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Fatal Sweet Wife: President Tap Love’s

Fatal Sweet Wife: President Tap Love’s
Other Name: 致命媚妻:总裁轻点爱, Fatal Sweet Wife: President, lightly love

Genre: novel
Author: Lu Nanyin
Year: 2020
Chapter: 214
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Lu Nanyin Gu Xiaocheng; Lu Nanyin has always been aware that the marriage between her and Gu Xiaocheng is a contract marriage. This man and herself have been married for three months and have been a stranger, and she feels quite lingering around different women. It’s boring.

Free Reading Highlights:

“Miss Lu, I am pregnant with Brother Xiao Cheng’s child.”

On the other end of the phone, a female voice came slowly.

The speed of the woman’s speech is not hurried or slow, but her tone is a bit provocative and proud.

Lu Nanyin was nestled in the sofa with a newspaper he took from the courier box at the entrance of the villa. The picture of Gu Xiaocheng and Ye Weilan in the double-entry pair occupies most of the page.

She stared at the man’s exquisite side face in the newspaper, with an unclear look on her face.

“Miss Lu?” The woman on the phone seemed impatient to wait and spoke again.

Lu Nanyin regained his senses, his eyes regained his clarity, and his lips curled in a mocking arc: “So, how much do you want?”

“What?” The woman across the phone was startled.

Lu Nanyin was a little careless: “I said, abortion, how much do you want?”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” The woman on the phone yelled, “This is the child of me and Brother Xiao Cheng, and the crystallization of love between me and Brother Xiao Cheng!”

“Sneer–” Lu Nanyin sneered, his tone stained with contempt, “So are you here to show me the love crystallization between you and Gu Xiaocheng? Or are you suggesting that I give you the identity of Mrs. Gu?? “

“——But it’s just an actor who relies on Gu Xiaocheng’s position. Do you think you deserve the position of Mrs. Gu?”

“You!” Ye Weilan was speechless and gritted his teeth bitterly. He did not expect that Gu Xiaocheng’s wife who had been married for three months would be so difficult! The eyes of a pair of raised foxes were suddenly full of jealousy:

“Lu Nanyin, what are you proud of! What if you and Xiao Cheng got the marriage certificate? Now Man Yuncheng still doesn’t know that Xiao Cheng has a wife, and I’m still his righteous girlfriend! And you, You are just a poor worm who can’t wait for your husband to come home every day in the villa that Gu’s family bought for you!”

Speaking of this, Ye Weilan’s tone paused slightly, slightly proud of:

“You don’t know yet, during the three months that Brother Xiao Cheng married you, he slept with me almost every night!”

The newspaper in her hand was squeezed and deformed by Lu Nanyin, but the smile on her lips remained undiminished: “That said, I would like to thank Miss Ye for helping me take care of my husband.”

She bit “My Husband” extremely hard. Before Ye Weilan said anything, she said quickly again: “Miss Ye, if you are willing to give birth to this child, then give birth.

You are a public figure, have children out of wedlock, and get involved in other people’s families. If you are willing to remember such a reputation, why should I stop? “

“Lu Nanyin! You…”

Without hearing what Ye Weilan was going to say next, Lu Nanyin hung up the phone decisively.

Looking at the phone with the black screen in her hand, the curvature of her lips gradually cooled.

She had been married to Gu Xiaocheng for three months, and she hadn’t seen the shadow of Gu Xiaocheng, but his so-called real girlfriend who was making a lot of noise outside, called her to greet her when she was fine.

“Miss, the bed is ready.” The voice of the housekeeper’s wife came from the stairs.

Lu Nanyin moved, crumpled the newspaper in his hand into a ball and threw it into the trash can before he got up.

The housekeeper’s wife was a servant Lu Nanyin brought over from the Lu family. Seeing that Lu Nanyin grew up and was a loyal servant of the Lu family, she followed Lu Nanyin, but she never saw the prince of the Gu family come to this house.

The housekeeper’s wife looked at Lu Nanyin’s back upstairs and sighed helplessly.

Miss she… was supposed to have a happy marriage.

Just thinking about it, there was a movement from the door of the villa…

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