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Pinocchio (2020)
Also known as: Pinocchio (2020) พินอคคิโอ

Genre: Drama
Italy, France
Matteo Garrone
Matteo Garrone
Release Date:
December 19, 2019 (Italy)
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  • Federico Ielapi
  • Roberto Benigni
  • Rocco Papaleo
  • Massimo Ceccherini
  • Marine Vacth
  • Gigi Proietti
  • Alida Baldari
  • Calabria Alessio
  • Di Domenicantonio
  • Maria Pia Timo
  • Davide Marotta…

Geppetto, a poor Italian carpenter – upon seeing the puppet theater run by Mangiafuoco – decides to build a wooden puppet to tour the country and earn him a living. He visits his friend and colleague Master Cherry to ask him for a piece of wood to work on. Frightened by a living log, Cherry gifts it to Geppetto who begins to build the puppet, which he decides to name ‘Pinocchio’. During the process, Geppetto realizes that Pinocchio is alive and sentient, and decides to take him as his son. Now that he has a body, Pinocchio starts running outside and returns home while Geppetto is still looking for him in town. Geppetto’s roommate, a hundred-year old Talking Cricket, tries to help Pinocchio by giving him advice, but the puppet, considering him annoying, throws a hammer to shut him up.

Later, Geppetto returns to his place and finds Pinocchio with his feet burned, since he had fallen asleep near the ashes of the chimney. After having to rebuild them, he forgives Pinocchio for his actions. In order to educate him, Geppetto sells his jacket to buy Pinocchio an ABC book. Struck by this sacrifice, Pinocchio sets off on his first day at school. However, his good intentions are diverted by the puppet theater, for which he sells the book to buy a ticket.

In the theater, the other puppets notice Pinocchio in the audience and call him to come up on stage, impatient to meet their new brother. Furious that his production went upstream, the puppeteer Mangiafuoco locks Pinocchio in his caravan and leaves the town. At night, Mangiafuoco plans to use Pinocchio as firewood in order to cook his dinner. Pinocchio begs the puppeteer to release him in order to return home from his father, certainly worried about his non-return. Sneezing with emotion, Mangiafuoco decides to let him go, choosing to burn another puppet in his place: however, Pinocchio does not accept that someone should pay for a disaster he did, and accepts his punishment. Surprised by Pinocchio’s action, Mangiafuoco lets him go, and out of pity, gives him five gold coins to give to Geppetto.

The next day, Pinocchio returns home. Along the way, he meets a fox and a cat, both pretending to be disabled. Attracted by the coins, they suggest that he should try to sow them in the Field of Miracles, a place where they will sprout in a tree full of money. Enticed by the idea of becoming rich, Pinocchio allows himself to be accompanied by the two to the Field of Miracles, which is located in the Land of Barn Owl. The three stop to eat at a tavern, at Pinocchio’s expense. After agreeing to resume the journey at midnight, the Cat and the Fox separate from the puppet, saying they have to go to find a sick relative. Pinocchio resumes the journey alone. Ignoring the warnings of the Talking Cricket, Pinocchio ventures into the woods and has an unpleasant encounter with two hooded assassins (the Cat and the Fox in disguise). Pinocchio hides the remaining four coins in his mouth and attempts to run away, but is caught and hung from a tree.

Pinocchio is rescued by a young blue-haired fairy, who lives nearby. The next day, the Fairy calls in some doctors, an Owl, a Crow and the Talking Cricket, who each give their diagnostic. Pinocchio refuses to drink a medicine until he is scared into taking it at the prospect of dying and being put in a coffin, carried by a group of undertaker rabbits. Once healed, Pinocchio is asked why he was in the forest and not at home or in school. Embarrassed, he lies but his nose becomes bigger and bigger with each lie he tells, until the Fairy is forced to summon a flock of woodpeckers in order to shorten his nose. The Fairy befriends Pinocchio and sends him off to be reunited with Geppetto.

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