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Oh My Drama Lover 超时空恋人 Episode 9 Recap

Shen Yijia tried to kill Qian Qinqin to get her handbag back. At the critical moment, Lu Li rescued Qian Qinqin. As a result of the head hit, Qian Qinqin heard the unfamiliar narration again, and repeatedly appeared in the state of fine division. With the sudden disappearance of the narration, the world in front of you instantly freezes! Then Qian Qinqin passed out and everything returned to normal. After waking up, Qian Qinqin had nightmares again and hugged Lu Li in fear. After being discharged from the hospital, Qian Qinqin dared not go home again.

Lu Li suggested that Qian Qinqin temporarily live in his own home for protection. The “cohabitation” life allowed Qian Qinqin to enter Lu Li’s life. Lu Li, who secretly searched for Shen Yijia’s information, discovered that Shen Yijia and Professor Yuan Mobei, whom she had always suspected, seemed to have a special relationship.

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