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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 25 Recap

Xinduhou couldn’t contact the people at the copper shop in Kushui Village, but found the burnt letter pages in the home of the contact person, Boss He. It can be seen that it was King Su’s seal, indicating that King Su had found the clues and it was too late to stop. , Until now, only preemptive strikes are needed, and Kushui Village will be dismissed overnight tonight.

King Su also immediately noticed the change in Kushui Village and led his troops to rush. The father-in-law next to the emperor immediately ordered people to deploy troops and reinforcements, which happened to be heard by the Lord Xihe. She was most worried about King Su and was about to look for him in a hurry, but also met Fu Rong in the way. Looking at her anxious look, Fu Rong knew that Xu Jin was in danger.

In Kushui Village, Xinduhou looked after all the weapons carried by his subordinates. Suddenly there was a crossbow and arrow attack. A group of people fell to the ground in an instant. He also shot an arrow in panic. Then Xu Jia Gechuan came with a sword, and Xinduhou fled embarrassedly. . When he rushed to the entrance of the village, Xu Jin waited for him in a pool of blood.

It is reasonable to say that he was in a catastrophe, but the Lord Xihe suddenly rushed to grab Xu Jin and was extremely worried. Xin Duhou’s men seized the opportunity and threw the dart out. Princess Xihe had no time to think and pushed Xu Jin himself and was penetrated by his right rib. Xinduhou took advantage of the chaos and escaped, so Xu Jin had to settle down and heal the lord Xihe first.

The host of Xihe County was poisoned with a poison dart, but fortunately Ge Chuan was treated in time. She was in good spirits, but she kept begging Xu Jin not to leave. His love for Xu Jin has not changed since he was a child, because Xu Jin beat her and bullied her. Cheng Wang, their Cui family is full of loyalty, and his father is a great hero. For her, Xu Jin is also her great hero.

Xinduhou fled to a mountain forest. Suddenly all the soldiers surrounded him, and Wu Baiqi slowly appeared with his head and horse. After all, this father and son have to settle their old accounts. Xinduhou marries an outside room and betrays Wu Baiqi’s mother. After that, he never showed any kindness to him. After all, he is ashamed of their mother and son, but he still misses the three of them having fun in the courtyard when they were young Tianlun, miss that naughty and lively Wu Baiqi. Speaking of this, he knelt down and Wu Bai raised tears in his eyes. He hated this man, but he still couldn’t see such a humble and dignified father. When he stepped forward to help Xin Hou get up, a cold light pierced his chest suddenly, and sure enough, the extra expectations were futile for this person.

Xinduhou used Wu Baiqi to threaten to bring a horse, went back to the Hou Mansion and closed the door, settled his wife and Zhang Yan, Xu Jin and Wu Baiqi also came in time. Wu Baiqi knows that he is in the study, where he handles all major events, no matter when. The door of the study room opened. Xinduhou bluntly said that all the evidence was in it. There was the weapon flow that Xu Jin wanted to know and the Guanyan town military ration case. Xu Jin naturally wanted to go in and see, but Wu Baiqi couldn’t do it. Xinduhou cursed at him. It was as if he was nothing, so Wu Bai got angry and left. Unexpectedly, immediately after entering the study, there was an explosion, and Xu Jin reached out and quickly escaped, but Xin Duhou and the evidence in the study were all drowned in the fire.

The next day the emperor in the court righteously accused Xinduhou of the matter, but he did not know who else was as greedy as Xinduhou in the Manchu Dynasty. The weapons shipped out were still missing, and the emperor ordered Xu Jin to continue the thorough investigation. After coming to the dynasty and chatting with King An, King An saw Emperor An’s intention and took the initiative to return the power of the Jinyi guard, and seemed to inadvertently mention that King Su’s side concubine caused a grudge against the military lieutenant generals. There are two solutions, or stop the concubine. , Or marry Zhengfei.

Wu Baiqi has been almost crazy recently. He took root in the camp and practiced martial arts frantically. He was so red. He didn’t know how to look at Xinduhou’s death, and he couldn’t tell what Xinduhou meant. It turned out that the last verbal abuse was a shortcoming, Wu Baiqi’s The hatred lost its foundation and became precarious. Xu Jin couldn’t see him like this, and after two tricks with him, he quietly listened to him howling and crying.

In order to take care of the Lord Xihe, Fu Rong offered to take her to the palace to recuperate. In order to spend more in the palace, she had to pretend to be blind to the eyes when she was clearly healed. Xu Jin cried as soon as she came, pretending to be inferior, Xu Jin left her alone. To be precise, it was Fu Rong who let her make trouble, and said that this is very cute. Where is Xu Jin cute?

The heavy rain struck, and the lonely ghosts swayed miserably in the rain. The tomb of Xinduhou is here. The glory and prosperity of his life are boundless, but he does not even have a tomb name after his death. Wu Baiqi sat down in front of the tomb, holding a pot of wine that seemed to relieve his sorrow, and washed him with heavy rain. Fu Xuan walked under the umbrella to cover the ruthless rain and be the one who listened to his nonsense.

Did you save Wu Baiqi at the last moment of danger? Xinduhou has the reputation of being a good father, and there is no guilt after doing this. But maybe he never feels guilty or owed. For him, he is greedy for money, and the nature of his father and son is also him. They are all him. Wu Baiqi offered a pot of wine, Shen Shen kowtow, and father and son have never been involved ever since.

On the way to send Fu Xuan back to the house, she remembered something. In the past few days, Wu Bai became depressed, and Feng Laiyi was not allowed to enter Fu Xuan at all, and Ji Qingting concealed it, because Feng Laiyi was afraid that something might happen.

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