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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 8 Recap

Tan Jingtian was meditating in the office alone. At this time, Liu Zhi, who was in charge of monitoring technology, brought breakfast to Tan Jingtian, and then continued to check the contents of the monitoring. At this time, Tan Jingtian found some clues to Zhang Xiaoya’s death in the monitoring, so the two hurriedly When he went to the scene, Tan Jingtian collected some soil from the flower pots at Zhang Xiaoya’s house, and also got a kettle for watering the flowers. He wanted to analyze the two items.

Dr. Xie approached Director Ning of the hospital and said that they had received an enhanced CT image of Zhang Xiaoya to show Director Ning. After seeing it, Director Ning was very angry. It was obvious that Zhang Xiaoya’s enhanced CT showed hemangioma, but Cheng Penghui did not tell Wen Bai Only after Zhang Xiaoya’s death was caused, Director Ning decided to call the police to arrest Cheng Penghui.

Tan Jingtian said that he would go back to the hospital to find Zhang Xiaoya’s clothes and see if there were any residues of fruit water on the clothes. However, Liu Zhi said that the hospital had regulations that the deceased’s clothes had been burned by the nurses. At this time, Captain Chen called them to get back. Police station.

At the police station, Jin Ling saw Zhang Xiaoya’s CT and handed it to Captain Chen, saying that Zhang Xiaoya had a hemangioma that could not be detected by ordinary CT, and that it could only be detected by enhanced CT. Zhang Xiaoya died of this hemangioma. This CT was sent to them from a place called Qingtian County. Meng Jiangyue’s hometown is Qingxian. Maybe there is some connection.

Tan Jingtian returned to the police station and said that Zhang Xiaoya was murdered. Zhang Xiaoya was frightened before falling down the building, because Zhang Xiaoya used fruit water to water the tree and stimulated the worms such as microspin bugs. These insects caused Zhang Xiaoya after being stimulated. I fell downstairs only when I was shocked.

At this time, Dr. Xie called Jin Ling to ask Jin Ling, did she know Wen Bai’s whereabouts, she never answered the call, but Jin Ling said that they had not been in contact, and asked Dr. Xie to find it by herself. At this time, Tan Jingtian saw Jin Ling. Tell her not to worry too much. The anti-text white matter has been determined not to be a medical accident. It is good to ask Wenbai to be quiet for a while. In fact, Wen Bai was in the hospital with his mother Wen Hui.

Officer Li found Gu Panpan and hoped that she could explain everything she knew. Gu Panpan said that Cheng Penghui and Zhang Xiaoya’s relationship was not very good. Cheng Penghui once found Gu Panpan and asked Gu Panpan to take Zhang Xiaoya to their hospital for an enhanced CT, but Cheng Penghui refused to let Gu Panpan talk about the CT filming. Zhang Xiaoya was the only daughter of the family and had a bad temper. She was also screaming at Cheng Penghui. Therefore, Gu Panpan had some sympathy for Cheng Penghui, so Gu Panpan and Cheng Penghui became Lover relationship.

Police officer Li and Liu Zhi found out that there were fruit water in the pot soil and in the kettle, but the night when Zhang Xiaoya watered the flowers, Cheng Penghui was either on the night shift or looking forward to wherever he was. There was no time to commit the crime, so Meng Jiangyue was suspected. It was still very big. Captain Chen said that Meng Jiangyue had been found, but this person was already dead. She committed suicide three days ago, but Meng Jiangyue’s original name was Jiang Yaqin, but Cheng Penghui should be arrested anyway.

Officer Li went to Cheng Penghui’s office and took Cheng Penghui away. When Cheng Penghui was leaving, he told Director Ning that he wanted to make Cheng Penghui stink. Director Ning replied that this kid was already stink.

When he arrived at the police station, Cheng Penghui refused to answer questions, and only waited for his lawyer to go. At this time, Officer Li put a CT in front of Cheng Penghui. This was evidence of his intentional murder. Cheng Penghui could not help but see the CT’s collapse. He also wanted to put Zhang Xiaoya on the fact that Zhang Xiaoya had hemangioma, but he didn’t tell him when he saw that Wen Bai kept pressing on him, but he did not admit that he designed to frame Zhang Xiaoya’s fall from the building. Police officer Li told Cheng Penghui that Zhang Xiaoya’s CT was Meng Jiang. Yue sent it to the police, telling him not to have a fluke, but Cheng Penghui still refused to admit that he was the murderer.

Officer Li told Cheng Penghui that Meng Jiangyue was dead. Did Cheng Penghui kill him? Cheng Penghui didn’t admit it to death, Officer Li. Remind Cheng Penghui that Meng Jiangyue’s real name was Jiang Yaqin, and his previous appearance was not what he is now. When Cheng Penghui saw that it was her, it was so terrible that he hadn’t noticed it in their house for so long.

Cheng Penghui recalled that when Meng Jiangyue went to their home two years ago, Meng Jiangyue was especially good at eating. She said that she had hyperthyroidism so the food was edible, and Cheng Penghui and Zhang Xiaoya didn’t care. Officer Li asked Cheng Penghui and Jiang Yaqin what the relationship was. Cheng Penghui said they had nothing to do with Zhang Xiaoya. Yaqin’s mother had a disease.

Jiang Yaqin worked as a nanny during the day and took care of her mother at night, and was hospitalized in Zhang Xiaoya’s hospital. Zhang Xiaoya said that Jiang Yaqin’s mother’s disease was an undead cancer that would drag her daughter’s life, and that it would not be cured. Jiang Yaqin’s mother felt desperate to live when she heard this sentence, so she chose to commit suicide and end her life.

When Jiang Yaqin learned that Zhang Xiaoya’s words had stimulated her mother to commit suicide, she had a vengeance on Zhang Xiaoya, so she had a facelift and changed her identity and called Meng Jiangyue to go to Zhang Xiaoya’s house as a nanny.

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