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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 28 Recap

Tang Guoer arranged for the driver to send Tiantian and Wang Ye to Lianxing Village to help her find someone. He took advantage of the space in the toilet in the sky to send Wang Ye a bottle of tonic. Wang Ye wanted to drink Tiantian, but Tang Guoer complained that there was only Tiantian in his heart. At this time, Mingyuan’s sister and brother, who knew that Tiantian was pregnant, came to see Tiantian. Sang Rong told them that Tiantian and Wang Ye had gone to Lianxing Village. Mingxin yelled excitedly when she heard it, causing Sang Rong’s dissatisfaction. Later, Mingxin took Mingyuan and hurried to Lianxing Village.

Tang Guoer asked Jessica about the dress design, and Li Manli was surprised. Tang Guoer calmly told the secret that she was also Shen Mingyang’s daughter, which made Li Manli even more confused. She did not expect Tang Guoer to think Steal Shen Mingyang’s design.

During the break, Wang Ye told Tiantian his design philosophy, which gave Tiantian more inspiration. Coincidentally, Mingyuan’s sister and brother also arrived here. Mingyuan asked Tiantian why he wanted to conceal her pregnancy. He wanted to take Tiantian away, but Tiantian insisted on finding an embroidery master and asked Mingyuan to keep Wang Ye a secret about her pregnancy because of her Feeling guilty for the death of Wang Ye’s adoptive parents, she wanted to be with Wang Ye to make up for him, and Ming Yuan planned to stay with them.

Mingxin took them to find the embroidery master Hangona, who greeted them enthusiastically, but Mingxin found that Sun Jianmin was peeping outside the window and was very afraid. Mingyuan and Wang Ye asked Sun Jianmin to take them to see Mingxin’s former residence. Mingyuan understood that Sun Jianmin was abusing his sister and would do it. He was scared to say nothing. Wang Ye asked about Mingxin’s origins, but Sun Jianmin lied that he picked it up at the edge of the field and reported it to the police. Sun Jianmin had already informed Uncle Sun before.

Seeing that Sun Jianmin was lying, Wang Ye asked Mingyuan to ask how Mingxin came to Lianxing Village, but Mingxin said that he was in a coma and didn’t know it. Later, Mingyuan found the old photos of Uncle Sun with others, and was very confused, so he asked Hangona. Only then did Mingyuan know that Uncle Sun was Sun Jianmin’s relative, so there must be something strange that his sister would be imprisoned in this village.

Wang Ye was worried that he was tired from studying embroidery every day, and he wanted to vomit again after vomiting all the way, so he drank the bottle of tonic Tang Guoer gave him. After eating every day, their stomach hurts and they yelled to go to the hospital. Ming Yuan and Wang Ye hurriedly sent Tiantian to the hospital, but the doctor told them that the child was kept, and Wang Ye hurriedly asked whose child it was.

Mingyuan, who regretted it, admitted that it was him, because when they were drunk and locked up in the warehouse, Mingyuan couldn’t help but had a relationship with Tiantian, which shocked Wang Ye. Mingyuan believed that Tang Guoer was harming Tiantian, but Wang Ye firmly believed that Tang Guoer was a good person. Mingyuan bluntly said that Tang Guoer had already approved Wang Ye’s mind and played Wang Ye as a fool. Wang Ye also blamed Mingyuan for concealing the daily pregnancy from him. Mingyuan said that all this was the ghost of Zhao Lange. Only then did Wang Ye woke up and completely recognized Zhao Lange’s demon face.

Wang Ye apologized to Tian Tian, ​​and Tian Tian also apologized to Wang Ye. Wang Ye was curious why Tian Tian broke with Tang Guoer, and Tian Tian asked Wang Ye to ask Tang Guoer himself, alluding to Tang Guoer doing bad things. Wang Ye understands that Tian Tian wants to be with him out of guilt for the death of his adoptive parents. He decides to quit the Shura market and let Tian Tian’s child have a father. This makes Tian Tian more guilty and emotionally complicated.

Tian Tian returned to Ming Yuan’s home to continue finishing her father’s unfinished works. In order to take care of his wife, children and sister, Ming Yuan re-accepted the invitation of the Yamano Group and wanted Tian Tian’s new work to be the first work of his new company. Tian Tian couldn’t accept the identity of Mrs. Mingyuan for a while, and Mingyuan loudly declared that their husband and wife relationship had broken the ice for Tian Tian.

Wang Ye asked why Tang Guoer wanted to have a miscarriage every day, but Tang Guoer blamed Wang Ye for not listening to her advice. Wang Ye then asked why Tang Guoer broke with Tiantian. Tang Guoer pretended to be pitiful, inverting black and white, slandering Tiantian’s innocence, complaining about Wang Ye’s distrust of her, and conspiring Wang Ye to destroy the relationship between Tiantian and Mingyuan. Unfortunately, Wang Not fooled by the wild.

Tian Tian gave all of the design works to Tang Guoer, but Tang Guoer left the album and shadow contract that Tian asked for in the car, and he had to pick it up in person every day, and he took the opportunity to take the photo of Tiantian’s new design. manuscript.

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