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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 22 Recap

Xia Rui was dragging the box and walking outside the school gate. Then Wan Ling ran into Xia Rui and asked her where to go. Then Xia Rui said that he had gone out to live for two days, so Wan Ling thought that he might be going out to live with Nan Xi, so he responded Rui said that they were going to live together, right? Then Xia Rui asked Wan Ling to be careful and quiet, so that everyone in the street could hear it? Later, Xia Rui asked Wan Ling to keep her secret, and said that this month’s milk tea money was all inclusive, but Wan Ling said that this month was almost halfway through.

Then Xia Rui went to Nan Xi’s home and the two were moving. Something, Nan Xi said that her class was too weak, and asked Xia Rui to kiss herself and charge, and then Xia Rui kissed Nan Xi. In the evening, Nan Xi asked if Xia Rui had cleaned up. Xia Rui said that he had cleaned up and sorted them into categories. Then Nan Xi saw that the room was still messed up. Xia Rui told Nan Xi that Boss Yi asked him to do it when he went to work tomorrow. Nan Xi took it, and then Nan Xi said that he could accompany Xia Rui when he went.

Xia Rui was preparing coffee the next day. Xia Rui said that the post that Nan Xi and Yang Yufei danced that day was not made by Yang Yufei, but by those who feared that the world would not be chaotic. Then Liu Bin realized that he had misunderstood Yang Yufei. When Nan Xi came to the store, many girls came to the store mainly to see Nan Xi. Boss Yi said, I didn’t expect that there were a lot more customers when Nan Xi came. Then Xia Rui said that it turned out that Nan Xi was brought in.

In order to take care of the business, Yi boss said for a while, to thank Xia Rui, he could show her a hand and teach her how to make coffee. After the coffee was ready for a while, Liu Bin was making a video, and then Xia Rui said, isn’t someone doing food and broadcasting recently? Liu Bin could start a live broadcast of coffee drinking, and then Liu Bin thought it was a good idea, and later Liu Bin asked Nan Xi to take photos of coffee. So, a girl came to ask Xia Rui for a photo of Nan Xi, but Xia Rui did not give it.

In the evening Xia Rui was playing a game, and Nan Xi pulled out the network cable. Xia Rui said that he was playing a game and he was playing right on top. Nan Xi said that he unplugged the network cable without asking clearly. I’m sorry, so Xia Rui was still not satisfied with Nan Xi’s apology, and then asked Nan Xi to play a game with herself. The two of them played a game. Use painting on the top.

The next day, Xia Rui went to the school and stayed with Xiao Meishu. Xiao Meishu said that there are so many people chasing herself now, but Cheng Erluo is not interested and hasn’t gotten up yet. He can wait for three and five years. Ten years, but if you can’t wait, you may really not be able to hold on. Yang Yufei came to Boss Yi’s coffee shop. Liu Bin asked her what she wanted. Then Yang Yufei said, didn’t she stop selling her own coffee? Later, Liu Bin said that he had misunderstood her that day and apologized to her. In the evening, Xiao Meishu and Nan Xi and Xia Rui ate with Cheng Erluo. During the meal, Cheng Erluo had not paid attention to Xiao Meishu and did not understand. After reaching the heart of Xiaomeishu, Xiaomeishu went away angry.

Cheng Erluo went after Xiao Meishu. Xiao Meishu told Cheng Erluo that every time Cheng Erluo didn’t know why he was angry, every time he wanted to keep a distance from Cheng Erluo, he approached again and again. Own, and left cruelly every time, and then Xiao Meishu stepped on Cheng Erluo and left. The senior scholar came to Nan Xi and asked him to participate in the architectural competition. If he got the first place, he could get the opportunity to go to Italy as an exchange student.

Then the senior scholar asked him if he was interested, Nan Xi said he would not go. Thank you very much to the senior, and then the senior sibo, let Nan Xi take herself to the coffee shop where Xia Rui worked. I heard that the atmosphere there was good, and then Nan Xi and Xia Rui tasted coffee together and won the world barista brand together. An invitation letter from Xia Rui asked her to participate in the competition, and Nan Xi also suggested that she go.

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