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Nee Kiattiyot (2020)

Nee Kiattiyot (2020)
Other Title: หนี้เกียรติยศ, Debt of Honor , Nee Giet Ti Yoht

Genres: Romance, Drama
Chanchai Sawatdiwichaikun
 Channel 7
Release Date: 
Nov 3, 2020
Related Show:
Yod Nam Nai Tawan (Thai adaptation)


  • Oath Ratthee as Khun Dech
  • Apa Bhavilai as Pantawan
  • Mai Nonthapun Jaikunta
  • Ploy Randapa Muntalumpa
  • Don Kanin Puttamanunt
  • Mo Amena Pinit

An irresponsible father dies by suicide, leaving all his family to shoulder the responsibility of repaying his gambling debts to gangs and loan sharks. In addition, his son needs to care for his sick mother, and a sister oblivious to their suffering who enjoys nothing more than shopping her life away. What will Pan Tawan do?

Pantawan (Maggie Arpa), a young nurse from the good family Generous mind Troubled life is very difficult when her father Krirk (O River Beaver) committed suicide due to debt escape Causing Pan Tawan to be responsible for Charasri (Nataya Chanrung), a seriously ill mother who is doing chemo treatment and moonshine (Rannapa Manta Lumapa), emotional sister Unacceptable to become bankrupt, debts flooded her head, Phanaporn (Jarusiri Phuwanai), her aunt, sympathized with the eldest granddaughter who had to bear heavy burdens, even Dr. Anothai (Kanin Patmanan), her fiancée. Pan Tawan’s engagement was withdrawn because Busaba (Chutima Naiyana), the doctor’s mother, did not accept her. That the daughter-in-law who has a lot of debt.

At the funeral of Father Krirk Yukladej (Ratthee Worarotyothin), the son of Uncle Banpot, father’s best friend, came to help her both with expenses and clearing the problem with creditors. But there was no sign of Banpot (Thanongsak Supakarn) came to the funeral of Yukladej and Pan Tawan, close together in a short time. Could not help her much Because he is just a night-earner with Grandma Ja (Blue Bunhang) and Uncle Taab (Choo Chuan Yim) To (Natthaphon Ratniphon) Jimmy (Phuwanet Si Chompoo), a fellow gang member. Tinnakorn secretly likes Pan Tawan Makes the moon very disgusted by him, often arguing with Tinakorn and Jae Balloon (Watsaporn Wattanakul), who secretly likes Tinakorn and Jen (Tanya Ratanamalakul), the battered subordinate.

I can’t bear the worries of my life Causing her to choose the wrong path according to Ratchanee (Talent Matasap), a friend in the university Yupawan (Ameena Phinit), a close friend, Yukladej, became dissatisfied because she was having problems with her family. Yon (Pitipnaphon Trisat), her husband, Mirchuma (Panisara Chummano) is a mistress and is about to give birth. Causing Khunying Supasri (Krongthong Rachatawan) mother of Ruen Ran in a dilemma Because he wanted to have grandchildren but disgusted mother In addition, Yupawan worked well until the company was stable.

I want to change my life by a shortcut. Make you hope in yourself When she learned that her sister took Nong Dee Dee (Miss Lann Napat Suayachewin), a special patient to go to the sea with Yukladej alone, making the month Angrily threatened my sister to stop dating Yukladej, otherwise she would sell herself to Sia Kamchon (Director-General of Phuntawong), despite the fact that Captain Chatcha (Trirongchai Naranont) warned that it was dangerous.

Pantawan decides to break up with Yukladej, even Jeed (Ornawarapheng Para) Oil (Duangkamon Bunkeaw), her best friend, is still shocked. But everything was solved because of Dr. Anothai Reveal the truth with Yukladej Until adjusting understanding and asking Pantawan to get married in the end Duean Ram is very angry with his sister, willing to go with Sia Kamchorn To destroy the sister’s wedding Tinnakorn went to help the month of RAM in time. Sia Kamrong was very angry. Followed to capture the moon. Pan Tawan worried about the younger brother was gathered together with this event, although Yukladej Tinakorn and The Gang Foundation went to help in time. Pan Tawan and the moon are reconciled Everything in Pan Tawan’s life that is dying has improved.

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