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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 21 Recap

Xia Rui and Nan Xi were doing homework. Xia Rui said that the two people’s majors were different, and Nan Xi could not help herself. Then Nan Xi gave Xia Rui the answer to the homework, and asked Xia Rui to read it after finishing writing. Rui was surprised, and then Xia Rui thanked Nan Xi very much.

Xia Rui was studying in the library, thinking that Cheng Erluo was training, Xiao Meishu was resting, Nan Xi was in class, and she was alone. It was very boring, and then thinking about what to do, so Xia Rui After packing up his things and leaving, Xia Rui went to the cafes where Nan Xi had taken notes for herself before drinking coffee.

When I walked to the last cafe, Xia Rui had a cup of coffee and felt very familiar, so she wanted to call the waiter, but did not expect Boss Yi to come out, so Xia Rui thought of Nan Xi and Boss Yi to join forces Lie to yourself, then Boss Yi said that one day Xia Rui would find here, then Boss Yi said that there was an acquaintance here, so Liu Bin came out, and Cheng Erluo came to pick up Xiaomeishu, but Xiaomeishu Not wanting to control Cheng Erluo and left.

Nan Xi was finishing get out of class, and Fat Tiger told Nan Xi that the photos of him dancing with Hua Yang Yufei, a foreign language college, had been circulated throughout the school, and throughout the university town. Nan Xi was surprised, and then Nan Xi asked Fat Tiger about the whole Does the university town include a business school? Fat Hu said, of course it included. Then Fat Hu asked if Xia Rui hadn’t spoken to him for a few days, and then Nan Xi realized what had happened.

Xiao Meishu went back to the dormitory alone and sat in a daze in front of the apartment building. Aunt asked what happened to Xiao Meishu. She had been sitting here for a long time. At this time, Xia Rui was chatting with Liu Bin. Liu Bin told Xia Rui that she had been a long time. I didn’t see Yang Yufei. I don’t know how she was doing. Later, Xia Rui said that Yang Yufei is very good now, and she is still a schoolgirl at the foreign language institute. Then Liu Bin said that it is necessary. To Xia Rui, tell her where she went before she came back so late.

The dormitory is about to close, why not come back? So Xia Rui told Liu Bin that she had something to do, and she left first, and then left after picking up her schoolbag. She left without signing a contract with Boss Yi, but when she returned to the dormitory, the dormitory was closed. So Xia Rui went to find Nan Xi and told Nan Xi that the dormitory was closed and he couldn’t get in. Could you stay here for one night and take a shower by the way. Then Nan Xi let Xia Rui in, and Xia said Nan Xi locked herself in. Don’t go, Nan Xi will open the door. After a while Xia Rui sat in a chair, and Nan Xi blew Xia Rui’s hair.

The next morning, Nan Xi made breakfast for Xia Rui again, and then went to ask Xia Rui to get up. Xia Rui went to work at Boss Yi’s coffee shop, and then Liu Bin said that the two girls at the table just ordered were Bin University. Yes, I’m not satisfied with Xia Rui, because I saw Yang Yufei’s photos before, and the last two girls said Xia Rui was too ordinary. Then Xia Rui sent coffee to two people, but one girl said, can this coffee be drunk? ? After a while, the two people re-ordered. At this time, Yang Yufei came to the coffee shop and met Liu Bin. Liu Bin told Yang Yufei that the coffee shop did not welcome anyone who spoiled the feelings of others.

Then, boss Yi came to Boss Yi to get Yang Yufei coffee. Xia Rui told Nan Xi that he had already been to Boss Yi’s shop and saw Liu Bin working there, but in fact Liu Bin was chasing Yang Yufei. Later, Xia Rui said that she had no way of calming down these two days. Because the photos of Nan Xi dancing with Yang Yufei have been hanging on the campus network, Nan Xi and Xia Rui danced under the building, so Nan Xi asked Xia Rui to move in, but Xia Rui did not immediately agree. So Xia Rui told Nan Xi that she should go to bed first, and Xia Rui ran upstairs. Xia Rui said if she wanted to move in before she knew it.

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