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Empress Doctor: The Evil King’s Heart

Empress Doctor (Novel)
Other Name: 神医凰后:邪王心尖宠

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Cai Sang
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Feng Qing and Yang Xuanyuan Tianming, who was originally a 21st century Interpol and heir of a family of Chinese medicine, accidentally traversed the second lady of Feng Mansion. , As the original body of the prostitute, but worse than the prostitute, she decided to clean up one by one. As for the beautiful man who was accidentally saved, but has pestered her since then…

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“No.” Before Tao Hong could answer, Chen’s voice came from outside the door, “The prime minister is a first-rank official at the time, and his wife also has the title of fate. Since she actively invited you to visit the house and enjoy the flowers, you still It’s better to go socializing.”

“But I don’t even know her.”

Chen was amused by his daughter’s childish remarks, and took her hand to persuade him: “When you marry the prince in the future, there will only be more gatherings between officials’ wives. This time you should get familiar with it in advance. Up.”

“Fine.” Feng Qingyang had to reluctantly agreed upon hearing her say that.

The flower viewing party at the Prime Minister’s Mansion was on the second day. Because he agreed to attend, Feng Qingyang had to give up his lazy sleep and get up early, sitting in front of the dressing table and applying pink and indigo to his face.

“You don’t put a little powder on your face, I don’t want to go out with a scary white face!” Seeing Tao Hong took the powder and put it on her face, Feng Qingyang couldn’t help but remind her.

“The princess looks so beautiful, and he will only dress more beautifully. How can it be scary?” Indigo praised sweetly. “Don’t worry, the princess will definitely be able to dominate the crowd today.”

“It’s not necessary to show up on Qunfang, so as not to attract other people’s jealousy.” Feng Qingyang curled her lips, she didn’t want to be popular among a group of women, because never imagine what crazy things a jealous woman would do.

Although she said so, Pink and Indigo did their best to dress her up and let her go to the prime minister’s house to participate in the flower viewing party.

“Oh, this is the second lady of the An Ding Hou Mansion, the future Princess Ye?”

Seeing Feng Qingyang being led by the maid, Mrs. Prime Minister greeted her with enthusiasm and took her hand. “I heard that she was a beauty, but today she really deserves her reputation.”

“Mrs. Prime Minister passed the award.” Feng Qing Yang replied modestly.

When other people saw the prime minister’s enthusiasm for her, they all stood up and greeted her, both in and out of words were generous to her.

“Sure enough, the emperor and the prince’s person looked after. Seeing how long this looks is, it is a sign of wateriness and tenderness as if it can pinch water.”

“I thought the eldest lady of the Anding Hou Mansion was already outstanding. I didn’t expect this second lady to be inferior. Do you think the water in the Anding Hou Mansion is particularly nourishing?”

“You don’t know this. I heard that the second lady did not grow up drinking water from the Hou Mansion, but she also grew up so slim. You can only say that she is naturally beautiful.”

“Why, the second lady did not grow up in Hou Mansion?”

“I heard that I was sent to Zhuangzi…Oh, look what I said!”

One person started, and other people who knew or didn’t know the truth could not help but began to discuss Feng Qingyang’s life experience. She grew up in the countryside, and naturally she quickly became among the ladies.

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