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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 34 Recap

Hearing what Yuan Shuai said, Jiang Jun was shocked. I couldn’t believe what Yuan Shuai said. He thought that Yuan Shuai was just to stimulate himself. In order to get Jiang Jun to leave the MH company, they could not say anything.

Before she got off work, Jona received Jia Yuanji’s phone bombing. When she walked out of the office, she found Jia Yuanji sleeping on the sofa at the door. The unbearable Jona was duplicity, full of disgust, but merciful, Jia who has never received a response. Yuan Ji was so happy at the moment, Pi Dian Pi Dian followed Jonah out for dinner.

Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai formally had a cold war, and the two people who lived in the same room every day confronted each other in trivial matters. Yuan Shuai who was at a loss had to swallow.

The next day, Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun each wore a pair of big sunglasses, which turned out to be the dark circles of Nuoda that could not be covered. But Jia Yuanji and Jonah were in a burst of excitement. Sure enough, it was a few happy and sad. At this time, Yuan Shuai received the notification from the ring shop and immediately set off to get the ring.

Jiang Jun met with Shen Xin again and asked about strange things. Shen Xin mentioned that she overheard Du Lei talking on the phone. When Jiang Jun heard this, he remembered the information Yuan Shuai had said, and doubts arose in his heart. But first suppressing the guess in his heart, Jiang Jun decided to write a letter of recommendation for Shen Xin to help Shen Xin find another home and work for GE.

As soon as Du Lei entered the office, he received a pot of flowers. The message on the pot stated that he would celebrate Du Lei’s birthday. Du Lei, who was full of joy, thought he was Jiang Jun’s intention to give a gift, and was about to enter the office to thank him, but he aimed at the recommendation letter Jiang Jun wrote for Shen Xin. Du Lei’s expression turned black. When Jiang Jun entered the office, Du Lei would Let Jiang Jun stay and wait for himself after get off work.

After a while, Jiang Jun found out that it was Du Lei’s birthday. Today, he asked Jiang Jun to stay. The two were just to celebrate Du Lei’s birthday. Yuan Shuai, who originally planned to propose marriage, could not wait for Jiang Jun. When Yuan Shuai called, he accidentally heard Du Lei’s voice. Yuan Shuai was angry, but Jiang Jun quickly hung up the phone. Du Lei received Jiang Jun’s birthday wishes, and his feelings of joy came to his heart. But at this time, Jiang Jun offered Du Lei his intention to resign, Du Lei’s expression dimmed, and Xiang Jiang asked whether it was because of Yuan Shuai, but Jiang Jun’s explanation made Du Lei even more dissatisfied. Jiang Jun was about to leave, but Du Lei offered to let Jiang Jun send himself home.

On the way home, Du Lei looked at Jiang Jun’s profile, possessive, and wanted to force the necklace he bought to hang on Jiang Jun’s neck to supplement that Jiang Jun no longer wears the watch he bought. The shortcomings. Jiang Jun, who was driving, was disturbed by Du Lei and stopped the car forcibly. Du Lei’s mood at the moment fell to the bottom with Jiang Jun’s resistance. After catching up with Jun Jiang, Du Lei stepped closer to Geology and asked why Jun Jiang had put on a tie in the first place, in order to give a lot of hints. But Jiang Jun explained that he had no intentions. Thinking of his delay in getting Jiang Jun’s response, Du Lei wanted the Overlord to bow hard and lifted Jiang Jun’s face to kiss. Jiang Jun tried his best to resist, but he couldn’t match Du Lei’s strength. At this time, Yuan Shuai, who had been looking for Jiang Jun for a long time, rushed forward and punched Du Lei. The drunk Du Lei was aroused to win, and he also punched Yuan Shuai. Du Lei injured Jiang by mistake. Jun, when he saw Jiang Jun fell to the side, Yuan Shuai immediately rushed to help Jun Jiang to check his safety, but Du Lei, who was on the side, was ignored. The two supported each other and walked home. Seeing that Jiang Jun had always chosen Yuan Shuai, Du Lei collapsed and fell to the spot, shouting loudly.

When he returned home, Jiang Jun showed weakness to Yuan Shuai and pleased Yuan Shuai in a good manner, which ended the cold war between the two. Seeing Yuan Shuai’s mood recovered, Jiang Jun promptly asked Yuan Shuai to help Shen Xin enter GE. Although Yuan Shuai, a spoiled wife, was still analyzing the pros and cons, he still followed Jiang Jun’s advice.

The next day, Jiang Jun looked through the company’s documents, but unexpectedly discovered a strangeness in the financial report. He learned from his men that Du Lei was following up everything. Jiang Jun looked at the numbers in front of him, thinking.

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