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Alice Episode 16 End Recap

Park Zhenqian wanted to finish everything and stop time travel. When Old Zhenqian was about to shoot him, Park Zhenqian suddenly disappeared. When Park Zhenqian woke up, he came to 2010 again.

In this time and space, Park Sunling was celebrating her birthday again. Before that, she approached Shi Wuyuan and asked him to give up studying time travel events. Park Sunling would bear all the responsibilities. The reason why she studied time travel before was originally hoped that people’s Regrets and missed reservations, but did not expect to cause more harm.

Park Zhenqian did not find Park Sunling when he returned home. He only found the old policeman. The old policeman noticed the difference between Park Zhenqian and quietly took him to the small room and asked if he came from the future. Park Zhenqian hoped that the old policeman would tell his teacher’s whereabouts. The old policeman deliberately didn’t say anything, swearing that he didn’t kill Park Sunling himself. Park Zhenqian missed the old policeman and couldn’t help but hug the old policeman in his heart. Since Park Sunling left, the old policeman has always been Park Zhenqian’s spiritual support.

Kim Do-yeon bought a birthday cake for Park Sun-ling and asked student Park Jin-qian to take it back. Park Sunling found the birthday cake when she returned home, and she was full of surprise and joy. On the night of the Blood Moon, Park Sunling went out to buy wine, only to find the drone. She ran back subconsciously, but the drone kept following her. Park Zhenqian trot behind but was stopped by Shi Wuyuan. Shi Wuyuan told him that no matter what, the final outcome cannot be changed. Park Zhenqian sees through Shi Wuyuan’s identity. Shi Wuyuan tied up Park Zhenqian, but fortunately the old police appeared.

When Park Sunling returned home, Old Park Zhenqian appeared in front of her. When she was about to start the robbery, Park Zhenqian rushed to the scene and questioned the reason why Park Sunling killed Park Sunling. Park Sunling once read a prophecy that her own child can stop the gate of time. After Park Zhenqian grows up, he has gone through multiple dimensions and finally has no way to save Park Xuanling.

Old Pu Zhenqian persuaded Pu Xuanling to let go. The price was that he was a non-existent person. Only by preventing the birth of Pu Zhenqian in 1992 could time stop. In order to protect the child in her stomach, Park Sunling didn’t believe the final result, so she shot Old Park Zhenqian. Old Park Zhenqian told him that what he had experienced, the current Park Zhenqian would experience again, to get rid of this pain, only to kill Pu Xuanling. Park Sunling does not ask Park Zhenqian for forgiveness. The only ones standing in front of her are her sons. She knows that his son will become a monster, but she still won’t destroy the child. Park Zhenqian robbed and killed old Park Zhenqian, time and space suddenly changed, and Alice disappeared instantly.

When Time and Space returned to Pu Xuanling’s birthday night, the high school students accompanied Pu Xuanling to buy wine, and the two went out. Park Sunling seemed to feel abnormal, and Park Zhenqian dropped the silk scarf to wish Park Sunling in the present time and space, and wish them happiness.

After Yin Taiyi wakes up, he finds that he is back in 2020. People around him don’t seem to know Park Jinqian, but there is still a past with Park Jinqian in her memory. Park Jinqian’s home is not his home. No one in the police station where Park Jinqian works knows him. The old policeman who died before and Kim Dongwu are alive. She remembered what Park Sunling said, only to stop time travel and reset the time, everyone will Come back alive.

Yin Taeyi continued her life because Park Jinqian guarded all this. She saw Kim Doyeon again, and the two discussed the magical realm of time travel. Inadvertently, Kim Do-yeon mentioned an architect who guarded time. Yin Tae-yi remembered that Park Jin-qian had said the same thing. Time and space can retain precious memories.

Yin Taiyi ran to see Park Jinqian in a hurry. When the two passed by, Park Jinqian didn’t seem to know her. Yin Taiyi also hoped that Park Jinqian would be happy now. Park Jinqian returned to the house and painted Yin Taiyi’s appearance through memory. He hurried out and the two met at the door of the old house.

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