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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 2 Recap

Zhao Jiajun fainted after seeing the female ghost Li Shuhui after crashing. Zhong Kui brought Ah Fu and Xiao Qi to chase Li Shuhui. Li Shuhui wanted to hurt Xinyu and Enxi who were taking selfies on the bridge. Zhong Kui rescued him and woke up the next morning. Both of them have forgotten what happened, but Xinyu’s mobile phone has photographed Li Shuhui and Zhong Kui. When Zhong Kui checked the surveillance, he found that he was passive, so he came to Chenghuang, and Chenghuang assisted in finding out the whereabouts of Li Shuhui.

After finding Zhong Kui, her mother-in-law in the bakery asked her to help. Suddenly Ouyang Kai appeared and asked her mother-in-law to move away. Afterwards, Zhong Kui assisted in restoring the situation and completed a large number of lunch box orders. He also promised the baker. Li Shuhui appeared to hurt Aming and Xinyu, and was rescued by Zhong Kui. Amin was Li Shuhui’s husband, but he didn’t know how his wife died. Zhong Kui asked Aming to follow Xinyu to see the scene at the time. It turns out that Li Shuhui was pushed by Amin. Downstairs.

In order to induce Li Shuhui to appear and pretend to be hurt by Ouyang Kai, Li Shuhui was subdued by Xiaoqi after appearing. Ah Fu brought A Ming over and showed them the truth. It turns out that A Ming was possessed by Wu Qingyuan at the time to push Li Shuhui, and the misunderstanding was solved. Later Li Shuhui was relieved to go to the underworld. When Aunt Zhou took a sandwich made by Xinyu to eat for the orphan Aping, she found out that he actually called his father into the air.

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