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Alice Episode 12 Recap

The old policeman received the call, and the teacher had seen him through and planned to get rid of Park Zhenqian by the river. The old policeman told Yin Taiyi that Shi Wuyuan, who is returning now, is not the one he used to be, but a time traveler. He wants to stop everyone who prevents the time gate from closing. Only Yin Taiyi can find the last page of the prophecy and help Park Jinqian close the time gate.

The real killer of Park Sun-ling was Shi Wu Yuan. He bewitched Park Jin-qian, and continued time travel could help him see Park Sun-ling again in the parallel world, but Park Jin-qian said he had only one mother. The old policeman must go alone to rescue Pu Zhenqian. It turns out that when Pu Xuanling was alive, the old policeman reminded her that the teacher had already targeted her. When the old policeman reached the river, he was shot by Shi Wuyuan from behind. Before his death, the old policeman expressed his gratitude to Park Zhenqian and wished him happiness. Park Jinqian lost her loved one again and felt sad, and Kim Doyeon could not accept this fact.

For the sake of the old policeman, Park Zhenqian must continue to track Shi Wuyuan and kill him anyway. Yin Taiyi believes that time travel can bring happiness to people and give him a chance to redeem and make up for past mistakes. She suggested looking at the computer Park Sunling had used and trying to find other ways to prevent the time gate from closing. The two encourage each other, no matter what, you must protect yourself first, and then bring the bad guys to justice.

Through the investigation of the relics of the old policeman, the real Shi Wu Yuan body was found, and Jin Dongwu suggested that the case of time travel be made public so that the search can be continued. But Park Zhenqian believes that no one will believe such a strange thing if it is made public. He was ready to find the last page of the prophecy that Shi Wuyuan needed.

Team leader Wu reported to his brother about the recovery of the video surveillance, saying that nothing had been found, but she had already betrayed her in a slow, expressionless and hateful manner. Yin Taiyi chose a wallet for Park Jinqian, and when she was about to replace him with a new wallet, she found a picture of Park Jinqian and Park Sunling. It turned out that she was really similar to Park Sunling. It’s ridiculous that she knew there was a time traveler, so she went to time. Traveled, but found nothing, and left angrily.

On the way back, Yin Taiyi met Liu Min Hyuk. Yoo Min-hyuk hopes that Yoon Tae-il can tell him what the old policeman said last. Yoon Tae-yi is very sad and thinks that everyone regards himself as Park Sun-ling. From the eyes of others, he is no longer himself. After hearing Yoo Min Hyuk’s self-introduction, Yoon Tae Yi recalled that his father, Zhang Dong, killed him when he was a child, and Yoo Min Hyuk and Park Sun Ling were there.

Yin Taiyi told Park Jinqian that it was thanks to Park Sunling that he had saved herself, but had killed her father. She doesn’t blame anyone, lamenting her connection with Park Sun Ling, and her relationship with Park Zhenqian. If she didn’t meet her, would everything be normal? She went back to her room and wanted to be quiet.

Not knowing the truth, Yoo Min Hyuk tells his brother about Yin Tai Yi’s memory recovery, and proposes to prevent time travel and protect Yin Tai Yi. Team leader Wu wanted to tell Liu Minhe the truth, but Liu Minhe didn’t want to believe her anymore. Brother Wu knew that Team Leader Wu had discovered that he had a problem, and said that if Yoon Tae-I was eradicated, Liu Min Hyuk would not be harmed, and she would be allowed to own Liu Min Hyuk again. Team Leader Wu deleted the video of Brother Lee Sehun.

Team leader Wu took advantage of Yin Taiyi’s finding Zhang Dongzhi and drove her away. It happened to be discovered by Park Jinqian. During the chasing process, Team leader Wu’s car hit a brick and leaked oil. While Park Jinqian was saving her, the car suddenly exploded. When Yin Taiyi woke up again, he found himself in 2010. In order to prevent Park Zhenqian, a high school student, from discovering herself, she quietly entered Pu Xuanling’s room and saw the photos of her childhood, but unexpectedly, Park Xuanling came back and the two ran into each other.

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