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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 12 Recap

Ming Yuan knew that he would be rejected, but he still invited Tian Tian jump to get back his love and freedom by Zhao. He also told Tian Tian that he had used up all the dyes, Tian Tian was shocked and angry, she did not expect Ming Yuan to be so mean. You must beat Mingyuan if you want to be ruthless. Mingyuan drove away dismissively. However, Mingyuan had his driver’s license revoked for illegal activities such as balloons and banners tied to the rear of the car and was towed away. Mingyuan guessed that he was revenge every day.

Wang Ye caused a disturbance outside the high-level clubhouse and led to the security, and stole the door card while pushing. Later, Wang Ye borrowed a supercar and took Tang Guoer into the high-end club to investigate the Yanzhaomen incident. Tang Guoer told Wang Ye in the car that her mother agreed to cancel the marriage after the festival, so that all Tiantian and Mingyuan would be successful. Ye is skeptical.

Wang Ye and Tang Guoer found a girl in the room who was trembling with fear, and this girl was Mingyuan’s sister, Mingxin. When Wang Ye and Tang Guoer were trying to communicate with Mingxin, Zhao Lange saw all this outside the door and ordered Sun Shu to drive them away and transfer Mingxin.

Unexpectedly, the alarm sounded and the security guards were chasing them. Wang Ye had to drag Tang Guoer to flee for his life. Tang Guoer got his ankle when he jumped off the wall, and Wang Ye had to get into the car with Tang Guoer on his back, but they escaped smoothly.

Afterwards, Tang Guoer thought it was too dangerous to do so and did not want to continue investigating the Yanzhaomen incident, but Wang Ye was determined and insisted on investigating it to the end. Moreover, Mingyuan and Tiantian were already together. Everyone would definitely treat Tang Guoer. Give pointers. Tang Guoer was very touched to see Wang Ye caring about her innocence. She understood that simple company was the true meaning of love, and decided to be with Wang Ye. Wang Yele blossomed and took Tang Guoer home.

Wang Ye’s adoptive mother and Tang Guoer were sorting out their clothes. They accidentally discovered the clothes Tang Guoer had made for Wang Ye when they were young. Wang Ye’s adoptive mother explained that they were Wang Ye’s treasure and they have been treasured to this day. After listening, Tang Guoer looked dull and asked whether Wang Ye loved her so much because of this dress. Wang Ye recalled their beautiful past.

It turned out that Wang Ye always wore rags when he was a child. Tang Guoer gave it to Wang Ye when he knew it, so that Wang Ye would no longer be bullied by his snobbish classmates. Therefore, Wang Ye always loved Tang Guoer and cared for him. Yes, I firmly believe that Tang Guoer will become the best designer.

But this dress was made every day. Wang Ye should like Tiantian with ingenuity instead of her. Tang Guoer broke down instantly. She couldn’t understand why the men around her loved Tiantian. Li Manli told her that only by becoming the strongest person can she defeat her opponent and get everything.

Mingyuan came to ask Tiantian for an explanation, and had to go to the company to make trouble. Every day, she was afraid that Li Manli would go crazy when she learned that she hadn’t grabbed the hot sun, so she offered to ask Mingyuan to eat to compensate him. Mingyuan kept repeating Tian Tian’s words at the dinner table and wooing Tian Tian, ​​which made Tian Tian lose his appetite, not only was angry and left, but also refused to pay. In fact, the reason why the two people want to win the game is because they want to go to each other and be together in an open manner.

Tang Guoer complained that Li Manli had cheated on her, Li Manli would never agree to be with Mingyuan every day, and she would continue to fight for Mingyuan. Li Manli argued that it was injustice every day and did not win the sun for the company, suggesting that Tiantian and Mingyuan were secretly colluding. Tang Guoer stated that he wanted to help Li Manli manage the company and followed Li Manli’s arrangement. To get Mingyuan’s entry information, you must make an appearance at the art festival and win.

Mingxin was sent to a mental hospital. Zhao Lange came to visit. Mingxin kept thinking about finding her younger brother, but was afraid that Zhao Lange would hurt her. Zhao Lange learned that Mingxin was beaten frequently and had amnesia.

Tang Guoer brought Tiantian to the gym to learn taekwondo, and took the opportunity to observe the relationship between Mingyuan and Tiantian. Mingyuan wanted to take this opportunity to make Tang Guoer give up, take care of Tiantian, and specially ordered Tiantian’s favorite sweets. She avoided the seafood that would make her allergic every day, but Tang Guoer only ordered the seafood she loved.

Tang Guoer wanted to get Mingyuan’s attention, saying that he would also be allergic to flowers and plants, but Mingyuan only cared about why he was allergic to seafood every day, so Tang Guoer left him cold. Then, Tang Guoer asked Ming Yuan about the preparation progress of the art festival. Ming Yuan was curious about how Tang Guoer had designed it without the scorching sun, but he was afraid that Tang Guoer would reveal the stuffing, so he immediately changed the subject and made Tang Guoer misunderstand her Team up with Mingyuan to deceive yourself. Later, Mingyuan invited Tang Guoer to visit the Zhao family to test Tang Guoer’s level. Tang Guoer readily agreed.

Tang Guoer was worried that Tian Tian would betray herself and the company and reveal things that she did not understand design, but Li Manli believed that Ming Yuan was only skeptical, indicating that Tian Tian did not betray the Li family, but she wanted Tang Guoer to remember that Tian Tian could not give Tian Tian anything Opportunities, otherwise it will harm the company endlessly.

The desperate Wang Ye took refuge in Zhao’s family. Zhao Lange asked him to be the manager of the marketing department. He also praised Wang Ye for his aggressiveness in the past, and almost revealed the secret that they were biological father and son. Zhao Lange also asked Wang Ye to leave Tang Guoer, but Wang Ye, who had just fallen out with Tang Guoer, could no longer reach Tang Guoer, and naturally agreed.

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