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Alice Episode 14 Recap

Detective Park Jinqian ran home again, and saw Park Sunling lying on the ground covered in blood. He was saddened for the third time seeing this scene. And student Park Zhenqian appeared in front of him with blood in his hands, with a fierce and strange smile on his face. The detective Park Jinqian pinched the student Park Jinqian. He did not believe that the other himself would kill Park Sunling. Suddenly, screams came from the cabin.

Yin Taiyi found the last page of the prophecy in the hut, which wrote the method of closing the time gate, which turned out to be to kill Park Zhenqian. If you don’t kill, Park Sun Ling will die in the hands of Park Zhenqian. A man in black broke into the hut and pinched Yin Taiyi’s neck severely. She screamed. When the detective Park Zhenqian arrived, he was stabbed by the man in black.

Yin Taiyi’s father went to the police station to make a fuss. Yin Taiyi disappeared suddenly, and Kim Dongwu couldn’t explain it, hoping that they were indeed time travel. Kim Do-yeon came to Park Jin-qian’s room and chanted that he appeared quickly. Unexpectedly, Park Zhenqian appeared behind her, but he fell to the ground with a knife in his abdomen.

When Park Jinqian woke up, Yin Taiyi gave the last page of the prophecy to Park Jinqian. The reason why the time traveler targeted Park Jinqian is because he has the super power to control time. Park Jinqian made Yoon Taeyi forget the content of the prophecy, thinking that it was wrong because of the gunshot wound when Park Xuanling died ten years ago, but he found the knife wound when he returned from this trip. Yin Taiyi guessed whether the two went to another dimension. Park Jinqian said that no matter where he went, the murderer would definitely not change.

Knowing that Park Jinqian was injured, Liu Min Hyuk quietly went to the hospital to care. Team Leader Wu was shut down because of the kidnapping of Yoon Tae-yi. Brother asked her to continue doing one thing so that she and Liu Min-hyeok could return to the headquarters together. Kim Dong-wu was very happy to see Park Jinqian coming back. Park Jinqian brought back the knife that assassinated Park Sunling ten years ago. He wanted to find the owner of the knife, but the owner said that the person who bought the knife appeared ten days ago.

Liu Min Hyuk wants to help Park Jinqian, hoping that he can tell him what happened after the trip, but Park Jinqian does not believe him temporarily. Yin Taiyi left a paper treaty in the cemetery to see Yoo Min Hyuk, but after seeing Yoo Min Hyuk, the past of Park Sun Ling and Yoo Min Hyuk appeared in Yoon Tae’s mind. Liu Minhe asked her not to worry, it may be the entanglement phenomenon of different dimensions caused by quantum restoration.

Suddenly, Park Zhenqian was in an abnormal mood. Hearing sounds from different dimensions, he almost stabbed Jin Dongwu with a knife. Kim Do-yeon tells Yin Tae-yi that the time recorded in the ancient book is the murderer of all things and the creator of all things. Yin Taiyi remembered Park Sunling’s warning. She took away Park Zhenqian’s toothbrush and made people compare her DNA last time.

Kim Do-yeon does not believe that Park Jin-hem is the murderer. Yoon Tae-yi said that the current Park Jin-qian may be influenced by other dimensions of Park Jin-qian and become a strange person. After calculating the time, it was discovered that Park Zhenqian was pregnant before Park Sunling’s time travel, and Park Sunling gave up research for Park Zhenqian.

Team leader Wu was arranged by his brother to kill Park Jinqian. Park Jinqian found the accommodation of the person who bought the knife ten days ago through monitoring records. Liu Minhyuk came in time and pointed a gun at Team Leader Wu. He tried to restore Team Leader Wu’s kindness and said that he did not Blame her again. Team Leader Wu regretted that she shouldn’t hurt others because of her greed, but when she wanted to say the murderer, she was shot. Before his death, Team Leader Wu asked Liu Min Hyuk to be careful of his head, and gave Liu Min Hyuk the recording that Yin Taiyi left before his death.

Yin Taiyi found that the murderer and Park Jinqian had extremely similar genes after comparing them. She hurried back to the room, but was followed by a man in black. Park Jinqian arrived, and Yin Taiyi told him that the murderer might be him in another dimension. The man in black took control of Park Jinqian again, and Park Jinqian’s mood changed suddenly, and he drew a knife and stabbed Yin Taiyi.

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