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Oh My Drama Lover (2020) 超时空恋人

Oh My Drama Lover (2020)
Other Title: 超时空恋人, Chao Shi Kong Lian Ren , Love Beyond Time and Space, Super Lovers

Genres: drama, Romance, Fantasy
Wang Ya (王亚)
Wang Ya
Release Date: 
Nov 5, 2020
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  • Zhu Li Lan as Qian Zhenzhen
  • Zhang Meng as Lu Li
  • Lou Ming as Ouyang Chen
  • Jia Ze as Li Chunxi
  • Mo Long Dan

The TV series “Super Time Lovers” is produced by Oriental Best Television Culture Co., Ltd., directed by Wang Ya, and starring Zhu Lilan, Zhang Meng, Lou Ming, and Jia Ze. The play tells the story of a third-rate female writer accidentally crossing to the scheming female number two in her unfinished book. In order to change her cannon fodder and the male number three assistant all the way to fight monsters, she finally counterattacked as the protagonist.

A third-rate female writer who likes to drag drafts, Li Chunxi, accidentally crossed into her unfinished mystery novel, and became the second woman who worshipped money in the novel. In order to change the setting that she would become cannon fodder, the female writer united with the male number three. Personal assistants, the two fight monsters and upgrade all the way, and finally both counterattack as the protagonists. However, when the novel is approaching the ending, the female writer has returned to reality and returned to the identity of a writer. Will this love that spans time and space end without a problem.

A modern third-rate female writer with mother-to-child solo, accidentally entered her unfinished novel, and became a scheming woman in her own writing-an arrogant but unimportant female partner with money. In order to change her fate as a cannon fodder in the novel, she combined with her personal assistant, Lu Li, the male number three in the novel, to start their supporting role counterattack journey and successfully harvested love. However, when the novel comes to an end, the female writer has to return to reality. Will this love that spans time and space come to an end.

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