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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 8 Recap

The fifth elder brother sold more than 3,000 pieces of clothes today and gained a lot of fans. The fifth elder brother was excited to express his love to Qian Xixi. He felt that the clothes that could not be sold in the previous month have now been reached within a few hours. When Chen Lang watched the sales of his five brothers keep going up, he was a little uncomfortable, and made people stare at Rui. No matter what Rui was selling, he should write it down in detail and claimed that such people must be killed in the cradle.

Zhang Jiayun jokes that Duan Ran has lost the list now, but Qian Xixi sold more than 3,000 pairs of pants. After all the expenses, he got 400,000 yuan in net profit. Duan Ran blamed Qian Xixi for selling the pants at a low price. Heisi thinks that what he needs to think about now is how to survive, and he is proud to let Duan Ran work hard, so that there is no hope of competition.

In the evening, Qian Xixi took everyone to dinner in order to reward his heroes. At the same time, Chen Lang also invited Mr. Wu out for a drink. Mr. Wu bluntly said that Duan Ran had come to him and praised Duan Ran and Qian Xixi. Help him, otherwise Chen Lang will pit him, tell the truth that he is also inspired by Duan Ran’s idea, Duan Ran asks to compete with Chen Lang, and whoever wins the live broadcast for three hours will give him the contract for the next season. . Chen Lang was a little scared. Mr. Wu satirized that Chen Lang was afraid to compare with the new company. Moreover, Duan Ran was a newcomer, so Chen Lang had to agree to the competition.

Mr. Wu told Duan Ran the news and let Duan Ran seize the opportunity. Duan Ran told Zhang Jiayun the news. He wanted to regain the wave pineapple, and he knew that he had his own plan. Qian Xixi saw Duan Ranhe. As Zhang Jiayun spoke, although he couldn’t hear what he said, there was still a hint of jealousy in his heart.

The next day, Duan Ran announced that he and Chen Lang would regain the wave of Pineapple. Susu was worried that the disparity in strength would be too great to defeat the cloud. Qian Xixi believed that no matter how difficult the battle was, he should fight. At this time, Yuanyuan was always worried about finding new dramas, but she couldn’t find new ones. The agent contacted many companies and no show. Duan Ran came to Yuanyuan and asked her to go back to the live broadcast in accordance with the contract. Qian Xixi came to reprimand Duan Ran. You shouldn’t bother Yuanyuan, because Yuanyuan has other pursuits and don’t bother her anymore. The two are constantly arguing. Yuanyuan sees that they are acting and asking about what?

Duan Ran had no choice but to tell the current difficulties, hoping that Yuanyuan could save the field. He could also help Yuanyuan contact friends in the film and television circle for help. Yuanyuan promised to say goodbye to the performance for the last time, which is considered to be for the company. The last thing she did, Qian Xixi held Yuanyuan in tears, as long as Yuanyuan was in her heart, she would have a bottom.

Before the competition, Chen Lang was sensational and inspiring, and he asked everyone to show their passion to face the afternoon show. Moreover, if the war must be won, everyone was in high spirits. Chen Lang also promised to live in a luxury mansion and drive a luxury car to eat a big meal.

Compared with Duan Ran and Qian Xixi, there are not so many inspiring words. Mr. Shen invited Mr. Wu to watch the Bo pineapple special. Although the sales volume was good when it started, it was far worse than Chen Lang. Chen Lang satirized. Just overwhelming.

Chen Lang called and satirized that Duan Ran couldn’t compare with him. Now the sales volume of cloud live broadcast has exceeded three times. Qian Xixi devoted himself to winning the game, and sales reached the top, but the overall sales couldn’t catch up with the cloud anchor. . Zhang Jiayun heard that he was about to lose the game and danced in the live broadcast room, which attracted more attention. Sales rose sharply. Duan Ran sent a message to Chen Lang, satirizing Chen Lang and his goddess personally went online to clean him up, to see how he screamed. Duan Ran happily told Mr. Wu that in order to make Zhang Jiayun shine, he had accompanied Zhang Jiayun to practice dancing a few days ago, but Zhang Jiayun’s sales were about to be capped, and Yuanyuan came when Duan Ran was in a hurry.

Duan Ran has already arranged that as long as Yuanyuan goes online, she will be pushed to the homepage. As soon as Yuanyuan goes online, her sales and popularity are catching up with the cloud, which makes Chen Lang very worried. It is only a matter of time before she catches up with the cloud. Yuanyuan deliberately ridiculed Qian Xixi for buying too few clothes. Yuanyuan’s online sales also stimulated Qian Xixi, and Qian Xixi’s sales also rose sharply. Suddenly, there was a problem with the switch, which caused the live broadcast room to be completely dark.

Chen Lang hastened to let people seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity. Qian Xixi Thorns arranged to use the mobile phone to broadcast the network. When he went outdoors, he first filmed the fire fighting scene to keep fans from leaving. Seeing Duan Ran and their fire fighting scene, Yuanyuan immediately let Everyone took pictures of Qian Xixi’s mobile phone and forwarded it in this way, but the live broadcast volume and popularity rose sharply, and it was even the same as the cloud live broadcast. Duan Ran personally put out the fire, replaced it with the fresh-keeping room and turned on the switch, and the live broadcast room lit up. After that, everyone started live broadcasting again, and the popularity skyrocketed.

Chen Lang has been paying attention to the data on the Internet, and suddenly the phone rang.

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