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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 5 Recap

Nan Zhiya took the bruised Li Yuan back to bandage the wound and fed him a piece of candy. Nan Zhiya casually talked about the past after her parents left in a car accident. She was able to go home after bargaining with the doctor. Li Yuan knew this well. , He has been paying attention to Nan Zhiya, but he did not expect that she is the Aren he has been thinking about for many years.

Early the next morning, Li Yuan woke up and saw Nan Zhiya sleeping beside his bed, feeling warm. At this moment, Shen Zhou hurriedly came to see Li Yuan and greeted him coldly. Nan Zhiya recognized Shen Zhou, but she didn’t expect them to be good friends. Shen Zhou introduced herself as Li Yuan’s patron saint. Shen Zhou made porridge for Li Yuan, and he kept introducing Li Yuan’s past and present life to Nan Zhiya. Li Yuan was too disturbed and forced him away. Li Yuan was enthusiastic about eating ice cream. Nan Zhiya grabbed it and tasted it. It was delicious. Nan Zhiya casually asked about his first love. Li Yuan described in detail that he and Aren had met since childhood, and when they grew up. During the whole relationship, Arn was the princess of that dynasty.

Nan Ji-a wanted to know how A-En died. Li Yuan avoided answering. He took Nan Ji-a to the funeral home and called out the sisters Min-Soo and Yeon-soo. Nan Ji-a turned out news about their deaths on the Internet. The sisters told the story that their uncle had abused them to death, Nan Zhiya immediately called the police, and then went to the mourning hall to find the children’s father and explained the truth to him. Li Yuan severely taught the children’s uncle. Immediately afterwards, Nan Zhiya asked the three of them to meet.

Li Lang and Jin Yuli drove through the parking lot when they suddenly saw three baseball players attacking a stray dog. The two of them hurriedly went to rescue the puppies. They severely taught the three people and tied them all together. Li Lang asked them to raise money. The lottery chooses the punishment method. One of them got the gift of donation. Li Lang ordered Jin Yuli to abolish their hands. The poor puppy was bruised all over his body and followed them all the time. Jin Yuli suggested to take the puppy away. Li Lang did not agree.

Li Lang has been fond of puppies since he was a child. When his beloved puppies died, he cried so hard that Li Yuan gave him another dog. Li Lang was so happy that he was inseparable from the puppies every day. After Yeon-seo and Min-seo saw their father, they left at ease, and Nan Ji-a looked at the back of the sisters, grateful to Li Yuan. It started to rain heavily, and Li Yuan opened the red umbrella and walked side by side with Nan Zhiya in the rain.

Nan Zhiya and Li Yuan talked about the wine, the more they talked, the more speculation. Li Yuan casually talked about his dream of becoming a human being. Nan Zhiya told him about the pressure of human work and life, and said that her dream is to live with her parents. At the same time, Li Yuan wants to take pictures of her parents before they are alive. Jin Youli sent the injured puppy to Shen Zhou’s clinic. Shen Zhou hurriedly helped him treat him. Shen Zhou took the opportunity to ask her for the necklace that understood the language of animals.

Yanshu and Minshu reported to Santuchuan, Xuan Yiweng gave them the final training class, and Li Yuan rushed back in time to let the sisters take care of each other on Huangquan Road. Li Yuan desperately to please Duoyiwo and ask her about the whereabouts of Nan Zhiya’s parents, but she doesn’t know. Li Yuan went to the landlord Zhang Sheng and asked him about the survivors of the Huliling car accident. He refused to answer, and was beaten up by Li Yuan violently. Zhang Shengcai told the truth.

Nan Zhiya was preparing to have lunch with her colleagues, and met the company boss head-on, who shook hands with them one by one. Nan Zhiya was eating with his colleagues. Li Yuan suddenly came in and took Nan Zhiya away without saying anything. He went to Nan Zhiya to the folk village where the fox spirits gathered, and then went to find someone to ask about Nan Zhiya. The whereabouts of his parents, but when I came back, I couldn’t see Nan Jiya. Li Yuan searched the crowd. He saw a girl who was exactly the same as Arn from a distance. Even the clothes were of the same style. Li Yuan was very excited and hurried to catch up with the girl. , Can’t help but kiss her affectionately.

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