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Alice Episode 15 Recap

When Park Jinqian returned home, Yin Taiyi found out the real murderer of Park Sunling and suspected that he was a criminal in another dimension. In another dimension, he began to control Park Jinqian’s thinking. He suddenly changed his emotions. He drew his sword and prepared to stab Yin Taiyi. Fortunately, Liu Min Hyuk arrived in time.

When the two were fighting, Park Jin Qian stabbed Liu Min Hyuk with a knife. Yin Tae Yi couldn’t wake him up. Only when the two called Jin Qian, it was Park Sun Ling who called him by his name before, which made Park Jin Qian wake up. He saw the knife in his hand and the self in the mirror. He couldn’t believe that the real culprit he had been looking for for more than ten years was actually himself.

Liu Minhe guarded the two people’s door, and the man in black suddenly visited, Liu Minhe hurriedly chased him, and saw nothing after entering the elevator. Liu Min-hyuk talks to Park Jin-qian. The mastermind behind him has been using Park Jin-qian, and only he can help him. Yoo Min Hyuk will continue to confirm the news to Yoon Tae Yi. Yoon Tae Yi knows that Yoo Min Hyuk is the identity of Park Jin Qian’s father, and comforts him that one day Park Jin Qian will understand his painstaking efforts.

Before the death of Team Leader Wu, Liu Minhe was asked to be careful of the Minister, and the Minister pretended nothing happened. Through the fingerprint inspection of the villa, Shi Wuyuan once lived here, but another Park Zhenqian also stayed here. Yoon Tae-yi was thinking about the meaning of the last page of the prophecy. Kim Do-yeon contacted Yoon Tae-yi. The word creation should be a religious term. Yoon Tae-yi said that he should be able to find the origin of the creation.

When Park Jinqian returned home, Liu Minhyuk found some clues, but they were not enough to disclose. The director reports to Shi Wuyuan, and the next step is to get rid of Liu Min Hyuk. Shi Wuyuan is curious about the progress of Park Jinqian’s investigation. Park Jinqian heard strange noises in the attic. It turned out that Kim Do-yeon was looking for the prophecy, but he didn’t expect to find the Christmas present once given to Park Jinqian. Kim Do-yeon hopes that Park Jin-qian can leave here to live a good life and not get involved in this fight.

Yin Taiyi felt that the birthmark on her neck became more and more obvious, and Park Sunling’s memory flashed in Yin Taiyi’s mind. She knew that the creation meant exactly Park Jinqian. Yin Taiyi finally knew what Park Sunling had said to him and made a phone call to say goodbye to Park Zhenqian. When Park Jinqian arrived, the man in black had already taken Yin Taiyi away.

Kim Dong-wu was stopped by a time traveler on his way home. He was seriously injured and was about to call Park Jinqian, but was shot and killed by the director. When Yoo Min-hyuk got the news that the time traveler was arresting people who knew about time travel, he quickly reminded Park Jinqian to avoid it. Park Jinqian thought that Kim Do-yeon would be in danger, so he contacted Kim Do-yeon by phone and hurried to a crowded place, but met the director. At the critical moment, Park Zhenqian arrived and shot and killed the director to save Kim Doyeon.

Park Jinqian wants to go to Alice to rescue Yoon Tae-yi, but Yoo Min-hyuk knows that it is dangerous, and the two decide to fight together. Shi Wuyuan admitted that he had killed his past self and told the story of Yin Taiyi’s monster theory. The monster promised to spare the woman’s son, and only the son killed his mother by himself.

In order to protect Park Jinqian, Yoo Min-hyuk asked him to take a sleeping pill and went to rescue Yoon Tae-yi by himself. Yoo Min-hyuk hopes that Yoo Min-hyuk will also leave with him, otherwise there will be danger. Yoo Min Hyuk forgot Park Jinqian’s ability, he was able to enter Alice, Yoo Min Hyuk was shot by Shi Wu Yuan in order to save Yoon Tae Yi and died. Park Jinqian arrived in time and shot Shi Wuyuan to death. He saw Liu Min Hyuk lying on the ground. He took Liu Min Hyuk’s hand and sought revenge on himself in another dimension.

The man in black suddenly appeared in front of the two of them. Park Zhenqian pointed the gun at the man in black and accused him of killing Park Sunling. But there was no bullet in Park Jinqian’s gun, and the man in black took off his hat, and it turned out to be Park Jinqian years later. It turns out that Park Sunling has always been guarding Park Jinqian no matter who it is Yin Taeyi or who he becomes. Park Zhenqian said that he would never become a man in black. When the man in black pointed a gun to his head, Park Zhenqian disappeared.

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