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A Choo (Da pen ti)

A Choo (Da pen ti)
Also known as: A Choo (Da pen ti) / ฮัดเช้ย… รักแท้ไม่แพ้ทาง / 打噴嚏

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Kevin KoPeter Tsi
Giddens Ko
Release Date:
July 15, 2020 (Taiwan)
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  • Talu Wang
  • Vanness Wu
  • Kuan-Ting Liu
  • Louis Koo
  • Kai Ko
  • Ariel Lin
  • Kate Tsui
  • Xiqi Ye
  • Xiaolong Zhang

With the desire to win the hearts of women who have been fascinated since they were at the orphan boy’s home Yizhi became a superhuman fighter. Soon he proved his skill when faced with the ultimate villain.

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