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A Love Story: You Are the Greatest Happiness of My Life

A Love Story: You Are the Greatest Happiness of My Life
Other Title: 若你安好便是晴天 / Ruo ni an hao bian shi qing tian

Genres: drama, Romance
Wu Qiang, Huang Tian Ren
 Yang Li
Dragon TV
Release Date: 
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  • Zhang Han as Tang Mingxuan
  • Xu Lu as Mo Fei
  • Hong Yao as Fang Xiaoyu
  • Wang Rui Zi as Xia Xueling
  • Liu Yi Han as young Xia Xueling
  • Wang Jin Song
  • Zhang Chen Guang
  • Wen Zheng Rong
  • Shi Qing Yan as Bai Xiaoman
  • Xu Ge as Cheng Yang
  • Guo Zi Qian as Mi Duoduo
  • Jiao Na
  • Du Juan as Liu Pei

The story is about the between a fashion design graduate and the CEO of a fashion company.

Tang Mingxuan, general manager of Mingyuan Fashion Group, is a young pioneer in the industry and a typical workaholic. Tang Mingxuan’s world will always be a single job, until a designer Murphy who doesn’t follow common sense breaks into his life. Tang Mingxuan and Murphy knew each other through a design competition, and because of the traditional intangible heritage technique Su embroidery, Murphy let Tang Mingxuan understand the value and situation of traditional techniques. Every time the two meet is full of sparks, the bud of love has long been planted, but Murphy is about to study abroad, Tang Mingxuan is busy with Mingyuan’s new strategy, and Tang Mingxuan’s childhood sweetheart is obstructed by it, the two have moved but can’t speak.

Murphy went to study in Paris, thousands of miles away, but his first love stayed in China. After several twists and turns, the two finally understood each other’s wishes, their dreams are more radiant because of love, and their dreams are more powerful because of love. With the joint efforts of Tang Mingxuan and Murphy, Mingyuan’s overseas expansion plan was successfully launched.

Although there were continuous episodes during this period, they always adhered to their original intentions and their feelings became stronger over time. From Shanghai to Suzhou to Paris, they left their allure time everywhere. If the one you love is well, it will be sunny, and the most beautiful flower of love can be bloomed if the dream you pursue is with you.

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