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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 33 Recap

Jiang Jun asked Shen Xin the reason for his resignation. Shen Xin recalled the threat Du Lei had in her ear. It was not her fault to leak the company secrets, but Shen Xin was even more reluctant to throw this big black pot at Jiang Jun. Under Du Lei’s pressure, Shen Xin had to choose resignation. But facing Jiang Jun, Shen Xin explained that everything was just her own choice. Seeing Shen Xin leaving behind, Jiang Jun secretly sighed.

Du Lei looked at the company’s profits far surpassing GE’s results. He was proud of him. But Du Lei decided to ignore the name of Jiang Jun who was beating on the phone call. Sure enough, at night, Jiang Jun took the initiative to find Du Lei in order to protect Shen Xin. Jun tried his best to persuade, but was rejected by Du Lei. In desperation, Jiang Jun could only leave Du Lei’s office with his head down. After receiving Yuan Shuai’s call, Jiang Jun’s tone could not be covered up to arouse Yuan Shuai’s care, put down the phone, Yuan Shuai was appearing behind Jiang Jun, hugging Jiang Jun. Whispering comforting Jiang Jun, the two went home holding hands.

Back home, Jiang Jun was still worried about Shen Xin and others. Yuan Shuai massaged Jiang Jun to soothe his body and mind. Only now did Jiang Jun remember that Yuan Shuai had been working on all the trivial matters recently, and he had become accustomed to fighting under Yuan Shuai’s care. Seeing Yuan Shuai’s sleeping face, Jiang Jun decided to himself, and after the matter was dealt with, Jiang Jun resigned. But when Yuan Shuai woke up from his sleep and found that there was no one beside him, his anger surged into his heart, and he saw that Jun Jiang kept working under the light. Yuan Shuai was even more speechless. The two became so angry that they quarreled. Jun was driven by his own strong sense of responsibility, but Yuan Shuai couldn’t help but worry about Jiang Jun. The two of them slept in separate rooms, but Yuan Shuai, who couldn’t bear it, took out a blanket to cover Jiang Jun…

Jona returned to the company and found that Jia Yuanji had another big battle in the company. Roses and guitar were playing and singing. Jona looked at the big boy in front of him coldly and called in security guards and dragged Jia Yuanji out of the company. But when Jiang Jun saw Jonah, he saw Jonah with a shy face.

When Jiang Jun heard the gossip in the office and Jonah’s intelligence, he rushed to Du Lei’s office. Jiang Jun admitted that he found a data gap last night to prove that this incident was not the work of Shen Xin, but Du Lei pulled Jiang over. Jun talked about his difficulties, Du Lei played a bitter drama, saying that he was just to protect Jiang Jun, so he had to take out a Shen Xin to deal with customers. For the sake of the overall situation, Jiang Jun can only accept Du Lei’s explanation.

Xu Li’s novel received many replies, but most of the replies were very dissatisfied with Xu Li’s love with Xiaochuan, and believed that Xiaochuan was about to transfer his love. In order to regain the feeling of love between the two, Xu Li acted like a baby to Ogawa in every possible way. Who knows that Ogawa is busy launching new activities and ignores Xu Li’s feelings. Xu Li wants to play a scene of running away from home. Under the wrong circumstances, I actually got into a taxi without my mobile phone…

Yuan Shuai sent Su Chang to inquire about the disclosure of secrets by MH, and only then learned that the senior management did not pressure Du Lei to lay off people. The two guessed that Shen Xin’s departure must have touched Du Lei’s secrets. Yuan Shuai quickly sent a message to inform Jiang Jun that the two were going home to talk.

Xu Li, who didn’t have a mobile phone, had to borrow a mobile phone to make calls everywhere, and just met Jia Yuanji. Xu Li, who borrowed the phone, explained the ins and outs to Jiang Jun, but Xu Li didn’t want to return to Jiang Jun’s apartment for the time being. Had to accompany Jia Yuanji to get drunk in love first. Two people who were “frustrated in love” joined together, Xu Li complained to Jia Yuanji about Li Xiaochuan’s dullness, and Jia Yuanji also said that Jonah was cold. When Jia Yuanji’s guitar sounded, both of them were intoxicated by the sound of the piano. Xu Li offered to help Jia Yuanji modify the lyrics, and the two hit it off.

When Li Xiaochuan came home, he remembered that the house was empty, but Xu Li was missing. The mobile phone has its own location, Li Xiaochuan quickly found Xu Li, and found that Jia Yuanji was close to Xu Li, with a look of unruly intentions, Li Xiaochuan, who was in his blood, punched Jia Yuanji. Jia Yuanji received a punch, and when he saw Xu Lishi’s eyes, he reluctantly helped Xu Li act as a suitor. The jealous Li Xiaochuan was full of masculine air. Xu Li watched her heartbeat from the side and happily took Li Xiaochuan’s hand and left.

Yuan Shuai told Jiang Jun about the information he had collected, but Jiang Jun remembered Du Lei’s sincere expression and exhausted his thoughts in explaining that morning, he was still suspicious of Yuan Shuai’s rhetoric. After all, Du Lei helped Jiang Jun a lot. People. But Yuan Shuai didn’t get angry when he heard it. He directly exposed Du Lei’s true thoughts and told the truth about Du Lei’s secret love for Jiang Jun.

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