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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 12 End Recap

Finally, it’s the time for the final assessment. People can raise their grades through their own efforts, and his student work this semester has also been recognized by everyone. However, this is not enough. Today the counselor Gao Ge found Ren Keying said that she also needs to have the spirit of social welfare, which means that he needs to go to the surrounding villages to help the elderly. After hearing this , Ming Ri Jiu and Xia Bai also offered to accompany him, otherwise he was afraid that he would not find it. road.

Their plan this time was to go to Nanyuan Village to help an old man clean up. As a result, the friends in Baibai cheated and used Teacher Gao’s cell phone to call to inform. Lin Rijiu said that the location suddenly changed to Beiyuan Village and asked him Hurry over, and they also hacked Ren Keying’s mobile phone, preventing him from receiving Lin Rijiu’s calls, so he went to Baihe and Ren Keying could not wait for tomorrow, so she had to set foot on Nanyuan. The car in the village, and here is the driver’s butler driving the car. He has been around the North District for a long time, and has not found Beiyuan Village for 0 days. I understand that he has been tricked, and he can’t make it past this time. The driver drove home.

Here Xia Bai and Ren Keying came to the old woman in Nanyuan Village. The relationship between the two people in the family was ambiguous. The old woman was very happy in her eyes. At night, the two wanted to say goodbye to the old woman and go back. I am a lonely old man. It is rare to see them. I am very happy. I hope they can stay with me all night. Originally, Lin Keying refused, but the old woman started to say that the person Keying she had caused by her past was very distressed, so he decided to stay. As a result, my mother-in-law deliberately arranged for Ren Keying to live in a room with him, and put herself The newlywed quilt prepared for grandchildren and daughter-in-law was taken out to cover them, saying that I hope they will not dislike it.

Two people slept on the same bed, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe. I didn’t dare to look at the other person and arguing until I got off work until I fell asleep. I dared to look at the girl secretly. People could deepen their love for this girl. On the second morning, they said goodbye to their mother-in-law and planned to get on the bus back, but they were told to drive. The coming bus broke down halfway, and there was no other car nearby to go to the city. The two of them could only walk along the road, but Ren Keying accidentally twisted her foot.

Xia Bai immediately squatted down and asked him to lie on his back and carry him on his back, because he didn’t know what the process was like. If he walked randomly, it might affect his future walking, so he carried Ren Keying all the way back from get off work. After leaving, I finally found a truck driver and kindly took them back. Here, Lin Rijiu found that Ren Keying had not come to participate in the election of the chairman meeting, so he drove all the way and started looking for the car for prospecting and the two, and missed it.

Eventually, when the population camp arrived at the meeting, the election was over. Feng Sisi finally became the new chairman of Xinghuo University. However, people can clearly let go. He thinks Feng Sisi is more suitable to be chairman than himself, because he is sincere. Serving the students, but I just want to get the role of the president through this collection and distribution experience, but here Xia Bai has also confessed to himself, and the two have officially become boy and girl friends.

Lin Rijiu also found his mother and hoped that he would give Ren Keying the role. Huang Fujing agreed, but the lead of the show was Lin Rijiu and Huang Fujin. Lin Rijiu must train his acting skills well and don’t let him down. Hope.

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