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Alice Episode 11 Recap

According to the teacher’s instructions, the old policeman prepared to go to the amusement park to kill Shi Wuyuan. During the search by Park Jinqian and others, Park Jinqian saw the old policeman’s license plate and deliberately dismissed Jin Dongwu. When Park Jinqian opened the small door, the old police suddenly appeared suspicious, and the guards continued to search but found nothing. Jin Dongwu mentioned the hotel surveillance video, but Park Zhenqian deliberately said that he didn’t find it. After thinking about it for a long time, Yin Taiyi prepared to hand over the USB flash drive brought back from time travel to Park Jinqian to remind her that the old policeman had a problem. The old policeman overhears the conversation between the two, and while Park Zhenqian is not at home, he finds Yin Taiyi alone to test her childhood memories.

When Park Zhenqian felt that Shi Wuyuan was in danger, Shi Wuyuan came back unscathed. He hurried to Shi Wuyuan’s office and asked about the previous prophecy. Shi Wuyuan actually intends to give up preventing time travel, uncharacteristically, reminding Park Zhenqian that he cannot resist time travel by his own strength.

There are many doubts in this case. The people who were targeted before were all killed by the time traveler. This time Shi Wuyuan returned safely. Park Zhenqian went to the place where Shi Wuyuan was under house arrest and saw that he and the old policeman had problems with their eyes. I feel that Shi Wuyuan must have concealed something. Sure enough, the two of them really had a problem, and Shi Wuyuan’s mouth showed an evil smile.

Team Leader Wu is preparing to restore the video of the hotel crime scene. If the murderer of Li Shixun can be found, he will be able to find the murderer of Park Sunling and know who the teacher is. Yoo Min-hyuk found out that there was a problem with the old policeman and wanted to discuss with Park Jin-qian, but Yoon Tai-yi did not understand and thought that Yoo Min-hyuk had changed too much. Liu Minhe was sad, facing Yin Taiyi who was exactly like his beloved woman, he could not explain to him.

The old policeman suddenly resigned, and Park Zhenqian sent him downstairs. Not long after, Mei Shu called and Park Jinqian learned that the old policeman had not arrived home. Liu Min Hyuk appeared from the stairs, took the old policeman to the open space and beat him, and asked him why he was approaching Park Jinqian. Park Zhenqian found the two, continued to misunderstand Liu Min Hyuk, and punched him severely. Liu Min-hyuk saw that it was Park Jin-qian, relaxed his vigilance, and told him that the old policeman was an illegal time traveler. He hoped that Park Jinqian would believe him and take the old policeman back to Alice for investigation. Park Jinqian stopped Liu Min Hyuk and said that no matter what, the old police would treat him like his father. Liu Minhe was heartbroken. He still couldn’t tell Park Jinqian that he was his father.

Team Leader Wu finally resumed the video content. The person who saw the suspicious surveillance screen turned out to be his brother. He committed suicide by himself. All he did was to get the last page of the prophecy. Liu Minhe was still kept in the dark, telling brother everything.

Yin Taiyi set up a unique positioning device installed in Park Jinqian’s mobile phone. The teacher ordered the old policeman to kill Park Jinqian with Mi-sook’s life. The old policeman, about Park Jinqian, was fishing at night, and when he was about to shoot, he told Park Jinqian that he had been following his mother, Park Sunling, on the orders of his teacher.

He planned to return to his own world after killing Park Sunling, but he died at the time when he met him, so he stayed and guarded Mei Sook. During this period of time, the old police had already regarded Park Zhenqian as his own child. He chained Park Zhenqian by the river. He planned to kill the teacher, but he did not expect to run into Yin Taiyi.

Yin Taiyi misunderstood the old policeman. The old policeman received a call. The real teacher is not his brother but Shi Wuyuan. He said that he would let the old policeman lose Meishu and Park Jinqian tonight. Shi Wuyuan came to the river and fired a shot at Park Zhenqian who could not resist.

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