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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 7 Recap

Lu Yiyao looked at his wet suit and didn’t want to say any more, but calmly increased the workload for Lynch and left in silence. Secretly worrying about their own bad luck, Lu Yiyao and Cai Siyu can’t help but worry.

Ling Rui asked his colleague Dr. Yang what the newlyweds should look like, and their words made Ling Rui think. He had to make some changes when he started planting, so Ling Rui took the initiative to come to Luming Company. Seeing Lu Fangning meticulously inspecting the furniture placement and product performance in the mall, Ling Rui stared at Lu Fangning’s serious appearance and couldn’t help thinking.

When Lu Fangning’s work was over, it was too late. When Ling Rui was found, Lu Fangning and Ling Rui were about to leave. As a wingman, Lu Fangyu quickly turned off all power supplies, deliberately creating a chance for the two to get along alone. Bringing Ling Rui to the furniture world he founded, the two sat on the sofa and were bored. The two played games and asked each other questions to increase their relationship.

Lu Fangning asked Ling Rui about Tang Ping’s thoughts, but Ling Rui only said that she had no feelings. When the game between the two continued, the problem became deeper and deeper. When asked about the purpose of the marriage, Lu Fangning bluntly said that he wanted to have a deeper understanding of Ling Rui, and Ling Rui was blushing.

At the end of the game, the two sat on the sofa and watched the video together, just like a young couple at home. When exhaustion struck, Lu Fangning dozed off and fell on Ling Rui’s shoulders. In the world of comfortable furniture created by Lu Fangning, the two felt their love and happiness in silence.

The two slept until dawn. Ling Rui watched the employees approach and deliberately pretended to be asleep, so that the employees could see the intimate appearance of the two. Ling Rui even offered to let Lu Fangning come to the hospital for breakfast with him.

At this time, Ling Rui had made up his mind in the bottom of his heart to make Lu Fangning a place in the hospital. When everyone saw Lu Fangning’s appearance, there was a lot of discussion. Under Ling Rui’s affirmation, Lu Fangning was secretly refreshed.

Ling Rui explained that he took off the wedding ring only for the convenience of the operation. His low-key personality also caused Lu Fangning’s identity to be concealed, but now it is different. Holding Lu Fangning’s hand, he introduced Lu Fangning to his colleagues in the hospital. With the blessings of everyone, the two of them have the joy of honeymoon.

Farewell to Ling Rui, Lu Fangning came to Tang Dong’s ward to visit the sick elders. But Tang Ping who appeared at this time was not angry, and hurriedly pulled out Lu Fangning. At this time, Lu Fangning looked at Tang Ping who was anxious and deliberately revealed the wedding ring between herself and Ling Rui. Come for a while…

Cai Siyu was instructed by Lin Qi to go to the western restaurant to line up. When he went downstairs, Cai Siyu looked at Lu Yiyao on the side. In order to stop the curse of water from happening, Cai Siyu rushed to Lu Yiyao as if she was stunned. Prevent it from being exposed to water. Lu Yiyao looked at Cai Siyu’s sneaky appearance, feeling strange, thinking that it is better to keep a distance, Lu Yiyao specially keeps a distance with Cai Siyu. But Cai Siyu became interested in this mysterious, handsome and golden Lu Yiyao.

Tang Ping came to Ling Rui’s office, deliberately trying to get closer to Ling Rui. Colleague Curly helped Ling Rui avoid the rotten peach blossoms, and by the way, Ling Rui escaped from hell. Seeing her own tricks failing, Tang Ping left angrily, but Curly picked up the pennant and read it carefully, feeling that Tang Ping in front of her was quite interesting.

Lu Fangning thought of using cooking skills to lock Ling Rui’s heart. Ling Rui was quite satisfied after drinking the soup specially prepared by Lu Fangning. But when Lu Fangning asked Ling Rui to come to the bathroom to bring him towels, Ling Rui was still invulnerable, and hung the towel with a pole into the bathroom.

Ling Rui vaguely felt that his heartbeat was speeding up, and the heat rushed to his head from the bottom of his heart. Looking at the empty soup bowl on the table, Lu Fangning knew that his strategy worked, and quickly began the “temptation” stage. Not only the verbal stimulation, but also the physical contact and eye cue, Ling Rui finally couldn’t stand it. Put Lu Fangning on the bed…

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