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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 5 Recap

Gu Chenyu explained to Yanran that something happened and didn’t go to dinner last night. Xie Fei broke in and asked about Xia Xiaoning’s whereabouts. The two had a quarrel. Yanran and Xie Fei guessed that they didn’t know what they were going to do if they didn’t return at night. And scattered. At the hospital, Xia Xiaoning was taking care of her mother, but her mother urged her to go back to work and asked Xia Xiaoning that Gu is always her boyfriend.

Xia Xiaoning sent a message to Mobuyu when she was free. The message praised Gu Chenyu for her excellence. Gu Chenyu was very happy after seeing it. Gu Chenyu also put the leaves taken from Xia Xiaoning’s clothes into the storage bag for storage.

Xia Xiaoning is taking care of her mother in the hospital, and Gu Chenyu also tells Xia Xiaoning about the work progress. A week later, Xia Xiaoning returned to the company to work. Her mother also asked Mr. Gu to bring special products. There was no one on the way. Mr. Xie’s assistant asked her to go over and read a document. Then fireworks fell from the sky. Xia Xiaoning looked around for “I love you”, Xie Feicong Coming out from the side and having an affectionate confession, in an instant everyone got out from under the table. Xie Fei said that he wanted Xia Xiaoning to be his girlfriend.

Gu Chenyu appeared behind and wanted to take Xia Xiaoning away. Xie Fei refused. Gu Chenyu said he would give him one minute. Xie Fei picked up the bouquet behind him and asked Xia Xiaoning if he would rather do it. His girlfriend, Xia Xiaoning, stepped back and froze. At this time, Gu Chenyu said that one minute was up and took Xia Xiaoning away.

In the office, Xia Xiaoning thanked Mr. Gu for his relief. Gu Chenyu also asked why she did not accept Xie Fei, but Xia Xiaoning said she had someone she liked. Gu Chenyu heard the question quickly, but Xia Xiaoning said it was not a word. Gu Chenyu was relieved. Gu Chenyu was serious about dubbing expertise on the podium, and Xia Xiaoning sighed Gu Chenyu’s handsomeness under the podium while taking notes seriously.

At this time, when it was time to ask questions, Xia Xiaoning also raised his own question. Gu Chenyu’s answer was something that he had said in no words, which made Xia Xiaoning very happy. Gu Chenyu walked up to Xia Xiaoning and said that he would have a Wangchuan plot.

After the dubbing, the two went down the stairs together. Gu Chenyu encouraged and affirmed Xia Xiaoning, so Xia Xiaoning wanted to invite Gu Chenyu to dinner. They went to the restaurant where Yan Ran was waiting for Gu Chenyu to eat. Xia Xiaoning said that the reason why she had the courage to go to a professional dubbing company for an interview was all because of a sentence from Mo Buyu, which Gu Chenyu said just now. On the way to the line, there happened to be a couple with a second cup of milk tea at half price, so they bought two cups.

Back at the company, we were auditioning for roles in the recording studio. Before the candidate for Maid Yunxi came, Gu Chenyu asked Xia Xiaoning to try it. Yanran expressed objection, and Chen Yu also said that it was okay, just brush it off if it didn’t fit. Xia Xiaoning was a little nervous when she entered the recording studio. Gu Chenyu gave her a little bit of guidance to ease into the role. Once she was in the role, she opened her mouth. But the teachers still feel that her foundation is too poor, but the voice-over teacher feels that Xia Xiaoning is fully qualified for this role, but Yan Ran does not want Xia Xiaoning to get this role, and has been looking for reasons to reject her.

At this time, Xie Fei came to the recording studio and called Gu Chenyu to the rooftop and told Gu Chenyu that he liked Xia Xiaoning, but Yanran, because Gu Chenyu often made things difficult for Xia Xiaoning, and said that he would definitely invite him to Mobuyu. On the spot, he sent a Weibo private message to Mobuyu in the name of Xie Wuchang, a famous online distribution circle.

Sister Yanran in the dubbing studio kept staring at Xia Xiaoning, and Xia Xiaoning felt terrified. Yan Ran said that Xia Xiaoning left her own job and didn’t do it, so she took the time to drill in the recording studio, saying that she was thinking about taking shortcuts and criticized Xia Xiaoning. At this moment, Xia Xiaoning’s mobile phone rang, and it turned out that Mobuyu responded. Xia Xiaoning yelled happily and agreed to pick up Wangchuan.

Xie Fei secretly delighted and thought that he had played a role. Xia Xiaoning walked and said that he was going. Contact Mobuyu. Xie Fei came to Gu Chenyu to ask for credit. Gu Chenyu gave him a thumbs up and said that you are awesome.

When I got home, I started to share with Yaoyao that Mobuyu agreed to pick up Wangchuan. At this time, Mobuyu sent a letter again. Xia Xiaoning rushed to reply, while happily circling around. At this time, he met Gu Chenyu on the balcony again. The two talked about some nonverbal topics, and Gu Chenyu turned back and sent Xia Xiaoning the time and place of the meeting.

Xia Xiaoning was excited to see the information and prepare. Xie Fei heard that Xia Xiaoning had made an appointment with Mobuyu and hurried away. Here Xia Xiaoning waited nervously for her idol in front of the coffee shop, and Gu Chenyu walked over with a mask and hat.

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