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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 8 Recap

Gu Yaodong turned up a report on Chen Xianmin’s case in the police archives. The most prominent position on the front page was the photo of him and Qi Shengping. Only in the corner was the time of the crime on May 16. Gu Yaodong checked the newspaper of the day based on the date and accidentally saw the section of the power outage notice, so he concluded that the case was definitely not an ordinary murder.

However, the Second Xing Department seemed to be sensitive to this matter and evaded one after another, so Gu Yaodong went to Zhao Zhiyong to find out the situation, but Zhao Zhiyong was reluctant to discuss it. When he learned that Ding Fang had actually moved into Gu’s house, his gossip aroused. Afterwards, Gu Yaodong went to the household registration section to search for the household registration information of Chen Xianmin, but was informed by Section Chief Kong that the penalty department had taken it, whether it was Chen Xianmin or Liu Zepei.

Gu Yuexi learned through the newspaper that Ding Fang was actually the popular female writer Donglijun. As an avid fan, she was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly asked for her signature with “Luan Fengxi”, but was rejected by Ding Fang. Now the man with the appearance of a thug came to the door, was ordered to invite her back, and threatened with Gu’s family, Ding Fang was helpless, and simply handed Gu mother a rent and utility bill before leaving, and immediately returned the new shoes borrowed by Shen Qinghe. .

Gu Yaodong found out that Ding Fang had left when he returned home, and left him an envelope with the words “No. 5 Kangyili, Kangti Road” on it. Since Kang Yili is hidden in the busy city, there are only a dozen households in total. According to the address, Gu Yaodong quickly found the No.5 Shikumen house, and then found a few bottles of heart medicine in the drawer of the bedside table in the room, as well as prescriptions thrown beside him. One of the prescriptions was dated May 16, which coincided with the date of the crime.

Thinking of the doubts about this case, Gu Yaodong rushed to the hospital where the prescription was issued and found the doctor who was responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. After being screened by the other party, it was confirmed that Chen Xianmin was his patient. The nurse also found the answer in the appointment book. It was determined that Chen Xianmin would start various examinations and treatments, including queuing for medicines, from 1 pm. The whole process would take an hour, which is absolutely impossible. Will leave before two o’clock.

Regardless of why Chen Xianmin was arrested, Gu Yaodong believed that he was innocent, so he wanted Xia Jicheng to help investigate and avenge him. However, Xia Jicheng didn’t wait for Gu Yaodong to finish speaking. He tore up the newspapers and prescription sheets and angrily accused him of being okay and being a hero, and making his own decisions would only cause more trouble for himself and others.

Seeing Xia Jicheng’s temper in the Second Division of Xing, everyone followed with fear and palpitations. Zhao Zhiyong knew that Gu Yaodong was talking nonsense in front of the chief and hurriedly pulled him into the corner to confess Chen Xianmin’s true identity. Gu Yaodong thought this was just an unjust, false and wrongful case, but he didn’t expect that it would involve the KMT and the Communist Party. It is precisely because of the “Double Ten Agreement” that it is impossible to blatantly eradicate dissidents.

By the Huangpu River, Xia Jicheng and Shen Qinghe discussed the rescue plan again. Since the accident in the Great World, Shen Qinghe has been looking for a suitable transfer point instead, and finally determined that at the intersection of Sanlai Bathhouse, the briquettes storage warehouse in the backyard is suitable for parking, and the truck can be parked there at any time.

Shen Qinghe noticed that Xia Jicheng’s expression was strange, as if he was serious and worried, and a little bit happy. Xia Jicheng talked about Gu Yaodong’s investigation this morning. He thought that Gu Yaodong was just reckless justice. He didn’t expect to have a stubborn temper. I am afraid that he has now been listed as the most annoying person.

At the same time, Gu Yaodong stood in the guest room of the Gu family, staring at the newspaper photo frame hanging on the wall in a daze, then took off the frame, took out the photo with Qi Shengping, and crumpled it up. When Gu’s mother found the picture frame strange, she mistakenly thought it was haunted, Shen Qinghe stepped onto the stage with a smile, and rarely took the initiative to speak to Gu Yaodong, and even comforted him inexplicably.

In the next few days, Gu Yaodong always had an awkward relationship with Xia Jicheng. Even though Xia Jicheng tried to please him repeatedly, the result was ignored. Even Big Head Xiao thought that the director was too used to the child. Shanghai catches up with the rainy season and heavy rains continue for several days. A group of police officers blocked the door before leaving get off work, looking for companions everywhere without umbrellas, and those with umbrellas became very popular.

Zhao Zhiyong left with the others, Xia Jicheng gave the umbrella to Chief Kong, and then rushed into the rain to chase Gu Yaodong, dragging him to Sanlai Bathhouse to relieve fatigue. The two people soaked in the hot pool to discuss the original intention. Xia Jicheng’s words made Gu Yaodong understand how to define the original intention, and he was in a daze thoughtfully, almost fainted by the hot water. Fortunately, Xia Jicheng appeared in time and got him out of the water. Pick it up.

In the blink of an eye, when the police station paid the salary, the officers of the penalty department and the penalty department seldom gathered at the entrance of the financial room. Unexpectedly, no one in the two departments received the bonus, which once again sparked discussions. Xiao Datou thought that Gu Yaodong had participated in the arrest of Chen Xianmin, and there should be at least a bonus. As a result, everyone heard that he only had a normal salary, and immediately expressed dissatisfaction. Especially Captain Li put down his wool and planned to take everyone to discuss for Gu Yaodong.

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