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Alice Episode 13 Recap

Park Sunling returned home and met Yin Taiyi. Yin Taiyi was too late to leave. Seeing someone exactly like herself standing in front of her, she remembered her childhood experience. After Zhang Dongsik’s death, Yin Taiyi was stimulated and lost his memory. Park Sunling pretended to be her mother and took care of her. Until one day, Park Sun Ling discovered that Yin Taiyi’s amazing learning talent and the patterns she drew were exactly the same as those in the prophecy.

The book says: She saw the gate of forbidden time, she saw the world she shouldn’t see, and she should be punished now. Yin Taiyi can’t remember the past, but she has read all the contents of the prophecy, but she can’t understand the meaning. Park Sunling knew that Yin Taiyi was herself. For her safety, she had to send Yin Taiyi to the orphanage, hoping that she could avoid this disaster.

Yin Taiyi misunderstood Park Sunling, thinking she approached herself for the sake of prophecy. Student Park Zhenqian heard Park Sunling talking to others, opened the door and saw Yin Taiyi and Liu fainted with a nosebleed and a rash also appeared on her body.

The detective Park Zhenqian found himself back in 2010 after he arrived. He ran home and was so excited when he saw Park Sunling, he couldn’t help crying while holding her. But Park Sun-ling pushed the detective Park Jin-qian away, hoping that he could leave as soon as possible, otherwise everyone would be in danger and remind him not to try to save himself again, because this fact cannot be changed. Park Zhenqian said that tomorrow is Park Sunling’s birthday, and he must save Park Sunling.

Park Sunling hopes Yin Taiyi can help herself and persuades detective Park Jinqian to go back quickly. Yin Taiyi wanted to call Park Sunling, but it was student Park Zhenqian who answered the phone. He knew about time travel and recognized Yin Taiyi. The detective Park Jinqian did not understand why Park Sunling avoided him. Yin Taiyi said that now the two have come to the two-dimensional world that they should not have come to. But Park Zhenqian must find Shi Wuyuan, but the staff even told that Shi Wuyuan had passed away, and Park Zhenqian began to wonder who the future Shi Wuyuan was.

Student Park Zhenqian has auditory hallucinations. It seems that someone has been calling his name, but it is because he can hear the voices of other two-dimensional worlds. Student Kim Do-yeon found student Park Jin-qian and wanted to know the last words of Cheng-eun’s death, but he did not expect that it was student Park Jin-qian who jumped off the building. At night, on the way home, Kim Do-yeon was attacked by an unknown person, who was actually the student Park Jin-qian. Yin Taiyi followed Park Jinqian and saw this scene. Student Park Zhenqian knew that the other himself had come here, and he could hear different voices, causing the rash on his body to reappear.

Yin Taiyi accompanied detective Park Jinqian to Shi Wuyuan’s office to find the prophecy. When Yin Taiyi saw the prophecy, he remembered the content of the last page, which said “At the price of opening the door of time, she will be in the hands of her son”. In order to protect Park Jinqian, Park Sunling told others that the last page had been burned, but it was still preserved.

Student Park Zhenqian always wanted to kill Park Sunling. Park Sunling knew this after reading the last page of the prophecy. The detective Park Jin-qian didn’t believe that he would kill Park Sun-ling when he was a student. Even if he was a person from the two-dimensional world, he was also himself.

Park Sunling asks Yin Taiyi to take detective Park Jinqian to leave, and forget everything when he returns. When detective Park Jinqian left, Park Sunling personally cooked, tears in his eyes, and wanted to protect Park Sunling.

Student Park Zhenqian turned out to be the real teacher behind the scenes, even Shi Wuyuan called him. Park Sun Ling actually knows the way to stop the time gate. She quietly told Yin Taiyi that only reset can stop, but all time travelers will disappear.

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