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Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 40 End Recap

Chai Zhenzhen was injured because he saved Jinzhan, and Jinzhan gave Chai Zhenzhen medicine powder.

Li Huaijin ordered his subordinates to handle all the palace gates in the imperial city. After the ministers who participated in the ceremony entered, they should quickly close the gates to prevent anyone from entering. At this time, Jinzhan brought wine to Li Huaijin, and Yueying found that Jinzhan was still alive. , Hurriedly pulled her wrist to check, was reprimanded by Li Huaijin. Jinzhan asked Li Huaijin whether he must hold the enthronement ceremony.

Li Huaijin said that Jiang Shao had the right and was more suitable to be the emperor. Jinzhan didn’t understand why everyone around her had become strangers now, and they didn’t try to do anything. Jinzhan was going to finish drinking this pot of wine, and she was like Li Huaijin. Before she left, she told Li Huaijin that she would die if she did anything wrong.

When the enthronement ceremony arrived, Jiang Shao walked into the hall, dressed in a dragon robe, sat on a dragon chair, and listened to the emperor’s edict read out. The ministers bowed to Jiang Shao and Jiang Shao became emperor. At this time, Li Huaijin said that he had a real edict to Jiang Shao, but when he took it out, he found that the edict was blank. It turned out that when Jinzhan came to Li Huaijin, he secretly took the edict from him and took the opportunity to drop it.

When Li Fang came to find Jiang Shao, he lied that the first emperor was going to be located in Jiang Shao. Jiang Shao said that he would never be an emperor and accused Li Fang of treason. Li Fang confessed that he was trying to test Jiang Shao’s mind.

He wanted him to tell the truth, saying that the first emperor had left a legacy, but it fell into the hands of the princess, and then to Li Huaijin. The edict was said to be in Xue Rong, and Jiang Shao, as a prince, could not inherit the throne. Li Huaijin found that she had no will in her hand, so she changed her slogan to support Jiang Shao.

At this time Xue Rong appeared in the main hall. Everyone looked at him in shock. Xue Rong said that Jiang Shao and Li Huaijin were responsible for the assassination, and Jiang Shao also said that he and Li Huaijin had rebelled against him. The truth was Jiang Shao and Xue Rong’s plan. They wanted to return Lingyang to a clear and bright world.

Jinzhan had already known Jiang Shao’s plan. They acted according to their plan. Xue Rong and Jiang Shao drew swords and fought in the hall. Xue Rong stabbed the sword into Jiang Shao’s body. Li Huaijin saw that the current situation was not good for him, so she held Jinzhan with the sword. He wanted to get her body back.

Li Huaijin held Jinzhan into a room. He was heartbroken that Jinzhan did not love himself, and wanted to kill Jinzhan and let her accompany him under Huangquan, but Jinzhan said that even if she died, her soul would follow Jiang Shao, and the painful Li Huaijin chose to commit suicide.

Yue Ying rushed to see Li Huaijin’s body, heartbroken, and said that it was the eldest princess who had learned that the emperor had his own flesh and blood living in the people, and wanted to take him back to the capital, but killed Jiang Shao’s mother. After talking about it, he committed suicide with a dagger.

Xue Rong, Yuzhan and Jinzhan guarded Jiang Shao who was in a coma and suspended animation. Jiang Shao finally woke up. Wei Wang Fu Yanxin also embarked on the way back to his hometown of Chenzhou. Everyone came to see him off.

Since King Wei left, Chai Zhenzhen felt that life was empty, so he decided to go to the rivers and lakes to find what he really wanted and experience what he wanted to do. Jinzhan and Jiang Shao came to send Chai Zhenzhen, and Jinzhan and her hugged tightly. Princess Shou’an still closed the door without seeing anyone, eating fast and reciting the Buddha, while Zhang Yongyao insisted on waiting at her door, believing that she would open the door for herself one day.

Xue Rong and Yuzhan came to send Jiang Shao and Jinzhan. Xue Rong said that Jiang Shao would leave a disgraceful mark in the history books. He felt sorry for him, but Jiang Shao disagrees. He thinks he can be with his beloved It is enough to explore the beauty of the world. Yuzhan and Xue Rong went boating on the lake together. She told Xue Rong to be an emperor admired by the world.

She said that Xue Rong drank the wine that Yuzhan had medicated in advance. Xue Rong fainted and Yuzhan took the opportunity to leave. When Xue Rong woke up, he found that Yuzhan was nowhere to be found. Xue Rong knelt down on the boat, looking at the snow in the sky, but didn’t know where his love was…

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