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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 19 Recap

Thirty pictures of his daughter were delivered on time. Li Qingliu and the Longzhu gang gathered to respect each other with wine and express their gratitude. During the period, Li Qingliu was willing to put down the air and fist with everyone “worms” to win a good impression, but because of drunkenness, he regretted that Long Aoyi was not feminine and made Long Aoyi very upset, so he asked Qinglong to break up.

Fortunately, Li Qingliu knew that he was wrong, and he was overbearing to hold Long Aoyi’s confession, which not only allowed the people present to rise up the heart of gossip, but also made Long Aoyi know how to respond, and finally promised to leave Qingtaki to get rid of the running dog profiteers. . That night, Li Qingliu was drunk and insisted on riding a carriage with Long Ao, but turned into Li Qingliu pulling a cart and dragging Long Ao home, followed by Yan Bin and Xiaoqin.

While Xiaoqin was joking about the relationship between her master and Li Qingliu, she didn’t expect Du Xiaoxian to suddenly appear. She wanted to reach out to help him. Unexpectedly, Li Qingliu shook off Du Xiaoxian, but instead grabbed Long Aoyi’s wrist. The relationship between the three stood up. see. After Yanbin sent Li Qingliu to rest, Lu Erye sneaked into the room to rub the birthmark of Li Qingliu, and then saw his subordinates secretly and ordered him to stay in Yincheng to watch the development of the situation, and fly pigeons to pass the book at any time.

Du Xiaoxian left without saying goodbye. He left a letter for Yan Bin to hand over to Li Qingliu. He knew that he had high ambitions and how he had always been a bargaining chip in recent years to further expand the new Silk Road. Therefore, Du Xiaoxian would like to go to Chang’an personally, under the pretext of taking up his new post. In fact, I was exploring the prospects among the five princes and seven nobles.

A large person from the Ministry of Households intercepted the report letter and immediately conveyed a message to Du Changfeng that someone secretly submitted a secret letter to the court to report, and this person knew a lot about his bribery of the wealthy businessmen in Silver City, so he guessed that it should be related to the New Silk Road. To remove the roots before taking up his new position, Du Changfeng dispatched Li Qingliu as a merchant to transport his daughter to Jia’ermu for the court. Originally, Li Qingliu deliberately rejected it, but Du Changfeng used Du Xiaoxian to sell his favors and forced him Should be down.

Due to the long distance to Jia’ermu by land, and the location of Jia’ermu, there are so many disputes. Li Qingliu wanted to hire a reliable escort in the lower ninth stream. It happened that Long Aoyi did exactly this kind of business, so Li Qingliu asked She was a dart teacher and accompanied herself to Jalmu. After careful consideration, Long Aoyi first agreed with Li Qingliu for three chapters, and Yan Bin complained about the Overlord Clause, but Li Qingliu readily agreed.

The four of them packed their luggage and prepared to go on their way. However, the county magistrate sealed his daughter’s picture with fire paint in advance. Li Qingliu concealed his doubts, but did not know that Du Changfeng had already ordered someone to set ambush at the moment. Xiaoqin and Yanbin were sitting on the carriage. The two of them saw their master riding a tall horse walking in front. They only felt like a match. It happened that a group of refugees passed by and they misunderstood that Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi were husband and wife. Li Qingliu did not explain. Thus the default.

Li Zhao was worried that Long Ao would be in danger and wanted to go with him. However, Du Changfeng obstructed him in every possible way. He even took out the secret letter sent by Concubine De and summoned him to leave for Beijing immediately. Li Zhao didn’t dare to defy his mother and concubine, so he had to enter the palace first. After he left, Du Changfeng acted more recklessly, secretly planning to get rid of Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu completely.

After returning to the imperial palace, Li Zhao questioned why the concubine asked to stop the investigation of Du Changfeng. There are clearly clues about his corruption and perverting the law. Just as Li Zhao wanted to continue questioning, but his uncle suddenly appeared, Concubine De forcefully resisted his anger and ordered Li Zhao to return to the house to think about it. However, Li Zhao hid at the door to eavesdrop. He accidentally discovered that Concubine De was behind the scenes, and seemed to have conspired with Du Changfeng.

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