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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 6 Recap

Nan Zhiya pushed Li Yuan away, and repeatedly confirmed that Li Yuan just kissed the dead first love An, or her. Before Li Yuan could speak, Nan Zhiya explained for him that Nan Zhiya had done Aen secretly. It’s a substitute, but she doesn’t care. Li Yuan and Nan Zhiya are strolling in the folk village. Nan Zhiya has not dared to look at Li Yuan.

Writer Jin never forgets Li Yuan, and keeps mentioning Li Yuan in front of Cai Huan. The deputy chief is very disdainful. He also regards Li Yuan as a temptation to a hungry fox, which is denounced by writer Jin. Li Yuan took Nan Zhiya to divination. Nan Zhiya wanted to calculate her past life, but the master used his mobile phone to scan their faces, but Li Yuan accused him. The master saw that Nan Zhiya was a princess in her previous life, and he advised the two of them not to be together, otherwise one of them would face disaster. Li Yuan was shocked, but Nan Zhiya felt that the master was fooling around.

Li Lang also came to the village, he came directly to the master, exposed his true colors face to face, and bought a pair of glasses from the master. Li Yuan brought Nan Zhiya to find the fox fairy who governed Fox Ridge. He was the previous mountain god. He was demoted for making mistakes. He held a grudge against Li Yuan and rushed into many assassins at an order. Li Yuan and Nan Zhiya were killed. Surrounded by groups, Li Yuan was not afraid, and settled Nan Zhiya to a safe place. He stood with the killers.

One of the killers kidnapped Nan Zhiya. Li Yuan satirized Nan Zhiya and asked him not to be faithful. He invited Nan Zhiya to the stands. Li Yuan fought with those people. Nan Zhiya couldn’t help but sweat for him. Li Yuan was quick He beat them away and got hurt. Finally, Li Yuan and the envoy made a big fight. The two of them refused to give in to each other, and the fight was inextricably difficult. Li Yuan suggested that the two of them had a bare-handed fight. He threw away the four guardians in his hand, and Li Yuan three fists and two feet to uniform the envoy. .

Shen Zhou invited Jin Yuli to dinner and praised her as a kind girl. Jin Yuli didn’t buy it at all, and made it clear that she would not like him. Xuan Yi Weng couldn’t stand the violence of Du Yi Po, so she came to the Tianlu Girl Hotel to relax. Du Yi Po kept calling him. Xuan Yi Weng regretted marrying her and threatened to divorce Du Yi Po. Jin Youli heard this. She was so angry that she wanted to get married but couldn’t find the right person. Xuan Yiweng wanted to divorce. Xuan Yiweng couldn’t take care of the others and hurried back to Santuchuan.

Nan Zhiya asked the envoy to inquire about the whereabouts of her parents. He revealed an important clue that the car accident of Nan Zhiya’s family of three was man-made. The perpetrator was the person with the ink torture sign on her head. Her target was Nan Zhiya. And being near her, Nan Jia was shocked. Before leaving, Shidao quietly reminded Li Yuan not to keep Nan Zhiya by her side, because she had the blood of the king. Nan Zhiya thought for a long time and couldn’t think of the person with the scar on her head.

At this moment, Li Lang called Li Yuan. Li Yuan decided to ask him to find the person with scars. So he wrote a word “visit” on the shoes. This is a symbol. He would let Li Lang put on those shoes. Obediently go find someone. Nan Zhiya came to the master again and saw Li Lang waiting for them inside. Li Yuan quietly put away Li Lang’s shoes and put his shoes with symbols on the door. The master rushed back and Li Lang forced Master to show up. In the original shape, the master glanced in front of Li Yuan and saw that he and Li Lang were brothers.

Li Lang could not find his shoes when he came out, so he put on Li Yuan’s sneakers and left. The master took back Li Yuan by doing his work. Nan Zhiya begged him to let Li Yuan go. She asked Nan Zhiya to exchange for her most precious things. Nan Zhiya ran home without saying a word and sent her parents away. Taking her music box back, she took a taxi to the folk village. Seeing that the door was locked, she smashed the door desperately to get the news to come out and open it for her.

Nan Zhiya finally hurried back before the hourglass sand flowed out, and gave the music box to the master. The master took the music box and observed the scripture carefully. He felt that the music box was unqualified and refused to trade with Nan Zhia. The palmistry saw that she had the fox beads again and forced her to hand over the fox beads. Nan Jia was confused by him.

Li Lang felt that something was wrong when he walked halfway, and found that Li Yuan had painted the shoes on his feet, so he could only help him find someone obediently, and he was speechless. Nan Zhiya bought spicy chicken feet and beer. Li Yuan was so hot as to complain about it. Nan Zhiya was overwhelmed with alcohol and slept on the sofa in a daze. She dreamed that she came to a strange place, which was terrifying and far away. Seeing a little boy with scales on his neck and arms, the little boy greeted Nan Ji-a. Nan Ji-a was awakened and scales appeared on his neck.

Li Yuan came to Duoyiwo overnight and forced her to tell her whereabouts of the python. Duoyiwo warned him not to be obsessed and admitted that the python was trapped in the well. Only recently did she collect fragments of the python.

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