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Mountain Stream Has Disaster: The Farming Silly Girl Will Turn the Sky

Mountain Stream Has Disaster: The Farming Silly Girl Will Turn the Sky (Novel)
Other Name: 山涧有祸水:种田傻女要翻天

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Mona Lisa Sneezing
Year: 2018
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Tang Ruoci is Shen Xinglou. She was originally a generation of high-achieving medical students, but she accidentally traversed and became a discriminatory fool. A silly woman becomes a doctor, who deceives her, get rid of it quickly. Those who helped her, Yongquan reported. After all the power and wealth are collected, the big benefactor behind has spoken…

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Bump, ah…” Liu Yuemei fell to the ground with a blow, but she fell to the ground because of her body imbalance, causing everyone around her to laugh.

Tang Ruoci stood still, turned his head to look at Liu Yuemei who fell to the ground, but a pair of willow eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and then subconsciously looked around, there was nothing except the crowd onlookers.

Shouldn’t, according to this intensity, Liu Yuemei should not fall down! Could it be that God couldn’t understand Liu Yuemei’s behavior and punished Liu Yuemei for her.

In fact, what Tang Ruoci didn’t know was that in the shadowy place that she couldn’t see, Shen Xinglou was dressed in a white cloud brocade robe, standing with his hands holding hands, her thin lips curled up, looking at Tang Ruo below with a smile. word.

“Ah…it hurts me…”

“You adulteress, you dare to commit a crime if you do such an unconventional and unacceptable thing, and see if I will not kill you…”

Tang Biantong, who reacted afterwards, violently struggling to pull away from the crowd, rushing to Liu Yuemei who fell on the ground and groaned madly.

This bitch actually gave him a cuckold, how could he swallow this breath, today, he must kill this harlot!

Nazhi, he had just rushed to Liu Yuemei and was about to kick him, but he heard a hoarse and angry female voice roaring behind him, “Stop!”

Hearing the sound, Tang Biantong’s raised foot instantly stopped in mid-air, and turned his head in surprise.

Yang, who woke up slowly, opened her eyes and saw Tang Bian kicking towards Liu Yuemei on the ground, no matter what else, she hurriedly yelled out, shaking her body, and turned towards Tang Biantong. Dangle.

Bian Tong was mad and she didn’t. Although Liu Yuemei did such an unconventional thing, there was a huge family behind her. Sure enough, if something happened to her here today, then her Tang family would be finished.

Moreover, the family ugliness must not be publicized. Today, the entire Zhuling Village was turned upside down. All the neighbors and villagers were watching the excitement. It also showed that the incident was not big enough and wanted to continue.

The crowd of onlookers swept away, and within a few blinks, Yang had already rushed to Tang Biantong, with her palms raised, she gave Tang Bian the same slap without any hesitation.


With a crisp and loud applause, Tang Biantong was directly blinded by Yang’s slap, covering his hot and painful left cheek with one hand. Tang Biantong’s face was full of disbelief, and he cried out aggrievedly, “Mother!”

“You a rebellious son who doesn’t know how to measure, don’t you feel embarrassed enough? Don’t hurry up and take Yuemei back!” Yang sternly criticized. After today, I am afraid that her Tang family will be the laughingstock of the entire Zhuling Village. !

“Mother… mother… help me… help me…” Liu Yuemei struggled to get up, clutching Yang’s robe tightly, begging for mercy.

She knew that Tang Biantong would definitely kill her when he was angry, but Yang would not. Yang would definitely take care of her father.

“Mother…” Tang Bian was unwilling to see this, his eyes were filled with grievances and he called out hoarsely.

This adulterous woman not only put on several green hats for him, but also made the Tang family a laughing stock in Zhuling Village. If he brought it back, how could he explain to the ancestors of the Tang family.

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