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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 36 End Recap

Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi fell into the Gu Worm Hole and did not die. Not only did they not find the Gu worm, they found a secret crossing and appeared in front of everyone. Seeing this, Wang Zai suddenly realized that it was Li Zhao’s intention. He had deliberately submitted his name before, but he was actually ready to die together, and he led Long Aoyi to discover Wang Zai’s site.

Just as Yuan Zai ordered the private soldiers to shoot Lu Erye and others, Long Aoyi suddenly rebuked Wang Zai for being greedy and trampling on people’s lives. Even if they died today, they would one day be a disaster for others. Seeing the hesitation of the private soldiers, Li Qingliu knew that Long Aoyi had already stated the concerns of everyone, and immediately followed suit, which meant that the people would complain.

Seeing the private soldiers gradually put down their sharp arrows, Yuan Zaiton lost the heart, and took the opportunity to turn and escape. Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu hurriedly chased after successfully breaking the peach blossom formation and entered a cave where countless gold and silver treasures were placed. Contained in the nest. Yuan Zai came out from the side, threatened the two of them not to act rashly, and said that he had filled the cave with explosives. As long as he set it on fire, the entire Chang’an City could be seen. The private soldiers deployed in Chang’an City would be here. Poisoned in the well water, dragged the people of the city to bury them.

Long Aoyi wanted to get rid of this identity because Yuan Zai was so extreme and mocked his origin. Yuan Zai was stabbed at the center of the matter, and then became angry. He threw a dagger at Long Ao with a thunderous force, but the white jade koi blocked him. Fortunately, Long Ao was safe. Li Qingliu took advantage of Yuan Zai’s stunned effort and directly drew his long sword and swung it at him, thinking that he would end up in his favorite treasure in his life.

Above the court, Lu Erye escorted Yuanzai personally to the court, and truthfully told the cause and consequence. Long Aoyi also asked for the private soldier, hoping to be forgiven. As Princess Shengping walked slowly, everyone finally understood that Bu Yuge was an information building set up for Datang. On the surface, Princess Shengping was responsible for the management, but the owner behind the scenes was actually the emperor. Can’t escape his eyes.

At that time, the emperor saw Yuan Zai eradicate the treacherous nephews and make his first contribution, so he wanted him to stay and retreat. However, Yuan Zai didn’t know the emperor’s favor, so he continued to greedy money and accept bribes, form parties for private interests, even planned palaces and built ghost cities. So after the emperor got the information, he deliberately pretended to be sick to make Yuan Zai relax his vigilance. Even if Li Qingliu let Jin Wuwei follow Yuan Zai, he agreed with him, but he didn’t expect Li Zhao to die.

The emperor rewarded Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi again, and named Li Zhao Mingxin and buried him in the tomb. Li Qingliu didn’t expect that the emperor would treat everyone as his son, and he would personally control a big chess game. Even his wife and children were among them, which made him feel terrible. Today, Du Xiaoxian is still stupid. Although he has recovered his childhood, he no longer knows Li Qingliu.

Since there are two antidote, only taking all of them can get rid of the poison, but Long Ao searched for Yuan Zai and couldn’t find it. The imperial palace physician frequently enters and exits the Zhaowang Mansion, but Li Qingliu poisons his heart, and has already dispersed throughout the body. It is really difficult to save his life unless there is a miracle. Li Qingliu tried to calm down and comforted Long Aoyi not to worry, but the next day, he collapsed completely. After the doctor explained the situation, Long Aoyi was very sad.

Long Aoyi thought that even though it was difficult to cure, there were still some opportunities, so she held Li Qingliu’s hand tightly and said that she would take Li Qingliu to visit the doctor, and even if she went to the ends of the world, she would have to get rid of the poison. Li Qingliu opened his eyes weakly and smiled at her, knowing that there is little hope, but he didn’t want to make Long Ao sad, so he slowly nodded and made an agreement between the two. When he was dying, Li Qingliu asked Yanbin to take good care of Long Aoyi and Xiaoqin, and gave him part of the new Silk Road property.

A few days later, the king of Jun Li Qingliu died of poisoning, and his whereabouts were unknown after the head of the water transport gang presented by the female Longao group of water transport gangs. In three years, Dai Zongxuan, prince Li Shi succeeded to the throne, known as Tang Dezong in history. Time flies, and three years have passed in a flash. Seeing the birds singing outside the window, the princess miss Long Aoyi even more, not knowing where she is.

At this time, Xiaoqin can be on her own, often taking care of the Longzhu gang, but Yan Bin has not succeeded in proposing to her thirteen times. I am afraid that she will have to continue to work hard in the future. Yan Bin came to the tavern with a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses, and happened to see Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu punching. It turned out that Long Aoyi had built a garment mound outside the palace for Li Zhao, but accidentally discovered that there was another antidote in the tail koi. , It is known that he was taken from Yuan Zai’s waist and placed inside before he was killed.

Li Zhao used his life to make others happy. Long Ao looked at the pair of children in front of him, feeling full of emotions in his heart. Li Qingliu knew that the royal family was not a good place, and simply suspended her and brought her back to Yincheng. Nowadays, a family of four is happy and happy, and maybe at some point in the future, it will usher in a new life.

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