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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 5 Recap

Officer Liu retrieved the household registration card that Shi Liyou had identified from the Dachang Inn. During the period, he accidentally rubbed the paint on it. He originally planned to return to Xingyi to find a way to clean up. However, Yang Kui asked him to send daily necessities to Shi Liyou as soon as possible. Throw the card into the trash can.

Ding Fang came to the police station to ask for negatives. At first, Gu Yaodong was a little stranger to her, but when the other party mentioned the harassment of male reporters, he immediately thought of the raunchy female writer nestled in a pile of books. Since the film had been taken away by the cleaners, Gu Yaodong went straight to the backyard of the police station without saying a word, rolled up his sleeves and reached out to the trash can to search.

Originally, Ding Fang thought that Gu Yaodong was the negative of the picture and refused to hand it over. Unexpectedly, Gu Yaodong took out a paper bag with negatives from the trash and gave it to her along with the novel “Luan Fengxi”. Ding Fang misunderstood that Gu Yaodong was a reader of the novel, and simply took a pen to write the words “Mr. Dongli” on the title page of the novel. As a result, he saw Gu Yaodong’s face with a stubborn look. It seemed that she was completely self-righteous.

Xia Jicheng found out that Officer Liu was gambling privately, so he pretended to be strict and confiscated the dog ticket. Then he met Gu Yaodong who emerged from the corner of the corridor and saw that he was holding a few sour and smelly household registers in his hand. card. Based on the household registration card clues given by Xia Jicheng.

Shen Qinghe finally found out that the Dachang Inn opposite the Liyuan Dog Park was painting in recent days, and Lao Dong had already obtained three photos of the Communist Party suspected of rebellion and notified the comrades of the action team. I went to screen and determined that the person hiding in the inn was Shi Liyou from the former intelligence team.

Two operatives sat in the opposite restaurant and watched them. When the time came, they immediately disguised themselves as painters and sneaked into the inn. The two plainclothes guarding Shi Liyou hadn’t noticed the strangeness. After identifying the painter’s identity, they simply went downstairs to smoke. It seemed that everything was going well, but Yang Kui suddenly appeared.

Fortunately, there was no danger in the course of the action. Shen Qinghe witnessed the team taking Shi Liyou away and escaped Yang Kui’s search, then went out from the back door and evacuated quickly.

Near noon for dinner, Gu Yaodong found that Shen Qinghe was in a good mood and couldn’t help asking, but Shen Qinghe hadn’t forgotten the report. He was still grotesque with him. Unexpectedly, the red paint on the dress was seen by Gu’s mother and almost exposed. Shen Qinghe returned to the room and quickly locked it, took out the kerosene lamp in time and applied it to the paint.

Early the next morning, Shi Liyou was not in the room, and disappeared with the carpet. Gu Yaodong happily followed the two police officers on a patrol car, and then came to the scene to investigate. Since Yang Kui and the two plainclothes were also here, the atmosphere on the scene became a little sensitive, and Wang Keda was also annoyed, so he pulled Xia Jicheng aside to tell the truth, and wanted to apply to take over the investigation.

Xia Jicheng readily agreed upon hearing the words and immediately returned to the police station with the officers. Gu Yaodong used coat hangers, ashtrays and watches under the pillows to infer that the owner was kidnapped. As a result, as soon as his words fell, Xia Jicheng turned away disdainfully and went out again His passion for solving crimes.

Although Xia Jicheng didn’t want to involve Gu Yaodong too much, he didn’t dispel his suspicion because of the other party’s cynicism, and then followed Shen Qinghe one morning. How could he know that Shen Qinghe walked too fast and disappeared within a few steps. Gu Yaodong was ashamed and had to go home. He didn’t expect to see Shen Qinghe sitting at the dinner table eating noodles, as if he had never been out.

Gu Yaodong thought of the red paint on Shen Qinghe’s clothes, so he kept flipping through Shen Qinghe’s dress while there was no one around. Even though there was no stain on the back waist, he still didn’t give up. He walked over and smelled the familiar kerosene smell. It happened that Shen Qinghe came from the side, not only clearly answering Gu Yaodong’s doubts, but also warning him not to do such disgusting things in the future.

Now the case is handed over to the first punishment office, and the second punishment office is still knitting sweaters, reading newspapers, and cutting nails. The police officers in a room are quietly and busy loitering. Gu Yaodong couldn’t stand his temper and decided to sneak into the inn at night to find clues. At the same time, Shen Qinghe learned from the old Dong that Shi Liyou violated the rules and left several important telegrams, which involved the deployment of personnel in Nanjing. If it is leaked, more comrades will be involved.

It was almost dusk and the heavy rain was approaching. Gu Yaodong’s parents were going to take their umbrellas to the station to pick up their son. After witnessing the two leaving, Shen Qinghe immediately changed into plain clothes, unlocked Yang Yixue’s bicycle lock, and rode to Dachang Inn. The inn was still filled with a strong smell of paint. Shen Qinghe sneaked into the room to find the information that Shi Liyou had left here. He was about to leave, and suddenly heard a strange noise, so he saw Gu Yaodong crawling through the window through the crack in the bathroom door. Come in.

Gu Yaodong didn’t know that his presence disrupted Shen Qinghe’s plan. He just picked up the flashlight and looked around. Who knew the innkeeper almost regarded him as a thief. After the misunderstanding between the two was resolved, Gu Yaodong asked the boss to open the bathroom door, Shen Qinghe jumped out of the window and fled, Gu Yaodong saw the opportunity to chase.

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