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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 25 Recap

Zheng Shumei finally found out that the person who mailed the package was Chen Liqun, Assistant Commissioner of Police, and Chen Liqun never thought that Xu Tiantian was a black policeman. He mailed the undercover diary to investigate the real black policeman through Zheng Shumei’s hands. Reminiscent of Xu Tiantian’s relationship with Su Miaomiao, Zheng Shumei believes that Xu Tiantian is approaching Su Zian.

Xu Tiantang suspected Su Zian when he was an Interpol. At that time, he discovered that a famous Russian gangster was using a Hong Kong identity, and his appearance and name were exactly the same as those of his high school classmate who died. Xu Tiantang is sure that they are definitely not the same person. In order to reduce the sentence, that person admitted that he bought a fake identity in Hong Kong, and the middleman was Su Zian.

When Zheng Shumei mentioned that Su Zian might be the biggest suspect, Chen Liqun showed nervousness. At that time, Wang Yongxiang reported to her Shi Haojiang’s last words before his death, pointing out that Xu Tiantian was being blamed, and the security bureau should be the culprit. Chen Liqun handed Wang Yongxiang’s report to Su Zian, then Chief Superintendent of the Internal Investigation Division. The next day, Su Zian shattered part of the report in front of Chen Liqun, and confirmed that Xu Tiantang was a black police officer. Chen Liqun remained silent because Su Zian was a master and Xu Yi was promoted.

Now, Chen Liqun and Su Zian have turned their faces, and then turned out the undercover diaries of the year, wanting to kill people with a knife to attack the Security Bureau. She has found out that Su Zian is very close to Guo Xuehua, the former Superintendent of the Security Bureau, and Guo Xuehua has been confirmed to be a member of the international black police group. Out of the duty of a reporter, Zheng Shumei agreed to expose the black police group. Only Zhuo Kai could help her, because Zhuo Kai was the one who exposed Guo Xuehua five years ago, and the black police group has disappeared since then.

After listening to Zheng Shumei’s account, Zhuo Kai did not agree. He did not want to be a pawn in political struggle. Even if Chen Liqun came out to invite him, he clearly refused. In his life, he has been a policeman, an undercover agent, and has also joined the underworld. He has seen too many intrigue battles, and he doesn’t want to get involved in these rights and wrongs.

But the tree wanted to be quiet and the wind continued. Within two days, Zhang Jizi arrested Zheng Shumei on charges of stealing identity documents and impersonating a provident officer. Zhang Jizi had long known that Zheng Shumei had interrogated Deng Yongzhong, and he could not bear it, just waiting for the right time. Now is a good time to use Zheng Shumei to force Zhuo Kai to submit. Zhuo Kai has no other choice but to agree to cooperate.

Zhuo Kai, Zheng Shumei, and Xu Tiantang sat together again, and had to find a way to find evidence and bring Su Zian to justice. Not only can Xu Tiantang be innocent, but also Zhuo Kai can restore a peaceful life. Looking back at the predecessor of the Security Bureau, the Political Department, there was a long time ago the practice of using the identities of dead persons for undercover use, and the Security Bureau is likely to inherit this practice. So the case of Russian gangsters used the same channels, but the target was not undercover personnel, but foreign gangs. The investigation direction has been established, and the following is to find evidence. The task force was set up immediately, and Chen Liqun clearly ordered Zhuo Kai to take charge of the case, and Zhang Jizi was Zhuo Kai’s deputy. This was Zhuo Kai’s only condition.

That night coincided with Zhengzhi’s fever, Zhuo Kai helped send the child to the hospital, only to realize that Xue Jiaqiang had such a big son. Since Xue Jiaqiang now has a son to take care of, investigating Su Zian’s affairs, he no longer bothers him. Zheng Zhi became more and more extreme, and anyone who talked to Xue Jiaqiang was regarded as a bad person, including Lan Nan. Lan Nan thought of a way. Since Zhengzhi wanted to catch the bad guys, he had to find a way to get close to the bad guys and obtain evidence of crimes. One sentence came to Zhengzhi’s heart.

Zheng Zhi suddenly became obedient, and he took Xue Jiaqiang to accompany him to the parent-child summer camp. This set is of no use to undercover expert Xue Jiaqiang, but he is also happy to make plans. After many days of contact, Zheng Zhi found that Xue Jiaqiang knew nothing less than his father, and gradually developed a sense of closeness. Especially after Xue Jiaqiang wrestled his wrists and cleaned up a bad guy who was unreasonable and bullied others because of his superiority, Zheng Zhi was even more admired. The ambivalence of love and hate made Zhengzhi realize that life is not suitable at a young age.

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