced by Yelvxian’s decree. She could not give her heart to Yelvxian. Yelvxian was willing to wait until Yanyan. On the day that he accepted him, Yanyan sneered at Yelvxian with grievances. She and Yelvxian only had the courtesy of the monarch and ministers. Yeluxian didn’t have to treat her like this, even if Yelvxian made a decree to serve her tonight. She was willing to obey the emperor’s orders.

The person in front of him is no longer the energetic girl before entering the palace. Ye Luxian constricted his eyes with sadness. He left the room to Xiao Yanyan, but clearly told Xiao Yanyan that the world belongs to him, and Xiao Yanyan also belongs to him. From the first day I saw Xiao Yanyan, I knew that Xiao Yanyan would become the best queen of Daliao.

Xiao Yanyan could not fall asleep tossing and turning, all she was thinking of was Handejang. Handejang was alone in the field. How could he miss Yanyan every minute, but it was a pity that the two had no relationship and were destined to be unable to stay together for life. Ye Luxian learned that Han Deran had left Beijing, and he was always a little wary of Han Deran in his heart. He only sent people to keep an eye on him and reported his words and deeds to him.

Ye Luxian invited Xiao Siwen to come to discuss political affairs. He mentioned the arrangement of Xia Nabo. He was going to announce the location of Xia Nabo at the wedding banquet, accompanied by the kings’ clan and Liaonan. Yelvxian also had his own foresight about the situation in North Korea and China. He decided to reform the power of Orudo, and the corresponding Guards and Lang Junjun were bound to change. Yelvxian dispersed the power in the hands of General Nuli. After listening to Xiao Siwen’s recommendation, he transferred half of the guards’ military power to Brother Xiu, but the people around him were not depressed. Ye Luxian handed over all matters of Xia Nabo to Ji Noi, and asked him to move to Emperor Taizu’s side. Residence

Handerang returned to Yanyuntai alone, the former beauty is no longer there, and only the back of Handerang is alone and cold. Yelvxian’s whereabouts are in the hands of Han Derang, and Yelvxian ordered someone to inform Li Si of Han Derang’s whereabouts, and intended to match the two. On this day, Handejang was passing through the grassland and accidentally rescued a man, Abebohe. Abehe took Handejean back to his tribe, the Rilianluo clan. After hearing that Handejeang was traveling alone in the grassland, Abehe invited Handejeang to stay. Stay in the tribe for a few days. From Abuhe’s mouth, Handerang learned of the richness of this tribe, and there were far more slaves in the tribe than the people, but there was never any rebellion.

An Zhi and Zhi did not move to the dormitory, and now that only can’t do without An Zhi, he has been pampering An Zhi. An only relied on her own status as a princess. She changed her cowardly temper. She first killed the Taiping King’s eyeliner tabu for the strong poison. Now she wants the wind to get the wind, the rain to get the rain, and the only king of Taiping can do it.

Don’t take it seriously. On the other side, Hu Gujiao entered the palace, and she heard comments from the attendants in the palace that Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan have never had sex with each other since their marriage. Worried about the relationship between the two, Hu Gujiao deliberately asked Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan did not expect the rumor in the palace to spread so quickly. At this moment, Ye Luxian came, and he asked Hu Gu Gu to leave first. He wanted to be alone with Xiao Yanyan.

Xiao Yanyan didn’t want to pay attention to Yelvxian. She didn’t have a good face for Yelvxian. Yelvxian hoped that Xiao Yanyan could talk to him peacefully. Xiao Yanyan said sarcastically that Yelvxian is the king of a country, so why care about her attitude, if not Yelvxian, none of them will be so unhappy. Ye Luxian believes that today’s unhappiness is only temporary, and that the world of Daliao will be the most important in the future. The emperor only needs to benefit the world, and he has no shame in his heart. The road to sinicization reform is long and hindered. Then Emperor Taizu will have Empress Shulu to help him. He also hopes that Yanyan can help him, otherwise he will not be able to accomplish his great cause with his sick body.

Yeluxian’s words reminded Yanyan of Handejang. In the past, Handejang once said to her that if it were not for the queen of Shulu, Emperor Taizu would not have achieved the achievements at that time and saved hundreds of people and southerners from the water and fire. While Xiao Yanyan was thinking deeply, Ye Luxian got up but staggered and almost fell. Xiao Yanyan was worried and wanted to help Ye Luxian. Seeing Xiao Yanyan’s concern, Ye Luxian was moved.

The life of the tribe is very different from what Hande wants. In this place of power, the tribe enjoys the best treatment, but the slaves are miserable. Some live in the same pen with cattle and horses, and some are no different from ants, even slaves. No one cares about sickness, and the servant himself believes that illness to death is the only relief. Looking at the servants who were at the bottom of the dire straits in front of him, Han Dejang made his determination to implement the Han system even stronger.

Yelvxian fainted in weakness, Xiao Yanyan hurried over to visit Yelvxian after receiving the news. Yelvxian was in a coma, but she couldn’t sleep well. Xiao Yanyan stepped forward softly and held Yelvxian’s hand. She seemed to have a magical power to stabilize Yelvxian, and her mother-in-law asked Xiao Yanyan to accompany Yelvxian, thinking Yanyan is Yelvxian’s lucky star. Yelvxian has always been alert, especially in sleep. It has been a long time for him to keep people close so peacefully.

Li Si is a female celebrity in the mansion, and Mrs. Li comes to Si’er, and she asks Si’er again what she thinks of Handerang. Even though he knew that Han De made his heart belong, Yanyan had already entered the palace as a concubine, and the two were no longer possible. Li Siwei let go, and she believes that her sincerity can touch Handerang. Those who are deeply in love are the most unsympathetic, but looking at her daughter’s ardent gaze, Mrs. Li still informed the whereabouts of Handerang, and Si’er went to look for Handerang without regret.

Ye Luxian came to Xiao Yanyan’s bedroom and saw that Xiao Yanyan was eating. Ye Luxian wanted to sit down and have a meal, but Xiao Yanyan said in a bad tone that she did not prepare Ye Luxian’s meal. Ye Luxian didn’t worry about Xiao Yanyan’s attitude. He just sat down to eat and saw Xiao Yanyan leaving. Ye Luxian said that he hadn’t eaten with anyone for a long time. He hoped that Yanyan would stay, even if it was the imperial decree that Yanyan could stay with him. He eats, and he is also willing to eat.

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