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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 9 Recap

Lu Fangning and Cai Siyu stood in the office. Lu Fangning kept looking at the person in front of him and even asked if Cai Siyu had been in love. It turned out that Lu Fangning was looking for Cai Siyu as a military adviser. Although Lu Fangning told stories anonymously, Cai Siyu guessed that what Lu Fangning was talking about was his own story.

Cai Siyu, who has read countless novels, quickly went on to provide solutions for Lu Fangning. By the way, I took out a series of rare novels for Lu Fangning’s reading reference. At this time, Lu Fangning could only be a dead horse doctor. Follow the plan in the book.

Lu Fangning, dressed in a domineering costume, came to the hospital, but who knew that Ling Rui’s patient had complications after the operation. The painful patient publicly accused Ling Rui. Looking at Ling Rui who was scolded in public, Lu Fangning wanted He stepped forward to help refute, but was stopped by the curly hair on the side. Although everything could happen, this was one of the doctor’s accusations.

When he heard this, Lu Fangning had to let go of his anger. Ling Rui stood lonely in front of the window, Lu Fangning suddenly appeared at this moment and took Ling Rui to the amusement park. In order to make Ling Rui happy, Lu Fangning took Ling Rui to play all kinds of amusement facilities, originally crying.

Face, in the various facilities, Ling Rui finally burst into a smile, looking at Lu Fangning’s face, Ling Rui once again remembered the scene of childhood. Referring to the overbearing president’s moves in the book, Lu Fangning launched an offensive, but was complained by the children on the side of the road. Ling Rui finally smiled as Lu Fangning looked flat.

Ling Rui and Lu Fangning were sitting in front of the castle. Lu Fangning accidentally revealed that he had asked for a leave of absence for Ling Rui, but Ling Rui was dissatisfied with Lu Fangning’s manipulation of his life. Lu Fangning listened to Ling Rui and kept the contract. The relationship was cold, and couldn’t help but explode.

The two of them arguably began to get angry again. Seeing Lu Fangning’s stubborn and strong tone, Ling Rui’s stubbornness also turned his head, and angrily agreed to Lu Fangning’s request to have a child.

When the scene was changed to the bed, Lu Fangning began to flee, persuading himself several times, but he could not let go. Lu Fangning cried to Cai Siyu of his failure. At this time, Gao Erfan notified the arrival of President Qin of Jiangcheng Group. Qin Yujiang is dressed in red, neat and tidy, with extraordinary momentum. The storm came to Lu Fangning’s office.

The two chatted, Qin Yujiang proposed to negotiate this cooperation with Lu Yiyaoqi in person. Lu Yiyao, who had been engaged to Qin Yujiang but had no chance to cancel it, accepted the request of the negotiation lightly. Faced with Lu Fangning’s gossip questions, Lu Yiyao still only talked about their disagreement.

When it was time for the negotiation, Qin Yujiang disappeared without a trace. He was not in the company, and Lu Yiyao had no choice but to call Qin Yujiang’s private number. But Qin Yujiang made a mysterious request.

In the company lobby, Lu Yiyao was waiting for Qin Yujiang’s arrival with two bunches of flowers. Cai Siyu saw it but mistakenly thought that Lu Yiyao was planning to give himself flowers. When Qin Yujiang arrived, Lu Yiyao asked with embarrassment to have dinner together to negotiate, but Qin Yujiang asked Lu Yiyao to lay down the flowers, really just to frustrate Lu Yiyao’s spirit. When the two left, Cai Siyu secretly picked up the flowers…

Hearing that Lu Yiyao was full of work, Cai Yujiang did not really put himself in his heart. For so many years, Cai Yujiang has not waited for Lu Yiyao to change. Cai Yujiang bid farewell to Lu Yiyao, who seemed decent but actually indifferent, and left with a chill. It turns out that the cancellation of the marriage contract was proposed by Lu Yiyao. Regardless of the feelings of the two for many years, a text message notified the cancellation of the marriage contract.

Forced to be decent and sensible, Cai Yujiang could not swallow the breath in his heart. He watched Lu Yiyao thinking about Lu Ming. The group wants Lu Fangning, Cai Yujiang gritted his teeth secretly. After calming down, Cai Yujiang called Lu Fangning and kindly offered an invitation to have dinner with Ling Rui and Lu Fangning…

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