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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 14 Recap

Seeing Cai Siyu’s anxious expression after her confession, Lu Yiyao made a living, and Cai Siyu in front of him was his best candidate. Hearing what Lu Yiyao accepted, Cai Siyu was so happy that he was at a loss, excited and shyly left.

When Lu Fangning returned home, he thanked Ling Rui for persuading Cai Yujiang, and promised that he would never lie to Ling Rui again, causing unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles, and sorted out his emotions, which seemed reasonable. The speech means that Lu Fangning will treat Ling Rui in a normal contract relationship from now on, and the two will continue the contract in a calm and rational relationship. After listening to Lu Fangning’s words, Ling Rui agreed, but Lu Fangning’s sense of alienation in his tone made him feel uncomfortable.

Even when he woke up the next day, facing the breakfast he had carefully prepared, Lu Fangning was indifferent and indifferently refused the invitation to have breakfast, instead leaving Ling Rui to go to the company. Seeing the cold wind blowing from the breakfast he had prepared and listening to Lu Fangning’s polite words one by one, Ling Rui realized that the relationship between the two was going in opposite directions…

In the office, Lu Yiyao and Lu Fangning discussed the spokesperson for the Infinite project. After thinking about it, Lu Fangning proposed to let the newly emerging newcomer Bai Jing speak. At this time, Cai Siyu called Lu Yiyao and wanted to make an appointment with Lu Yiyao. Lu Fangning, who heard the dialogue on the side, asked Lu Yiyao curiously. Lu Yiyao deliberately mentioned the beginning of the relationship with Cai Siyu. Although Lu Fangning noticed something strange, he hoped that Lu Yiyao would belong to the deer. Fang Ning still celebrated his new relationship with Lu Yiyao.

Lu Yiyao and Lu Fangning came to the filming scene of Bai Jing. The newcomer Bai Jing played a doctor in the play and had a complicated story with the overbearing president’s brother. As a fan of the book, Lu Fangning enjoyed watching it. , But Lu Yiyao couldn’t help but complain about the bloody plot. The dissatisfied Lu Fangning quickly dismissed Lu Yiyao and continued to discuss cooperation with Bai Jing. Coincidentally, Tang Pingping was looking for the scene needed for the live broadcast nearby. She ran into the meeting site of Lu Fangning and Bai Jing. Tang Pingping was secretly happy in her heart and quickly took out her mobile phone to take this wonderful scene and sent it to Ling Rui. Ling Rui, who was originally shopping at the supermarket, received the photos from Tang Pingping.

An unknown fire suddenly rose in his heart. He hurried to the shooting scene and witnessed the crazy book fan Fang Ning stealing the script from Bai Jing. In the picture, the sudden possessiveness made Ling Rui resolutely inserted into the conversation between the two, raised their heads, folded their arms in disdain, and looked at Lu Fangning. And Lu Fangning did not show any weakness, and invited Bai Jing, who was playing a doctor, to come to his home to visit the real doctor’s residence.

Although the reason is very blind, the three of them came to the house. Facing Lu Fangning’s deliberate move, Ling Rui restrained his sanity, but could not help changing into a better-looking outfit, and even deliberately tinkered with some sounds to attract Lu Fangning’s attention. Facing Ling Rui’s naive counterattack, Lu Fangning quickly captured Bai Jing, made good use of this prop and added his own three-inch tongue, and finally defeated Ling Rui’s sanity with an absolutely powerful mouth.

Also officially launched the “primary school chicken” bickering. Seeing Ling Rui and Lu Fangning’s aggressive, reluctant, and intensifying “war” at this moment, Bai Jing couldn’t wait to flee home, bowed twice on the spot, and rushed out. With Bai Jing’s escape as the end, the bickering between the two finally ended. Ling Rui supported the edge of the table angrily, while Lu Fangning ate the orange triumphantly.

Cai Siyu held a bunch of flowers and waited for Lu Yiyao to appear. Looking at the bouquet that Cai Siyu personally handed, the profound flower language and Cai Siyu’s active palm, Lu Yiyao faintly felt Cai Siyu’s excitement and shy mood at this time. The two sat at the table sharing desserts. Cai Siyu said that the situation at this time is like her own inner fantasy. Although she is not clear about the reason, Cai Siyu will still try to make the Lu Yiyao in front of him like him more. Listening to Cai Siyu’s almost humble words, Lu Yiyao couldn’t help but waves. Is he really as perfect as Cai Siyu’s mouth?

Lu Yiyao’s expression began to become complicated, but Cai Siyu didn’t notice it. Instead, she chose to keep approaching and getting closer, finally leaving a soft kiss on the corner of Lu Yiyao’s mouth. The heartbeat of the two became crazy at this moment. Lu Yiyao, who had always been calm and calm, also lost his armor and couldn’t help but scoop up another spoonful of pink dessert…

When Ling Rui came to the hospital, she found that the female colleagues around her were crazy about Bai Jing. The many admiring expressions reminded Ling Rui of Lu Fangning who held Bai Jing and didn’t let go. The overturned vinegar smell filled with Ling Rui. Unconsciously staring at this imaginary enemy with vigilant eyes…

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