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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 2 Recap

Ling Rui returned home to meet his parents, and the family had a happy life. But his sister-in-law Yazhi looked distressed. It turned out that Yazhi took the separation fee from her ex-husband to invest and lost four million. The creditor was Lu Fangyu, Lu Fangning’s younger brother. Yazhi asked Ling Rui to hide the secret, and Ling Rui promised to her aunt that she would work out a solution together. On the other side, Lu Fangning severely accused his younger brother of being ignorant, but still secretly liked the fate in all of this. Looking at all the information in Ling Rui in the folder, Lu Fangning was delighted.

The next day, the creditor met with the debtor, Lu Fangning and Ling Rui sat in the office. Lu Fangning finally formally proposed his plan to exchange all the debts for the two-year marriage agreement. Under the secret psychological confrontation, Ling Rui rejected Lu Fangning’s plan and decided to arrange the repayment plan by himself. At this time, Tang Pingping suddenly broke into the office, clamoring for Lu Fangning to apologize to herself.

When her father, Director Tang, rushed over and looked at his innumerable daughter, Director Tang was upset and persuaded him not to listen. , Director Tang could not speak while clutching his chest. Standing on the side, Ling Rui helped Mr. Tang and consulted about the symptoms. Only then did Tang Pingping realize that her behavior was excessive. Seeing Tang Pingping’s many problems with Ling Rui, Lu Fangning began to realize that something was not right. Let Ling Rui leave quickly.

Ling Rui chatted with his colleagues, and colleagues wentssiping about Lu Fangning’s last time, but Ling Rui, who was in debt, was unable to laugh with him. Obviously, there was only one solution before him, which was to be married by the president…

In the Taekwondo Gym, Lu Fangning slammed his boxing bag with venting anger. The failure of negotiations with Ling Rui left Lu Fangning, who had been victorious in the past, very lost. Under the reminder of Gao Erfan, Lu Fangning chose to take the line of love.

After Ling Rui got off work, she was stopped by Tang Pingping, but Ling Rui’s oily smoke did not get in like an iron wall. Tang Pingping, who was about to sell bitter meat, was caught by Lu Fangning and looked at Tang Pingping Lu Fangning’s rubbish acting skills revealed with a single word, but at this time Lu Fangning also held a large bouquet of roses, wanting to move Ling Rui. Ling Rui had no choice but to call Lu Fangning away. The two sat in the coffee shop. Lu Fangning continued to persuade Ling Rui with his three-inch tongue, but Ling Rui still couldn’t let go of his views on marriage. The marriage must be The crystallization of two people who love each other. After persistent Ling Rui refused repeatedly, Lu Fangning sat there reluctantly, watching Ling Rui leave mercilessly.

Mr. Tang persuaded his daughter Tang Pingping not to go to the company to make trouble again, but Tang Pingping thought of using her father to go to the hospital for an examination, by the way, satisfying her idea of ​​seeing Ling Rui. Mr. Tang, who petted his daughter alone, came to the hospital again as his daughter wished… Seeing Tang Pingping secretly photographed Ling Rui’s photo in the circle of friends, Lu Fang would rather not fight, and in a fit of anger, he chose to take Galfan’s advice and seek a lawyer to collect the debt.

The quiet Ling family was disturbed by the arrival of the lawyer. Ling Rui found Lu Fangning angrily. He thought that Ling Rui was about to be captured, but Ling Rui became more determined to reject Lu Fangning’s idea. Lu Fang was accused by Ling Rui. Ning suddenly couldn’t speak, his approach was indeed a bit tough, but his consistent style and thinking made Lu Fangning nothing else. When Lu Fangning got home and woke up from the sofa, there were silent tears in the corner of his eyes.

The atmosphere at home seemed a bit low, Ling Rui’s silence made her mother very dissatisfied, Yazhi felt guilty, and her heart seemed to be on a hot pot, anxious. The cheerfulness and optimism of the family makes this family have a heavy burden, but the family is still optimistic in the difficult situation and enjoys a happy life.

Lu Fangning began to meet his partners for the project voting. The greasy appearance and very abrupt behavior made Lu Fangning miss Ling Rui more in his heart. Unexpectedly, at this time, Ling Rui happened to appear in the same cafe, and it turned out to be meeting with the professor. Hearing of Ling Rui’s difficulties, the professor prepared to use his assets to help Ling Rui, but Ling Rui calmly refused. The two talked about business. Ling Rui should have a promising future to study and improve technology at a top research institute, but everything is likely to be broken by the current situation.

Thinking of this, Ling Rui couldn’t help looking in Lu Fangning’s direction. Lu Fangning talked to his partners about voting for the project, but on the other side he wanted to talk about cooperation. About Lu Fangning went to the top floor suite to “deep chat” and inadvertently heard that the greasy man wanted to prescribe medicine in the toilet When Lu Fangning was framed, Ling Rui’s heart was tangled.

In the penthouse suite, the greasy man mentioned the way the two married to keep the project. The life and status of the two were in line with the same concept, but at this time Lu Fangning mentioned the emotional foundation and faced an object he really didn’t like. Lu Fangning was also helpless. For work and dreams, Lu Fangning had to take up the problematic glass of boiled water and drank it in one go.

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