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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 30 End Recap

The servants of the Situ Mansion were taken into custody. Chu Xiuming came to the mansion in the rain. Shen Jin must have been hidden in a corner by Situ, but after asking the soldiers, they did not find any detainees here. Chu Xiuming entered the study and looked around softly, but found nothing. Shen Jin is pregnant, but now his whereabouts are unknown. He is extremely anxious, but he does not know where to find it.

In the secret room of Master Situ’s study, half of Shen Jin’s body has been buried in quicksand. She kept pulling away the mud and sand beside her, and she kept talking about her child. This was her only hope in the darkness, but this Nothing will help, the mud will be buried again, she can’t stop death from slowly approaching.

When Chu Xiuming came to the prison, Situ was all relaxed, as if he was not the one who was imprisoned and convicted. Since he was ruined, how could he let go of the opportunity to make Chu Xiuming uncomfortable, so Chu Xiuming asked it for nothing, but was annoyed by Situ to do it. The bad guys are in the lead, and the gentleman can’t have general knowledge with them, and Chu Xiuming’s heart is even more angry.

In the cell on the side, the Royal Palace of Rui’s family also heard noises. They learned that Shen Jin was missing. Both the Princess and Concubine Chen were worried. However, Shen Zi did not forget to say that he deserved it. Chu Xiuming was too angry to go and argue, if it weren’t for Bao Rui’s palace. Ping An, why bother Shen Jin came back to ask for sin, and how could he be taken away by Situ? Now that Shen Zi is not grateful, but also applauded after hearing the news.

Shen Jin was abducted at the gate of the city. Situ would never arrest people on his own. Xiao Su arrested a group of Xiao Su who worked under Situ and pushed them onto the guillotine. But when these people were facing death, they said they didn’t know that. I really don’t know. Chu Xiuming suddenly remembered the leader of Yun, who was arresting the father-in-law that day. He probably knew the whereabouts of Shen Jin, but unfortunately, leader Yun was not in the palace for something at home. When Chu Xiuming found Yun’s house, he was already a corpse.

The only one who knows his whereabouts is probably Situ. Situ said that Shen Jin’s life would be unsafe when it was dark today, and there was still an hour before darkness. Chu Xiuming came to the prison again, condescending to kneel and begged Situ to tell him the whereabouts of Shen Jin. The dying person of Situ was almost insane and could not survive. Just let Chu Xiuming live in guilt and regret for a lifetime, and Shen Jin was about to die. Chu Xiuming watched him look up to the sky and laughed, and suddenly remembered that when he went to Situ Mansion for the first time, Shen Jinshun said that the floor in his study should not be a secret room. Situ’s face was frozen, it seemed that he was right.

He rushed into Situ’s study and explored all the objects that might be organs, and finally found a four sheep Fangzun that could not be moved. As soon as the mechanism turned, the wooden board under his feet opened, Chu Xiuming fell in front of Shen Jin’s eyes, and the wooden board closed again. Xiao Su on it was too anxious to find Bei. Chu Xiuming comforted Shen Jin, as long as Xiao Su found the switch, they could escape from birth, but if Xiao Su fell like Chu Xiuming, how could he have to pay for it.

Time and sand passed by, but Xiao Su still did not come. Not seen for a few days, not only did Chu Xiuming fail to rescue Shen Jin, but now he still wants Shen Jin to make a pair of desperate mandarin ducks with himself. He was really useless in his heart, and slowly moved the sand beside Shen Jin towards him. Shen Jin couldn’t bear to blame himself like this, and asked him if he remembered the three conditions he had promised when he first married him. Now the first two have been completed, and it is the third turn. Shen Jin hopes they will be together anyway. Even if you die, you have to be together.

Chu Xiuming’s fairly stable emotions fell apart in an instant, and he moved the sand like crazy, he couldn’t just watch Shen Jin die in front of him. Shen Jin felt distressed for a while, stroked his cheek like soothing a child, everything was not too bad, she was still here, Chu Xiuming was also there, and their children were there. But this sentence sounds like having fun in hardship, dying struggling, and the fragile person comforts a more fragile person.

In the Golden Palace, the emperor and the eighth princes shied away from each other’s seal of the state. The two brothers didn’t let anyone else, and their reasons were extremely well prepared. If it weren’t for the sudden murder of the Eighth Prince, how could the emperor take over the management of the country? There are so many things about the family and the country, and he is so busy every day. Besides, Chu Xiuyuan was saved by the emperor, so he should abdicate and let the virtuous rush through.

Go to the rivers and lakes. The Eighth Prince has quietly handed it to him before he has spoken, but he has been devoted to the flowers and plants over the years, and he has long since thought about major national events, but the emperor has already prepared, and there is a more suitable candidate than them. This person is far away. Close to the horizon, Chu Xiuyuan entered.

In the Fairview Huazhang store, Shen Zi and Shen Jing were vying for a new material, and the two of them ran to Shen Jin for comment. This is easy to handle. My sister should give it to my sister. Next time there will be a new fabric for both of them. Shen Zi was still reluctant and asked the eldest sister to make a decision. These two younger sisters are now married as women, and their tempers are still like children. There was a burst of laughter, and the four daughters of the Royal Palace of Rui were intimate now.

The Eight Kings were still his uncle of flowers and planted flowers and grasses in Wu Ruonan’s small village. The villagers said that the emperor and empress are very proud of them, but they are the empresses who married out of their village. The mother ritual is full of benevolence in the world, and the escorts from all over the world are integrated into one, so that everyone will have no qualms and live a good life together. The children recite the new poems, join hands in joy, and look for clouds.

Aunt Qing Qiu of the General Mansion brought all the gentlemen of the general’s wife. Chu Xiuming and the others are moving back to the frontier fortress to live, where they know and love each other, and live in peace and comfort. Leopard’s head is unwilling. This time, his spring onions will accompany the flesh to be born here. The lovesickness in these two places is enough to torture him. When Rourou ran out, she couldn’t bear to part with her own lady, but when she thought that Leopard Head had suspected that she was a meticulous artist at the beginning, she made up her mind to keep Scallion here with her.

The emperor and the queen also came to see him off. Chu Xiuming hoped that the emperor would take back his will. Shen Jin’s body may be bumpy and inconvenient, so it is better to stay in the capital to raise. Shen Jin didn’t want to, the queen told her to rest assured that the general mansion has no concubines, and Chu Xiuming can’t escape Shen Jin’s palm no matter where he flies. Prince Rui’s family also went to the house, but the old prince hesitated but couldn’t say a complete sentence.

Let Princess Laofanrui say it. The journey to this place is far away, Shen Jin, be careful, be careful, Chen Fangfei holds Shen Jin’s hand and talks about trivial things. Suddenly Shen Jin was shocked, I was afraid that this time she could not go back to the frontier, and the child in her abdomen would not let her go, and was about to give birth.

The house was suddenly messed up. Chu Xiuming picked up Shen Jin and went into the house. Some called the midwife, some were very anxious, and some were full of emotion. It was really a wise choice to marry Shen Jin to Chu Xiuming at the beginning. He is a little confused prince. Not confused, Lord Rui was complacent, and the princess screamed behind him, and he hurriedly followed.

Later, legend has it that on the school grounds of the frontier fortress, the general taught by example to a child that the man had high ambitions, and it was our mission to defend the home and the country! The small body in the audience stood upright, and the immature voice repeated: The man has high ambitions, and it is our mission to defend the home and the country!

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