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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 7 Recap

Duoyipo made it clear that the fragment of the python was in Nan Zhiya’s body. Li Yuan was trembling with anger. He only wanted the reincarnated Nan Zhiya and his parents to live happily together. Suffering from this bad luck, it’s no wonder that Duyiwo always prevented him from searching for Arn’s whereabouts. Duyiwo kept saying that this was the result of Li Yuan’s cursing the heavens. Li Yuan became angry and rushed to talk with Duoyipo, and Xuanyiweng hurried over to stop him .

Xuan Yi Weng handed over Li Yuan and advised him not to repeat the same mistakes. If Li Yuan insists on interfering in Nan Zhiya’s life, the two of them must die. Li Yuan only wants Nan Zhiya to live well in this life and is willing to give everything. Guard her. Li Yuan came to Nan Ji-a overnight to ask for the fox beads, but Nan Ji-a didn’t know why, Li Yuan wanted to live with her, and Nan Ji-a let him sleep on the sofa, and casually talked about her dream of a little boy. Li Lang handed the glasses to Jin Youli. They were a pair of glasses that could see the past life. Li Lang didn’t want to recall that tragic past. His mother was a human, and her mother brought Li Lang to the graveyard and lied to find Hazel and let Li Lang Waiting in place, Li Lang was attacked by a beast.

Li Yuan stayed on the side of the bed, Nan Zhiya couldn’t sleep, Li Yuan didn’t want her to leave her sight, and simply went to bed to sleep next to her. Nan Zhiya couldn’t sleep even more, and couldn’t help but think of the way her father taught her how to fall asleep quickly. , Nan Zhiya did the same, and fell asleep very quickly, Li Yuan looked at her calm and handsome face idiotically. Li Lang threw his glasses into the grass on the side of the road, and a little boy passed by and picked it up.

Early the next morning, Nan Zhiya woke up in a daze and saw Li Yuan cooking in the kitchen. He asked Shen Zhou to help clean up the room. He also explained that Li Yuan has a cleanliness habit. Nan Zhiya found that Li Yuan’s cooking was good. The two of them had no choice but to eat the food prepared by Shen Zhou. Nan Zhiya was ready to go to work after dinner. Li Yuan changed a suit to accompany her to the TV station, and promised to wait for her off work in the lobby downstairs. Nan Zhiya was very happy and helped him tidy up his tie by the way.

Li Yuan sent Shen Zhou to follow Li Lang. Shen Zhou quickly found out that Li Lang and the python were in the same group. Li Lang came to the side of the road where he discarded his glasses and found that there was nothing there, and then realized that the glasses had been taken away. Today is the day when the python, incarnate as a little boy, has grown up. A babysitter came to work at home early in the morning. The bar babysitter killed him alive and quickly turned into a handsome young guy.

The little boy wore his eyes to look at the scenery on the street. He used his eyes to examine everyone passing by. Shen Zhou found out that Li Lang and Jin Yuli had met. Before he could react, Li Lang rushed over and smashed the window of the car, punched and kicked Shen Zhou. Shen Zhou was beaten and bruised, but he also expressed his absolute loyalty to Li Yuan. . Nan Zhiya and her office colleagues went to the Tianluo Girl’s Restaurant for lunch. Li Yuan hid not far away watching them. The writer Jin He Caihuan quickly discovered Li Yuan and invited him to dinner. Li Yuan admitted that she was unrequitedly in love with Nan Zhiya, and Nan Zhiya quickly explained that the two of them were in love.

Writer Kim and Caihuan asked about Li Yuan’s age and marital status. Nan Zhiya hurried to cover him. Li Yuan suddenly received a photo of Shen Zhou being beaten and rushed to save him. After lunch, Reporter Kim, Cai Hwan and Nam Ji Ah went out and saw the little boy wearing glasses. Through the pair of glasses, he could see that Reporter Kim was a beautiful lady in his previous life, and Cai Hwan was an eunuch in the palace. After gritting his teeth, the little boy was shocked and panicked when he saw Nan Zhiya’s past life, shouting terrible again and again, and then ran away.

Li Yuan came to the junkyard to see Li Lang and warned him not to provoke Nan Zhiya, or he would be killed. At this moment, Kim Yoo-li called to inform Li Lang that she had found the little boy who found the glasses, Li Lang rushed over immediately. The little boy claimed to have glasses that could see through magic. Li Lang could not say that he snatched it. He found that the little boy was the reincarnated little black dog he raised. Li Lang invited him to dinner.

Li Yuan sent Shen Zhou home, took good care of him, and ordered fried chicken for him. Shen Zhou has a special liking for Kim Yoo Lee, and also used the birth date to calculate that they were perfect matches. Shen Zhou still considered Nam Ji Ah and Li Yuan Their marriage is only 25. The president of the company invited Nan Zhiya and his colleagues to eat at home. His home is in the suburbs, but the room is very large and luxurious. As soon as the secretary walked in, he saw a physalis tree in the living room, and went over to smell it curiously. , The president reminded him not to move the physalis tree, not to play the flute, so as not to attract the snake.

The boss hosted a banquet for everyone. Nan Zhiya went to the bathroom and suddenly heard an abnormal noise upstairs, so she quietly went to the second floor. She saw the button dropped by the nanny on the floor and wanted to open the door and enter the room with the abnormal noise. Suddenly, Li Yuan called Nan Zhiya to go home early, and when the president heard the news, Nan Zhiya had to go downstairs with him. At this moment, the man transformed by the little boy stood by the door of the room, and the babysitter was by his side.

Nan Zhiya bought chocolate ice cream for Li Yuan along the way. Li Yuan was very happy. The two sat side by side on the sofa to watch a movie. Li Yuan wanted time to stop, Nan Zhiya leaned close to his shoulder. Li Lang delivered the pair of glasses to Nan Zhiya, and then called Li Yuan to notify Li Yuan. Li Yuan realized that the situation was not good and worried that Nan Zhiya ran home quickly after seeing the previous life.

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