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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 14 Recap

Xu Jin brought people to the sky above Mengshan Yixiantian. There was the smell of sulphur and saltpetre, as well as blood-stained stones. There were also cloth corners on Dong Fangli’s clothes. This can only explain one thing. He is here. Fighting with people may be to save Xu Jin.

With blood on the corners of the clothes, Dong Wen was taken into captivity, Xu Jin told the emperor, but the emperor only paid attention to the stolen goods. If Xu Jin could find out first, perhaps Dong Fangli would not die.

Sitting in front of Ruyi Tower, Fu Rong couldn’t figure out why Dong Fangli got into the gold mine, and why he died without knowing it. Liu Ruyi hugged her, Fu Rong was puzzled that Liu Ruyi still had a share. What kind of person is Master? Is it really just a businessman as she said to herself? It is impossible.

There is a Ruyi pattern unique to Ruyi Lou in the book case box of Dong’s house, and the death of Dong Fangli is also related to Ruyi Lou. Fu Rong and Wang An went fishing, but he didn’t expect him to feel concealed by people close to him. Wang An said there are only two ways to do this, wait or force.

The sun is very hot on this day, and everyone is a little irritable. Fu Xuan and Baozhu were strolling in the street, when Wu Baiqi saw her and came forward, asking her to be Feng Laiyi’s accountant. Knowing that Fu Xuan would definitely refuse, Wu Baiqi said the truth. Wu Baiqi has a close relationship with Fu Xuan’s personality. She is not constrained by the love of her children. She was also delighted when the paintings were praised. In time, the famous female accountant in Hengjing must have her. Fu Xuan didn’t like this kind of speculation, and he would leave after two warnings.

As soon as Wang An sent Fu Rong to the front of the house, King Su came. She was given a pattern, the Ruyilou Ruyi pattern that appeared in both Qi Ce and Dong Fangli incidents.

Suddenly it got dark and a solar eclipse fell. The people on the street didn’t know, they were frightened to flee. The crowd rushed away from Fu Xuan and the maid holding bamboo, and another gangster took advantage of the chaos and snatched her purse, Wu Bai kicked him into the air. Several purses fell in front of him, and Wu Bai picked up the purse and returned it to Fu Xuan. The heroic saving the United States was fermenting in Wu Baiqi’s heart.

After Fu Xuan thanked him, he said that his violent solution to the problem was wrong, and Wu Baiqi was poured cold water. Suddenly behind him, a gangster was knocking on the gong, and Fu Xuan was scared to shrink into Wu Baiqi’s arms. Now Wu Baiqi was beautiful again. Fu Xuan continued to ask for her purse, Wu Baiqi gave her money, and even bought it as his own.

Fu Rong scolded Xu Jin’s pig head in the dark, but the gongs walked in and they struck the sky, and Fu Rong couldn’t hear Xu Jin loudly. Fu Rong snatched the gongs and drums in a fit of anger, and he slammed the gongs to cover his ears, and also knocked the sky up. It’s nothing more than to come to Nuwa to live again. Fu Rong and Xu Jin went back to the topic again. The Ruyi ornamentation, Qi Ce and Dong Fangli were all used by Ruyi Tower. Xu Jin could wait for that bracelet, and when she was willing to tell him the truth, he believed in Fu Rong.

In the early dynasty, the omen of Tengu eclipse day was about to be discussed, and the report was urgently sent. Due to the collapse of Mount Tai, Jichang City was damaged and the Shili Yuhua Pavilion and the Yamashita Hongfu Temple were damaged. King An came to see the emperor, implying that he should have been wronged at Hongfu Temple in Jichang City, but the emperor didn’t mention the matter if he wanted to cover it up, he wanted to cover up for Xu Jin. Up to now, the emperor has not forgotten to protect his son.

Fu Rong went to Liu Ruyi again, and asked directly what the ornamentation on the bracelet really meant, why both Qi Ce and Dong Fangli were related to this ornamentation, and what Liu Ruyi could not tell her. Just ask Fu Rong to put the bracelet away, and neither admit nor deny anything else.

Liu Ruyi visited Shushui Xiaozhu late at night. Last time, Wang An told her that the explosives were only used to blow up the inscriptions. As a result, Mount Tai collapsed, Hongfu Temple suffered, and Shili Long Pavilion was destroyed. Wang An said this was probably a stupid thing done by Jichang Cheng Shang Kaiyang. After this time, Liu Ruyi will never cooperate with Wang An, and Wang will continue to communicate with Shang Kaiyang in the name of Mr. Liu.

In the court hall, the emperor ordered the king to go to the imperial mausoleum, the king Su to investigate in Jichang City, and the king to pray for blessings in the Taimiao.

Fu Rong came to Ruyi Tower again, but he hesitated not to go in. Liu Ruyi refused to tell her about the bracelet. What else should she say when she comes back. Suddenly, Liu Ruyi quietly went out carrying the package, set the carriage to the direction of Jichang City, and Fu Rong hurriedly followed. When I was about to leave, I met Wu Baiqi who was patrolling, and asked him to bring news to the house, saying that she and Liu Ruyi were going to Yunluo Temple.

In the palace, Qi Zhu met Wang Huai, and both were polite. The Lord Xihe came out again to say cold words, Qi Zhu was not upset, and he turned three turns, tricking the Lord Xihe to see King Su in Jichang City.

As soon as Xu Jin arrived in Jichang City, the prefect Shang Kaiyang prepared warm wine and delicacies, but Xu Jin didn’t eat this set, and Shang Kaiyang didn’t flatter at all. But Mr. Liu said in the news that Xu Jin loves wine and lust. Perhaps Su Wang has seen too many beautiful beauties, so he is looking for some mortal women, perhaps Su Wang will like it.

Fu Xuan specially ran to Jin Yiwei today, according to Fu Rong’s temper, how could he ran to Yunluo Temple’s penance place, things were strange. Wu Baiqi found a reason, and they went to Yunluo Temple together.

Liu Ruyi sneaked into Shang Kaiyang Mansion quietly, and happened to hear him and his men talking about Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu has been passing news to him, corresponding to the fried inscriptions, Yuhuating and Hongfu Temple. It is Liu Xian’s life that they secretly exchanged Yuhuating stone during the solar eclipse. Wang An indeed moved his hands and feet behind his back.

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